How to Hide LinkedIn Profile (Simple Guide)

How to Hide LinkedIn Profile (Simple Guide)

The newly opened LinkedIn account is visible to everyone by default. When LinkedIn users search for your profile from any search engine, your profile may display depending on your non-LinkedIn visibility setting. For this reason, be aware that your LinkedIn profile can be viewed from search engines. But fortunately, you may customize your public profile by adjusting your profile sections’ visibility status in public search engines from the public profile page. Using the LinkedIn privacy settings, you can hide your profile completely or make a part of it visible. So, let’s see how to hide the LinkedIn profile step by step.

Hide Your LinkedIn Profile 

By hiding your LinkedIn profile, you can be invisible to other LinkedIn members. If you want your profile to be visible to LinkedIn users but not displayed by people who are not LinkedIn users, this is also possible.

To hide your public profile;

Hide Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Tap on the “Me” icon at the top of your profile page.
  • Click view profile. 
  • Click “Edit your public profile URL” on the right-hand side of your profile page.
  • Under the “Customize your public profile” section on the right, then turn your profile’s public visibility to “Off.”

If you wish, you can filter the information listed here this way. Your basic information is required to appear. But you may hide your information such as profile photo, title, posts, experiences, and summary information. You can hide your information that is risky to be seen by strangers for your information security, thanks to these processes.

Why Should I Hide My LinkedIn Profile

Why Should I Hide My LinkedIn Profile?

Your profile visibility is public when you first sign up for LinkedIn. For this reason, public profiles on LinkedIn may appear in all search engines. If you wanna change these settings, you should click edit visibility in your LinkedIn profile’s “privacy and security” tab. By doing this, your profile visibility may be adjusted as you wish. When you do this, you can prevent strangers from seeing the information in your profile. This way, hide LinkedIn profiles from unwanted strangers. It is also possible to prevent others from sharing your LinkedIn profile this way.

FAQs About Hiding LinkedIn Profile

What information can people see on my LinkedIn profile page?

In general, your LinkedIn profile page is fully visible to all LinkedIn users who sign in to LinkedIn. You may control what appears on your LinkedIn profile page from the “Settings and Privacy” tab. Also, you can choose to change who may see your LinkedIn profile photo or limit the visibility of your LinkedIn profile information outside of LinkedIn.

How can I see who viewed my LinkedIn profile?

There are some differences between the basic account version and premium account version of “Who’s viewed my profile.” You can find the “Who’s viewed my profile page” feature on your LinkedIn profile page.

Are there any differences between editing my profile and my public profile?

Your public profile is shown when users search for you on search engines. But, this depends on your privacy settings.

When I hide my LinkedIn profile information, can someone browse in private mode view my profile information?

No, nobody can see your previously hidden information.

If I change my profile photo after hiding my LinkedIn profile photo, will my new profile photo be visible to other users?

Your profile photo will remain hidden unless you change your profile photo’s visibility in your privacy setting.

In Brief, How to Hide and Why to Hide

LinkedIn, the Internet’s largest social platform for job search provides you with the opportunity to protect your data as you wish. You can do this under LinkedIn’s settings and privacy tab. As for the question of why you might need to hide your LinkedIn profile; You can hide your LinkedIn profile in case your data falls into the hands of strangers.

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