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How to Hide Accidental Likes on Instagram

It is surprisingly easy and most often embarrassing to accidentally like someone on Instagram. There might be lots of reasons for this, such as a finger twitch leading to like an Instagram photo of your crush posted two years ago. You can still hide that accidental like. Follow our instructions to hide accidental likes on Instagram.

What To Do After Accidentally Liking a Photo?

We’ve all been there – scrolling through Instagram, and suddenly, our thumb betrays us, leading to an accidental like on Instagram. Whether it’s on the post of an ex or someone you were quietly stalking, the panic that ensues after an Instagram accidental like is real. But fear not. There are a few strategies you can employ to mitigate the situation. From immediate actions to more long-term solutions, here’s how you can navigate the awkwardness of accidentally liking Instagram posts. Also, don’t forget that you can buy Instagram views for your video posts to boost them!

unlike the photo immediately

Unlike the Photo Immediately

The first and most obvious step after you’ve accidentally liked Instagram post is to unlike it as quickly as possible. Simply tap the heart icon again or double-tap the photo to undo the like. While Instagram doesn’t send a notification for an unliked photo, if the person is actively online, they might see the notification pop up momentarily. However, unliking it immediately reduces the chances of them noticing your accidental like on Instagram.

Like the Latest and Safe Posts

If you’re worried that your accidental like on Instagram might have been noticed, a good tactic can be to divert attention. Consider liking some of the person’s latest posts, preferably safe and neutral. This way, if they see the notification, they might think the accidental Instagram double tap is part of your regular interaction, making it less likely they’ll realize you were deep in their post history. You can also buy Instagram Reels views for your posts and increase your engagement!

Change Your Profile Details Completely

In extreme cases, where you feel a simple unlike won’t fix the situation, you might consider changing your profile details. This could involve altering your Instagram username, profile picture, and bio. This strategy is especially useful if you’re not closely known to the person. By changing your profile, the accidental like on Instagram gets dissociated from your identity, reducing the chances of any awkward confrontation or recognition.

edit your Instagram profile
  • Change your profile settings to private.
  • Click on the “Edit Profile” option at the top of your Instagram page.
  • Change your profile photo, name, and bio. Remember to remove all your posts, too. 

While this option has the most success rate, it is the most extreme one and also requires a lot of work.

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By the way, if you are interested in a particular profile, you can also track Instagram comments to keep updated. Also, you can learn more about like and unlike on Instagram by checking Instagram Help Center explanations.

To Sum Up How to Hide Accidental Likes on Instagram

It is safe to say that almost all Instagram users liked a post by accident. While in most situations, it is safe and generally fine, in some situations, it can make the stalker quite thrilled. In this article, we covered three methods that can help you hide an accidental like on Instagram if it seems necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions About

There would be several different explanations if a certain user’s likes disappeared on Instagram. The user might’ve deleted the account, blocked you, or unliked the posts.

If you are on Instagram while someone likes and then unlikes one of your posts, then you can see the notification. However, if you are not online, the notification will be removed shortly after.

The user you’ve liked sees an almost instant notification. Besides this, other users are also able to see it if they click on the likes located at the bottom of Instagram posts.

There are no bulletproof methods to avoid accidental likes on Instagram. However, you can use the airplane mode on your device to keep the odds low.

You can download your Instagram data to view all your likes on Instagram. 

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