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How to Grow Organically on Instagram: 8 Tips

If your Instagram account has very few followers, you do not enjoy using the application. Because the number of people to share something is low, and that is quite boring. This way, it could be difficult to grow organically on Instagram.

Especially if you have a business account on Instagram, this becomes even more unbearable. You have to connect with people, and you have to do this effortlessly. Otherwise, where’s the fun in that?

If you know how to grow Instagram followers organically, you start using the application more pleasantly. Because having too many followers will trigger you.

Why Should You Grow Your Account?

More followers mean more interaction. If you’re selling products on Instagram and you’re using Instagram to make money, you need more followers for sure.

A visitor can transform into a follower, and a follower can transform into leads and sales quickly.

You need many followers not only for trading purposes but also for being a social media phenomenon.

The most effective way to grow your account is to choose organic ways. By purchasing a follower, you’ll increase it to a limited extent and spend a lot of money.

But organic followers are always cheaper and lasting. You must have a high number of followers to use your account effectively and be useful to you.

What Are Organic Instagram Followers?

The fact that your followers are organic and real on Instagram increases their impact on your shares. People who want to keep follow of your account will be interested in every content you share.

Fake and bot followers don’t gain you anything.

The important thing is that they are all real. We will give you a few tips on how to get organic Instagram followers and organically grow your account.

If you apply these tactics, you can have thousands of followers in a short time. Otherwise, you will need to buy paid Instagram followers.

Grow Organically on Instagram

How to Build Relationships and Grow Organically?

Building relationships is easy and simple in a very humane way. You just need to confront your followers like a friend, instead of a business account owner. That way, they’ll connect to you. Here are the few simple tricks to do that.

Interesting caption

Always write effective descriptions (captions) for each of your posts and stimulate your followers’ interaction with comments. The number of comments is one of the most rewarded interactions by the Instagram algorithm, so the more comments you have under a photo, the more it will be rewarded in terms of visibility. The captions’ texts do not have to be very long; the important thing is that they are interesting and in line with their niche.

Create Stories daily

Make your audience more interactive and create stories that create a dialogue with your audience like captions. To collect feedback and responses from your followers, use the stickers of questions, polls, quizzes, and all the tools that Instagram makes available to you as much as possible. Furthermore, an aspect that’s still underestimated is to think of the optimization and indexing of stories as of posts. It is very important to use hashtags and geolocation precisely within your stories.

This will allow us to end up on the page of the specific hashtag or geotag in the explore section, and since the people who use hashtags and geotags in their stories are much less than in posts, we will have more chances of being discovered and followed by new people. Getting in the game and showing your face in even more everyday situations improves engagement with your audience so that people become attached to you not only as an expert in the niche and your sector but also because they appreciate your personality. However, if you prefer to use textual stories, avoid writing too much text with huge blocks but divide the ones you want to say into several paragraphs.

Remember to insert in each screen of the stories, especially the spoken ones, a small text that summarizes what you are saying at that moment so that even people who do not have audio at that moment can still be attracted to what you do and don’t switch to the success profile.

Create Live and IGTV 

They are very important tools to engage your audience even more than a few still use.

Always reply to comments and DMs

Always try to do it in the most personal way possible or through voice messages or even video messages. Surely your followers will appreciate this little attention.

Tips to Grow Organically on Instagram

Here are some tips for you to grow Instagram followers organically: 

Always Use Effective Hashtags for Each Content That You Share

If you are trying to make your account more popular, hashtag use is very important. By using relevant hashtags, you can attract your targeted audience and increase your engagement rates. Increased engagement is what everyone is after at the end, and hashtags are a great way to achieve it. It may be one of the golden rules of Instagram marketing.

Follow the People Who Follow You

Collaboration is important. Follow to follow is something common among Instagram users. It is one of the growth strategies for social network users, and it is highly effective. Remember to tag a friend of yours on your posts as well. It would create curiosity for your audience.

Type a Comment

Type a comment on content shared by your Instagram accounts that you have interests. Show yourself! User-generated content like comments always attracts the attention of others. If you are trying to be a brand, it is important. Even if you are a brand, you shouldn’t stop getting in touch with people.

Make Shares Appropriate to Instagram Limits

Make shares appropriate to Instagram limits (Hashtag usage, sharing limit, follower limit). Thus, you are using your account safely. Don’t over-optimize your limits on Instagram. Keep it average to make your Instagram posts more readable.

Keep Your Account Up to Date

The more you share, the more followers you have. Determine a past sharing schedule for yourself. This way, you can create a loyal audience that will check your posts regularly.

Create High-Quality Content

Make sure to create quality content. Use high-resolution images on your posts. You can have a look at the profiles of Instagram influencers to get inspiration about how to create content for your posts.

Write a Good Instagram Bio

Bio is the key to success on Instagram. Because it is the first thing, users see about you. Your bio tells a lot about you. Professionally organize your bio and attract people to your account.

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You can include story highlights as well. This way, people will be able to see the actual things you share in your life. They will especially be able to see them for the first time when they look at your profile.

Be Patient

Do not insist on forcing anyone to follow you. If they want, they will follow you. Try to be supportive instead of forcing. That is how you will make yourself liked by people.

Ask Yourself to Be Tagged

This strategy also works in reverse. If someone republishes content you own, instead of getting pissed off like a hyena, take advantage of the opportunity, contact them, and ask them to be mentioned in their caption. Mind you: be precise and ask them that the mention is visible at the beginning of the description; otherwise, you will not benefit from all of this.

Grow Organically on Instagram

Conclusion On Grow Organically on Instagram

As you have seen, to grow organically on Instagram, there are many aspects to take care of. I hope that the article has been to your liking; as always, I await your questions for comments.

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