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How to Go Viral on TikTok (11 Tips) 

One of the most popular social media applications in the world is TikTok. In recent years, it has become a preferred platform, especially by businesses and brands. Going viral on TikTok can provide great benefits for your business. If there are 100-200 likes or views when you share a video, this can demotivate you. In this case, you need to create some strategies to make your TikTok account go viral. A TikTok app always highlights viral accounts more. 

This guide will reveal how you can go viral as a TikTok user, both for your personal and business accounts. Following the mentioned applications, you can become one of the TikTok viral accounts. 

What Does It Mean to Go Viral on TikTok?  

TikTok is a platform where it is not very difficult to go viral. Going viral on TikTok can be explained as the moment you publish a video and your video is watched and talked about by thousands of people within a few minutes. 

If a short video you share receives thousands of likes, comments and shares in a short time, you can become viral without even realizing it. Suppose the video you share attracts the attention of millions of users, and the number of interactions increases in a short time; congratulations. In that case, you are now a viral user on TikTok. 

You need to produce several videos like this for your TikTok account to go viral. You can share a video that makes a difference in the industry, prompts people to take action in a short time, and goes viral. 

How to Go Viral on TikTok

If you have opened a TikTok account, you need to make a difference if you want people to talk about you and your brand. Making a difference on TikTok means making one or more posts that will go viral. It is easier to go viral on TikTok than on other platforms. You can easily go viral by producing quality content. The best ways to go viral on TikTok are waiting for you in the following part.

keep an eye on trending content

Keep an Eye on Trending Content  

If content is trending on TikTok, you can go viral by producing content in this area. You can increase the likelihood of going viral by including popular sounds in terms of music and sound in your content. You can use this because the music is catchy. Trendy sounds increase viewing time in your videos. Users can understand their expectations from your video and can also find your video with the audio search page. 

Even if you record a video with your voice on TikTok, you can increase your chances of going viral by adding a trending song as the background. Following trending content allows you to interact with more people and make people remember you. This will help you go viral. 

By revealing the fun side of your business, you can make your target audience approach you more moderately. Trends on TikTok can change in a very short time. So, always follow the trends and join an app while it is still popular. If you miss the trends, the algorithm will not highlight your video if you join late. 

Participate in TikTok Challenges  

Challenge content on TikTok also offers great opportunities to go viral. Brands that want to create excitement around their businesses can use this feature. You can also use this method if you are a content creator or TikTok influencer who wants to get noticed. 

Check out the challenges available on the app’s Explore page. You can see the most popular Challenge content by searching for challenges. 

If you find a challenge that fits your industry and brand, develop a strategy to participate immediately. TikTok challenges allow people to see and interact with your videos in their feeds. With the challenge strategy, you can actively and voluntarily involve many TikTok users in the process of making your brand known. In this case, the TikTok algorithm will definitely bring you to the forefront. 

Add Hashtags  

One of the most important parts of TikTok is hashtags. When you use tags, you can make your content more visible. If you participate in popular challenges with certain tags, you can reach your content to many people. 

If you are going to use labels, stay away from general expressions. Use niche tags with high usage counts. At the same time, using 1-2 tags may not be enough. You should use an average of 3-6 tags. The TikTok algorithm may see your post as spam if you use too many hashtags. 

Using hashtags, you can inform both the algorithm and the users about your content. You can find trending tags in the application from the explore tab. The right tags allow you to directly reach people who will be interested in your videos. You can also use a helpful tool to discover trending hashtags. Also, don’t forget to take a look at and learn more about TikTok SEO.

Use Trending Music  

Using trending music on TikTok is a very important strategy in going viral. You can make your videos go viral by using videos of musicians known by everyone in the world. 

If you haven’t decided on the music you will use in your videos, discover trending songs and consider adding them. You can also browse your Discover page and discover the most common trending sounds in videos. In addition to trending songs, you can also add mashups, cartoon and movie soundtracks and dialogues, and fun sounds created by a creator. When the audio is related to a certain trend and your content is also relevant, you can definitely add your own comment to it. Adding trending songs is always very effective in going viral. 

If you create your voice for your TikTok video, you can gain an advantage in going viral and appearing in front of more users. If you discover it correctly or produce your voice successfully, you can make your content go viral by sharing audio files on TikTok. 

keep it short and engaging

Keep It Short and Engaging  

TikTok launched as a short-form video platform that allows you to upload videos of up to 15 seconds. Later, the video duration increased up to 3 minutes. However, there are still more short videos on the platform. 

When you ensure that your target audience watches your videos until the end, the efficiency of your video will increase. Therefore, share short and interesting videos to create content worth sharing. This way, people will share your videos with others, and you can go viral. 

By sharing funny and entertaining content, you can have people send it to each other and tag each other. By sharing educational videos, you can quickly attract a certain audience to your videos. An inspirational video that shows people how to solve a problem, improve their lives, or use a product also has the potential to go viral. 

The TikTok algorithm pays attention to the average watch time of videos. If you shoot videos of a few seconds, users can watch your video until the end. Although the length of videos is gradually increasing on the platform, short videos still attract more attention. 

Post New Content Regularly  

Since TikTok is a platform where short videos are shared, users have a high rate of video sharing. It is also a very dynamic social media application. Therefore, if you want to participate in the game, you must publish new content regularly. The more content you share, the more likely you will attract followers. At the same time, as the number of content increases, your opportunity to get a viral hit also increases. 

Create a content-sharing schedule and always focus on posting regularly because your users have certain expectations. If you create a sharing habit and put your content on a schedule, you can be successful. You can get help from a planning tool like Hootsuite to do this. 

You must share regular and quality content for a strong presence on TikTok. Regular content sharing keeps your target audience interested and keeps you consistent. At the same time, you become more visible and always on your followers’ radar. The TikTok algorithm focuses on highlighting active accounts. The more you share, the more the platform will highlight you and show you to more people. 

Promote Your TikTok Content on Other Social Media Platforms  

You can do it easily if you want to go viral on TikTok. However, one of the best strategies would be to leverage the power of other social media platforms to go viral. Promote your TikTok video on different social media platforms. 

With this strategy, your reach increases, and you can increase the number of views by gaining new followers. You can share screenshots on Twitter and go viral by sharing your video or link on platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram. You can also buy TikTok saves to boost and spread your posts!

Your TikTok video can go viral faster if you share it on multiple platforms. Short and interesting videos can go viral in a short time, especially on Instagram and Facebook. Those who see your TikTok video on other social media applications browse your content more and spend more time on your TikTok profile. 

Be Authentic and Genuine  

In order to reach more users and go viral on TikTok, you must create unique and original content. People are more willing to share original content. Reveal the character of your brand in your videos. 

If people find a certain originality in the content, they will be willing to watch and share the content of this brand or content creators. If you want to go viral on TikTok, entertain people and enjoy the interaction process. This platform is a fascinating place for creativity and self-expression. 

It is not certain that you will go viral, but you can attract the attention of your target audience by sharing original and original content on TikTok. Unique and original content increases your brand value, and if your audience watches the video, they can associate it directly with your brand. 

engage with your audience as tip to go viral on TikTok

Engage with Your Audience  

To go viral on TikTok, you must interact with your target audience. Building an audience with a high engagement rate on TikTok is important. It would be a good idea to respond to the comments on your videos and the messages you receive as soon as possible. You can also interact with videos that use the same tags as those in your video. Engagement allows you to build a community and appeal to people sharing your posts. 

Interaction and participation have an important place to go viral on TikTok. Just sharing a video is not enough to go viral. After sharing your actual videos, you need to mobilize your audience. 

You can create a sense of community by engaging and encouraging your followers after posting a video. At the same time, videos with high interaction attract the attention of the TikTok algorithm. In this case, it is shown to be more users and the chance of going viral increases. When sharing a video, try adding a strong call to action. You can ask people to comment, share their thoughts, send the video to others, and follow your account. 

Collaborate with Other Creators  

You can establish partnerships with other users to go viral on TikTok. You can create partnerships with popular content creators using an influencer marketing strategy. A correct partnership agreement will benefit both parties. Both accounts can increase reach and make their content more visible. At this point, there is a win-win situation in the strategy of collaborating with other creators. 

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If you’re looking for a content creator to partner with, you should choose someone who appeals to the audience in your industry, rather than having a large number of followers, partner with quality creators related to your industry who appeal to fewer followers. 

Finding creators to partner with may be difficult if you’ve just opened your TikTok account. Therefore, identify some content creators with whom you can partner in the future. Understand their style and interact with their posts accordingly. You can make a cooperation offer once you grow your account a little. 

Find The Best Time to Post on TikTok  

Posting at the right time on TikTok is an important part of going viral. The right time is when your target audience spends time on the platform. You can determine the right time by tracking whether your audience on TikTok likes your video. Also, you can see when your target audience is active by researching them and tracking the performance of your posts at different times. You can also look at the days and times your competitors post. 

You can review the Follower Activity report in the Followers tab to see in which time period your target audience interacted with your posts the most. Also, you can benefit from a professional tool that determines the best time to publish your content. 

What Happens If You Go Viral on TikTok?  

When your TikTok video goes viral, it can quickly gain millions of views, likes, comments, and shares. In this case, your profile will spread quickly on TikTok, and the number of followers may increase in a short time. 

If you have a business, going viral on TikTok will get your brand noticed. You can also build a sustainable online presence. A viral video can help you reach millions or even billions of users. Have you ever thought about what going viral on TikTok will give you? Let’s explain in detail what going viral on TikTok will bring to your brand. 

Strong Social Status 

If you have viral content on TikTok, your audience will see you as knowledgeable, and your social status will increase. When viral content is eye-catching, original, and shareable, you can suddenly become one of the first names that come to mind in your industry on TikTok. 

Emotional Commitment 

Going viral on TikTok allows you to create an emotionally invested community in your brand. People who love your viral content and have fun with your brand’s posts will also be willing to share your other content. In this way, the potential for your other videos to become trending increases. 

Social Proof 

People who encounter content that receives more likes and comments on TikTok and other social media platforms are more willing to follow this account. Videos with many comments and likes are more likely to receive more comments and likes. Your viral videos can be used as social proof to show people that you are a strong brand. 

practical value

Practical Value 

People are more willing to share videos that solve problems and add practical value to them. Videos containing tips, tricks, and advice that motivate people to take action are more likely to go viral and be shared. People feel useful by sharing content that provides tangible benefits. In this way, you can offer practical value to people virally. 

An Impressive Brand Story 

Storytelling is crucial to making a video shareable. People may be interested in an engaging story and engage more. Stories are effective at engaging and emotionally stimulating. Your story allows you to connect deeply with your target audience and spread your video further. 

More Customers 

Going viral on TikTok allows businesses to expand their potential customer base. At this point, as the number of your viral videos increases, your sales will increase, and your brand’s position in the market will strengthen. Imagine a viral video reaching millions of viewers. You will see how much sales potential this has. 

Brand Trust 

When your video reaches a wide audience and circulates among people very quickly, trust in what you say and your brand increases. Going viral gives you the virtual approval of your community. With viral videos, your viewers and potential customers trust your brand more. 

Potential Collaboration Opportunities 

When your TikTok content goes viral, your brand awareness increases. Other video producers, companies, and organizations may be willing to collaborate with your brand. In this way, you can create additional income opportunities and gain opportunities to grow your community. It supports you to become a trusted authority after gaining more visibility and recognition in your industry. Don’t forget to check the TikTok Support to learn more!


It is easier to go viral on TikTok, one of the world’s most effective social media applications, than on other social media platforms. Even if you have a small business, you can bring your brand’s name to a wide audience when you share a few videos that will go viral. If you produce an original, interesting video that people want to share, many people can see your video in a short time. TikTok offers unique opportunities to go viral. To go viral on TikTok, examine your competitors, follow the trends, analyze your target audience, and try to produce quality content and share it at the right time. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

The best ways to go viral on TikTok is to develop strategies that will reach more people. Giving a clear value regarding the number of views and likes for a post to be considered viral would be wrong. You can see whether your video has gone viral by tracking how it spreads in a short time on TikTok. Sometimes, a video that reaches dozens of people goes viral; sometimes, it can reach millions. Viral status varies depending on the industry and video type. 

There is no obligation to use popular music and hashtags to go viral on TikTok. But these two practices are among the best strategies to go viral. However, you can reach more people using popular music and hashtags. Especially tags allow you to reach the audience interested in your posts and help you go viral in a shorter time.

You do not need to have many followers to go viral on TikTok. A video shared on a profile with many followers is not guaranteed to go viral. Content creators can go viral with a very low number of followers. An account with 100 thousand followers may have a video watched by 2-3 million people.

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