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How to Go Viral on Instagram

Instagram has much great content to explore and has a vast number of monthly users from all over the world. Thousands of people virally share Instagram quickly, which is why Instagram is the best place to access people and engagement. Easy ways to make your Instagram posts viral are frequently wanted to know everybody. 

There are many interesting photos or videos idea on the internet. You can use them to create viral content. But to make your Instagram posts viral, you must consider some aspects. 

10 Ways of Going Viral on Instagram

Instagram is a very competitive social media platform with hundreds of thousands of posts. Going viral may seem complicated, but it’s not impossible! We listed the 10 steps you need to take to make your posts viral with more followers and likes.

Set Up Your Instagram Account

Having original and creative posts is not enough to go viral. Your Instagram account is your showcase, and it should represent you. Besides this, you must prove your account to the Instagram algorithm to appear on the discover page. It may sound challenging, but it is the easiest step. Here are the steps to set up your Instagram account;

set up instagram account
  • Find a creative and catchy username.
  • Choose the Instagram profile photo that best reflects you. Don’t forget to use a high-quality photo. It should be suitable for Instagram profile picture size for the best looking.
  • Instagram users who visit your profile will get to know you by reading your bio. Try to express yourself with short sentences. It can be colorful to use some emojis. You can add your website link if you have one.
  • Organize your highlights. Highlight covers and names should look professional. A messy image will not impress anyone.

Optimize Your Instagram Account

You can ask what we will optimize the Instagram account for. The answer is simple; you will optimize your Instagram profile for algorithms and search engines. If you want to go viral on Instagram, your profile must be visible, and the key strategy is optimizing your profile. We can name it Instagram SEO. If you are familiar with SEO, the logic is very similar. You should do keyword research and use them on your posts, hashtags, and bio. The second step is adding a location tag to your stories and posts. In addition, getting verified badges and a creator or business account will help to increase your visibility.

Know Your Target Audience

Before starting to share posts, you should know your audience. If you already have an audience, creating content according to them is crucial. When you don’t know your target audience, your content will not be formed orderly, and you will not be able to have a specific language because you can’t know who you are addressing. You can ask some questions to learn about your target audience;

  • How old are they?
  • Which gender is dense?
  • What are their professions?
  • What other types of accounts do they follow?
learn your target audience

Let’s illustrate it. You have an Instagram account on body affirmation. Probably your followers will be 20-30 years old, and most of them experienced some problems with their bodies, such as bullying, eating disorder, or weight problems. Due to the age range, both students and working or job seekers will be equivalent. You will have mostly female followers. In addition, it is possible that they follow accounts about health, sports, nutrition, and beauty, apart from accounts based on body affirmation. Okay, but what do all these analyses tell you? You should share sincere posts that make people feel good about their bodies, lead a healthy life, provide self-confidence to young women, criticize bullying, and share some experiences about it.

Create A Good Content Strategy 

How you share your content is important as your content. First, you must focus on creating unique and attractive photos and videos on Instagram. There are many ways to improve your content, and you can search for these ideas online. But your content must be unique and attractive. 

Once you create your content, start to create a content strategy. Firstly, determine your posting time. Search when your audience uses Instagram often and try to share your content according to them. Another thing that you need to pay attention to know how to create a hashtag and use them. Hashtags are really essential to gain new followers. Study hashtags and create a good content strategy to make your Instagram posts viral. In addition, don’t share Reels rather than regular posts; always run a balanced program. Reels were the type of sharing most valued by an Instagram algorithm, but now that has changed. The algorithm will give an equal value to each type.

Follow the Trends

Anybody can deny that trends are shaping our Instagram feed. That’s why you should stay up-to-date if you are a content creator on social media. You should be careful that the trends are changing rapidly. In this case, you should develop your strategies in 2 directions. You will either be one of the first to catch the trends and share accordingly, or you will create trend content. So how do you provide trending content? There is no certain answer, but the first step is understanding popular culture. Even big companies create their content in line with this culture.

Create Attractive Contests

Everybody loves gifts, especially when they earn them effortlessly. When you organize giveaways, there is no doubt that you will gain more followers. The important thing is creating a great strategy according to your aim. It is your campaign, and you will set the rules. After determining the rules, you should use some call to action such as “like the last 3 posts”, “follow @account”, and “tag 3 accounts”. Remember that it is not important what you give to your followers with a giveaway; however, no matter what you give, Instagram users should desire them.

Promote Your Content

After you create your content, then it is time to promote it. Start with promoting it on social media. Share your Instagram photo and video in other apps. Then, also use forum websites to access more people and make your Instagram content viral. Also, after sharing the Reels or posts, you can share them on your stories to announce them. The following two steps also support your promotion process.

Paid Ads

Instagram paid ads are cost-effective, and they allow you to show your posts to many people even if they don’t scroll down on the discover page. The best part of paid ads is that it increases conversion rates. After starting a campaign, you will catch your potential followers; thus, the organic growth will be supported. So, it can be a great idea to share your post, which you want to make viral with paid aids. If you have more questions about payment for ads, you can contact Instagram Support.

Engage with Other Influencers

You can consider influencer marketing and collaborate with influencers to make your Instagram photo viral. Getting help from Instagram influencers is one of the easiest ways to create a viral. You can also use ads to promote your profile and content on Instagram.

Track the Process

You can plan the best strategy ever, but it does not bring success if it is not tracked. Your strategy may not suit you for various reasons and may not work for your account. In this case, the situation that will save you will constantly be checking the statistics of your account and intervening when necessary. The best way to track the statistics is to have a professional account because you can view insights thanks to a professional dashboard. You can view it with Instagram insights;

instagram insights
  • Accounts reached
  • Accounts engaged
  • Total followers
  • Views of contents

Moreover, it is possible to use some tools with Instagram insights, such as ads, branded content, branded content ads, shops, and saved replies. In addition, you can use InstaFollowers’ Instagram Audit tool to get free audit reports.

Getting Viral in Short

Instagram is great for exploring many viral photos and videos. So, why don’t you create the next one? There are many easy ways to make your Instagram photos viral. With a good content strategy and promoting yourself, you can create content with viral photos and videos on Instagram. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

Instagram should have unique content. Follow the trends but always create exclusive content. Try to post your photo or videos in high quality and professional way. 

You can get help from influencers to have a more successful profile on Instagram. You can write to them directly or get help from a digital marketing agency. 

You can share your content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Also, try to share it on forums and community blogs.

There is no exact number of likes or views to go viral on ınstagram. However, 100.000 views and likes can mean a post is viral.

It would be wrong to say that it definitely does, but it is one of the most effective ways to make Reels go viral.

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    There are not many other easy ways to make your Instagram photos viral. Looks like this review has covered pretty much everything I can add.