How to Hide Accidental Likes on Instagram

How to Hide Accidental Likes on Instagram

It is surprisingly easy and most often embarrassing to accidentally like someone on Instagram. There might be lots of reasons for this, such as a finger twitch leading to like an Instagram photo of your crush posted two years ago, you can still hide that accidental like. Follow our instructions to hide accidental likes on Instagram.

Unlike the Photo Immediately

You should immediately unlike the post and hope that the user is not online. After a short while, the notification also gets removed. If the user is online on Instagram while you like the post, there isn’t any way to revert the situation.

Like the Latest and Safe Posts

You can hide your accidental like in plain sight. If you’ve liked an old photo of a user you’re stalking, you can like the latest posts to hide the accidental like given that you’ve already unliked the accidental one.

Change Your Profile Details Completely

Change Your Profile Details Completely

If the situation looks too dire, you can go for the nuclear option. The nuclear option instructions are:

  1. Change your profile settings to private.
  2. Click on the “Edit Profile” option at the top of your Instagram page.
  3. Change your profile photo, name, and bio. Remember to remove all your posts too. 

While this option has the most success rate, it is the most extreme one and also requires a lot of work.

FAQ on How to Hide Accidental Likes on Instagram

FAQ on How to Hide Accidental Likes on Instagram

Why someone’s like disappeared on Instagram?

There would be several different explanations if a certain user’s likes disappeared on Instagram. The user might’ve deleted the account, blocked you, or unliked the posts.

Can you see if someone likes and then unlikes a post on Instagram?

If you are on Instagram while someone likes and then unlikes one of your posts, then you can see the notification. However, if you are not online, the notification will be removed shortly after.

What happens if I accidentally liked a post on Instagram?

The user you’ve liked sees an almost instant notification. Besides this, other users are also able to see it if they click on the likes located at the bottom of Instagram posts.

How to prevent accidental likes on Instagram?

There are no bulletproof methods to avoid accidental likes on Instagram. However, you can use the airplane mode on your device to keep the odds low.

How to view all of my likes on Instagram?

You can download your Instagram data to view all your likes on Instagram. 

To Sum Up How to Hide Accidental Likes on Instagram

It is safe to say that almost all Instagram users liked a post on accident. While in most situations, it is safe and generally fine, in some situations, it can make the stalker quite thrilled. In this article, we covered three methods that can help you hide an accidental like on Instagram if it seemed necessary. By the way, if you are interested in a particular profile, you can also track Instagram comments to keep updated.

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