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How to Hack an Instagram Account: 4 Tips for Safety

How to Hack an Instagram Account: 4 Tips for Safety

Instagram account hacking cases have started to increase steadily. If the person who is caught as a result of the complaints is proven guilty for acting to hack an Instagram account, they can be sentenced to imprisonment for years. Instagram records login information, location, IMEI number, mobile number, IP addresses; therefore, there is no difficulty in finding this person when your account is stolen.

There can be many different reasons for taking action to hack an Instagram account. Some do it because they wonder what their former lovers are doing, and some others do it entirely business-oriented. They make money as a result of these transactions.

Instagram hacking methods

Methods for Hacking an Instagram Account

You can protect yourself from such malicious people by learning the techniques used for Instagram hacks. Hacking an account on Instagram is not a simple process. It is challenging to steal passwords if you are not an expert about computers and codes. Third-party applications are usually dangerous, and you may get hacked when you are trying to hack someone.

Method 1 – The Most Basic Way of Instagram Hacking

You can try to guess sensitive information like phone numbers and dates of birth to hack the account of a person you know. The accounts of people who do not value the security of their passwords are stolen in this way. Use both letters and numbers to make your passwords more difficult.

Method 2 – Hacking an Instagram Account with a Virus

It often causes your account to be stolen on the computers of public cafes and libraries. We cannot see them, and they track our every action. Let us introduce you to keyloggers.

Keylogger is a wicked application that records each letter typed via the keyboard on a computer.  This will be enough to steal your password. If you don’t have a virus protection program, we suggest you get one.

Method 3 – Stealing an Account with a Password-Requesting Application

Do not share your password with anyone at all, especially with some shady app on your device. Applications that claim increasing followers, seeing who viewed your accounts, seeing hidden pictures are being prepared merely to steal your passwords.

Method 4 – Hacking an Instagram Account with a Phishing Page

If you ever get some emails that need you to log in to your account on a link, you should immediately delete it. Hackers love to prepare pages designed almost precisely like the official Instagram login page. When you enter your information to this bait page, they receive this data, and they may freely use it against you.

secure your Instagram account

Why People Hack Accounts in the First Place

With the development of technology, business ranges began to shift to different fields. People are now able to generate revenue on the internet. In order to earn income, it is crucial that you have a high number of people following you. Widespread accounts can sometimes make money through advertising and sometimes through different promotions.

As a result of that shift, accounts of some popular influencers are worth gold. Those who know how vital these accounts are might show interest in trying to hack an Instagram account. They sell these accounts to their original owners again at extraordinary prices.

Let’s assume that you have an ex-lover or you cannot get your mind of someone. You are wondering what this person is doing or who are they talking to. In order to ease their noteworthy curiosity, an individual might try to hack an Instagram account.

Some applications may send viruses to some accounts. If the person is infected with it, all of their followers are in danger. They share this virus through your account, and people who trust you might fall for it too. You cannot control these shares as they usually go unnoticed.

How Can I Secure My Instagram Account

As you can see above, different methods are being used for stealing Instagram accounts. To use these methods, you need to have a certain amount of computer and application knowledge. This increases your chances of stealing the account of the person. You may also be one of the people whose account has been targeted. Pretty scary.

Is your account hacked already? You can get in touch with Instagram Help to find solutions for your problem.

Step 1 – Trust Nobody, Protect Your Sensitive Information

Perhaps the most important way to prevent the account from being stolen is never sharing your login information with anyone at all. No matter how confident you are, or you how much you trust someone, you may never know. Therefore, be careful not to share your data with anyone at all, not even with your close friends.

Remember, the harder the password, the more difficult it will be for people to take over your account. If you use an easily guessable password, you should get a much more complicated and challenging password immediately.

Step 2 – Do Not Click on Shady Links

Ads appearing on the sites you enter may take much space on your screen, or you may encounter warning texts, such as you need to click on a link to do something. If you click on that shady link, you will soon know by experience, the results of this curiosity are not good. In order to avoid experiencing this, all you need to do is not clicking on anything you don’t know. This way, your account or device does not get infected, and no one gets your private information.

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Some e-mails from not familiar addresses can be dangerous too. Therefore, before opening the incoming e-mail, check whether you know the sender. We suggest you do not open any emails from an address that you do not recognize or seem suspicious. Even if you have opened it, do not open or download any of the attachments it might contain. Otherwise, you can infect both your account and the device, causing your private information to be compromised.

Step 3 – Do Not Reveal Your Sensitive Data to Public

The privacy settings of your account may also pave the way for possible dangers. If your account’s phone number or credential email is visible to everyone, some malicious intended parties might collect it. Therefore, it would be your best interest to hide it from others.

Additionally, you may want to make your Instagram account private. In this way, nobody other than users approved by you can view your profile and feed.

Step 4 – Do Not Use Services Which Ask for Your Password

You should be cautious about services which claim to increase followers, show who is lurking your profile, and more. You should be immediately suspect the genuineness of services that ask for your password.

A service should not need your password to properly function as Instagram gives APIs for developers to benefit already. These types of apps are usually intended to hack an Instagram account. While not all of these services are ill-intended, however, you never know. Better be safe than sorry.

protect your Instagram account

Some Other Security Suggestions for Your Account

  • Your password should not contain your name, date of birth, name of a relative or a lover, date of your first meeting, name of the schools you went, and name of your pets. You can add other names to this list too.
  • Besides, in order to protect your Instagram account, you should not share your password and personal information with others.
  • You can protect your Instagram account by keeping it private to others. In this way, you can filter your follower requests.
  • Enable two-factor authorization to get a temporary pin on your phone when you try to log in to Instagram. In this way, you can secure your account as ideal.
Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, do not share your password with anyone. Additionally, you should not download files from unknown sources, and you should not open attachments from outsider emails.

Methods can vary for every hacker. Some try to use force to breach their way in. Some of them may try to use sneaky techniques like phishing pages and keyloggers.

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