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How to Get Verified on YouTube

Having a verified YouTube channel is the dream of many nowadays. After all, it is the largest video platform in the online world. Besides, consider the possibility of monetizing your YouTube videos. With all that in mind, what could be better than having a verified YouTube channel? All your dreams aside, we are talking about a huge market here.

When it comes to YouTube, be sure it’s the biggest cake in the online video market. Also, you can be sure that many people are trying to get a piece of this cake. However, in order to get a share of this cake, you must first get verified. You can even earn the trust of people who will visit your channel by getting a verification badge. We will explain everything you can do about these issues in this article. However, before we move on to these topics, let’s give some interesting statistical information about YouTube.

YouTube Account Verification vs. YouTube Verification Badge

These two processes are often confused with each other. However, the YouTube account verification process is no different from the process on other social media platforms. It’s just a process that the YouTube algorithm uses to find out if you’re a real user. That only happens when you are performing your initial account creations. So, how does this process work? To get verified on YouTube, all you have to do is enter your phone number. Then, typing the code that comes to your phone on the verification screen will complete your account verification process.

That is a common procedure that almost every online platform follows. So, why do social media platforms apply this procedure? The answer is actually quite simple. I’m sure you all can guess that. As you know, spam activities are the bane of every social media user and platform. That is the reason why platforms apply this verification procedure. This procedure is intended to verify that you are not a bot spamming the platform. So, what does a verified YouTube account provide to users? We may list them as follows:

  • First of all, in this way, you may upload videos longer than 15 minutes to your YouTube channel.
  • After you verified your YouTube account, you may add custom thumbnails.
  • The platform also allows you to make live YouTube broadcasts after verifying your channel. You can buy YouTube live views to prove yourself with high viewer counts better.
  • Verifying your YouTube account will finally give you the right to appeal to content ID claims.

So, why is YouTube account verification important? I know you want to create a valid YouTube channel. If you intend to do so, first of all, you must have verified your YouTube account. That is the only way you can monetize your YouTube channel. Let’s take a look at what the YouTube channel verification badge is.

YouTube Verification Badge Explained

As we have mentioned, getting your YouTube verified and the channel verification badge are not the same. You go through different processes to get a channel verification badge. YouTube refers to the channel verification badge as the badge of authenticity. So, what does it mean for a channel to have a verification badge? This badge means that the channel is owned by a YouTube creator. Also, famous people or artists have this badge on their YouTube channels. Companies may also have a verification badge for their YouTube channel. The verification badge is an excellent way for YouTube visitors to distinguish channels owned by such users from channels impersonating them. 

youtube verified channel

There is only one thing you need to verify your YouTube account. It is the verification code sent to your phone number. However, earning your channel a verification badge takes much more than that. First of all, you will have to work harder to gain this badge. Because there are certain criteria that your channel must meet in order to earn this badge. These are called YouTube verification badge criteria. As soon as your channel meets these criteria, you are eligible to receive a small gray checkmark next to your channel name. That is, meeting these criteria means that your channel has proven to YouTube that it is authentic and legitimate. 

Those who have this verification badge know very well how difficult it is to earn it. That’s why it is called the badge of honor. Having a verification badge for your channel will also make the content on your channel stand out even more. So, having one of these badges is advantageous incredibly. It is true that you have to put in a lot of effort to earn it. However, once you’ve earned it, things will become much easier for you on YouTube. Therefore, a verification badge is definitely worth the effort.

Is It Important to Get Verified on YouTube?

Getting verified on YouTube provides significant advantages to profiles on every platform. First of all, YouTube no longer evaluates channels according to the number of YouTube video views. At this point, a channel with a verification badge will help you increase your popularity within the platform. Moreover, visitors will no longer confuse your channel with your imitators. That will increase both your subscriber count and your viewing numbers organically. Visitors will now be able to find your channel on the platform easily. That will increase both your reputation and your credibility. That is the first step in the process that will take you step-by-step branding on YouTube. 

We have talked about how difficult it is to earn a YouTube channel verification badge. At this point, having this badge also tells your visitors something about the quality of your channel. It tells them that you are interested in the YouTube platform of this channel professionally. So, it’s the best way to let your visitors know that you care and value your channel. Rest assured that your hard work will be respected on the YouTube platform. Your channel is no longer in its infancy. Now, thanks to your efforts, it grows and develops professionally.

Another important aspect of having a channel verification badge is its contribution to your personal branding. If you can manage the personal branding process successfully, there will be many more opportunities to monetize on YouTube. First, your brand identity will add extra value to your work. Besides, in this way, you will be able to earn money from your own ideas through your personal brand. Thanks to the YouTube channel verification badge, visitors will adopt your channel much faster. Copycat channels will no longer benefit from the popularity of your brand. All the traffic that your personal brand has earned on your wrist will now flow to your own channel.

What Criteria Your Channel Must Meet to Earn a YouTube Verification Badge?

We have stated that your channel must meet certain criteria to earn a verification badge from YouTube. It is true that YouTube has certain criteria in this regard. However, there are also some vague criteria in this. Therefore, you need to try to meet the criteria that YouTube has determined clearly in this regard. So, do not bother yourself with vague criteria. Let’s list the key criteria your channel must meet before you apply for the YouTube verification badge. Make sure you meet these criteria before submitting your application. You can also access these basic criteria from the YouTube platform’s help and support page. The basic criteria are 3 in total. We may list them as follows:

Verify Your Channel’s ID Completely

Your channel is your personal brand on the YouTube platform. For this reason, it must naturally either have an identity or be a part of an identity. Don’t forget that your channel will be in a position that will appeal to millions of people when the time comes. For this, you must identify and specify all the elements and ideas clearly. They will form the identity of your channel. Do not forget to update this information when necessary. This identity you will create will make your channel look fuller.

Your Channel Must Have At Least 100,000 Subscribers

We all know how difficult it is to reach these figures. However, just because your channel has 100,000 subscribers does not guarantee it will receive a YouTube verification badge. For this reason, be careful not to resort to unreliable methods in order to reach this high number of subscribers. Soothe your excitement and stay away from unreliable methods that will get you high subscriber numbers quickly.

Your Channel Must be Original and Authentic Completely

Make sure you are not a copycat channel if you want to get verified on YouTube. You should note that YouTube has a very clear stance on this issue. They personally explain that they will never verify channels that imitate a brand or any YouTube channel. For this reason, in order to complete this process successfully, make sure that your channel meets the most basic criterion: originality. Also, your YouTube channel must not infringe the copyrights of other channels or rights holders. So, if you want the YouTube channel verification badge, you’re going to need some creative ideas. You better start working on this issue now.

As we have mentioned, meeting these criteria does not guarantee that your YouTube channel will receive a verification badge. Because the final decision on this issue always belongs to YouTube. These criteria only indicate that your channel is eligible for a YouTube verification badge. However, you can be sure that if your channel meets these basic criteria, the odds will increase in your favor. In fact, YouTube may even have exceptional decisions in some cases regarding some channels that do not meet these criteria. So, as long as you continue to create content with hard work and good intentions, never despair.

How to Become a Brand

Do you have a YouTube channel for a long time? If so, I am sure you know very well how difficult it is to reach 100,000 subscribers. But there is no need to despair. Because YouTube can stretch this rule quite a bit for some channels. But how and why? YouTube is a platform that attaches great importance to personal branding. However, you really need to be able to build a strong personal brand presence on the platform. So, how will you achieve this? First of all, the most important part of this process is to work really hard. Start by building your brand using all social media platforms effectively. Then, expand your brand by promoting your channels on each social media platform. So, encourage your followers on every platform to follow your channels. 

Do not hesitate to cooperate in order to bring your brand to a much stronger position. You can mutually boost your channels by collaborating with other YouTubers and Influencers. As long as your concepts are appropriate, no YouTuber will shy away from such mutually beneficial collaboration. You can exhibit the same attitude for your multi-channel projects. 

It’s unlikely that YouTube would not qualify strong brand with strong audience support for a verification badge. If you can achieve this, YouTube won’t be too strict on the subscriber count criteria. You may even find many examples of this subject on the platform. You may find that strong personal brands have a channel verification badge despite their 40,000 or 50,000 subscriber counts. That, of course, only applies to channels that do not violate YouTube’s community guidelines. Let’s take a look at other factors that can make it easier for you to get a channel verification badge.

Shortcuts to Get the YouTube Verification Badge

You can rest easy that the shortcuts we’ll talk about in this section aren’t those tricks you encounter on the web. Let’s remind you that you should stay away from such tricks for the sake of your channel. These offers promise you to grow your YouTube channel in a short way. However, these are tricks rather than shortcuts. Therefore, they may cause your channel to violate YouTube community guidelines and receive penalties. Follow this advice, even if it’s not the shortest way to get a YouTube verification badge. Do not resort to fraudulent means to grow your YouTube channel. It will cause your other efforts to be wasted. If we’ve made this clear enough, we may now talk about our non-cheat shortcuts. So, let’s start listing these proven tactics as soon as possible.

Treat Your YouTube Channel Like a Business

Did you know that YouTube treats the platform first and foremost as a business? That is their priority. Entertainment and other matters come later. So, you shouldn’t see YouTube as a social media platform first of all. Handle it with professionalism. Treat it like it’s your business. So, just like in your business, you should aim to add real value to your customers. By acting this way, you can become a true business partner of YouTube. Then, it will continue to reward business partners like you as a priority. 

Don’t Violate YouTube Community Guidelines

Many YouTubers are not very careful about community guidelines. If you have long-term plans for your channel, you can be sure that this will do great harm. First, the penalties that your channel will receive as a result of such violations will be a permanent black mark. So, keep your channel away from such disgraces as much as you can. So, what are the common mistakes that lead to such penalties? What commonly causes such disgraces are actually tricks. Then, we may list these common tricks as follows:

  • Sending spam content that offends other users.
  • Any unethical behavior that will help your channel grow quickly.

If you really want to get the channel verification badge, you should not involve your channel in such prohibited behavior. At this point, there is something more important than this issue. Let’s say you get a verification badge by keeping your channel free from such disgrace. That does not mean that you are free to commit such violations anymore. Because of these reasons, it is also possible to lose your channel verification badge. So, always and in all circumstances, take care to keep your channel clean if you want to get verified on YouTube.

engage with viewers on youtube

Engage With Viewers Who Engaged With Your Videos

You want to get people to engage with your videos. So, do you want to engage with them? Interaction is a reciprocal action. That is, as long as the interactions are reciprocated, they increase even more. In this case, do not leave the viewers who comment on your videos unanswered. Engaging with them will show that you care about their opinion. Replying to their comments and liking them will encourage your viewers to engage with your videos. That will also convince new audiences to subscribe to your channel and engage with your videos.

Be Honest and Clear With Your Viewers

Being honest and clear in your videos is something many of your viewers will appreciate. That is something that everyone will appreciate. Therefore, prove in your videos that you are not trying to deceive or mislead your viewers. That will allow you to build strong trust. That is quite important if you are promoting a product or service in your videos. So, I suggest you not exaggerate it in such matters. Only give the audience an honest insight into your products and services. Leave the decision-making to them.

Don’t Leave Your Viewers Without a Video

You have succeeded in attracting viewers to your channel with the quality of your videos. In fact, many of them have also subscribed to your channel. When a user subscribes to your channel, it means they have an expectation from your channel. This expectation will be the continuation of videos of the same quality for a YouTube channel. For this reason, if you are serious about this business, you should not leave your subscribers without videos. You may even promise them a specific day and time of the week to upload your new videos. That will be their new YouTube routine. If you keep it up without a hitch, make sure they will love it. New habits please everyone.

Ways to Increase the Chances Of Earning the Channel Verification Badge

Almost every YouTuber thinks that the most important thing to get a channel verification badge is to have more subscribers. However, it is, of course, possible that you can do much more for your channel than that. We have identified these important details that you can apply to earn your channel a YouTube verification badge. If you apply these, you can be sure that the odds will increase in your favor. So, let’s start to explain now.

Creating content on a regular basis and posting it on your channel is quite important for earning a YouTube verification badge. We can say that the most important issue in this regard is to publish videos regularly. Despite that, this is also what YouTubers neglect most about their channels inexplicably. There is something YouTube needs to make sure of before giving your channel a verification badge. It is that your channel is consistent and stable. So, you have to prove to them that you will be a long-term business partner. The best way to prove this is to be consistent and work hard. If you can’t prove it to them, everything else you do will not work. 

You do not always have to create the best content to earn a verification badge. Honestly, it’s not possible for anyone to do that. So, encourage your viewers to engage. You can ask them to like and comment on your videos politely. In fact, if you can create new ways of interaction, you can be sure to grab YouTube’s attention. So, how can you achieve this? First of all, introduce yourself well to your audience. Also, explain your channel to them clearly enough. In order for your videos to get more engagement, you may also ask your viewers to give their opinions on the subject. You may even create a discussion environment by making videos about popular topics, depending on your skills. You can also buy subscribers for your YouTube channel as well.

steps to get verified on youtube

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for a Verification Badge

So, your channel has grown enough to meet the criteria we listed above. Or, you have become a strong personal brand now. In both cases, what you need to do is the same. You should now apply to verify your channel. Do not worry! Because the part of the job that required hard work was meeting the criteria. If you’ve reached this stage, take a deep breath and sit back. Because this stage is an easy process that you can go through while sipping your coffee. Just follow the list we have prepared for you step by step. Then you will have completed your application within 15 minutes. If your coffee is ready, let’s get started now.

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Go to the Google Support web page so you can complete your verification process with a few clicks. If your channel is eligible to apply for a verification badge, you’ll see the Apply button active on this page. Once you click on this button, an application form will appear on your screen. If your channel isn’t eligible for an application, you’ll see a message explaining the requirements that your channel must meet to apply.

Completely fill out the simple information on this form. Don’t you know your YouTube channel ID? Don’t worry. It’s pretty easy to learn too. Just log into the account where your channel is. Enter the Settings menu in the upper right corner of your screen. Click on the advanced settings option in this menu. On the screen that will appear now, you can see your channel ID along with information about your channel. Now that you have filled out the form, you can click on the Submit button. By pressing this button, the platform will send you a confirmation e-mail. Now all you have to do is wait for the approval.

How to Perform YouTube Account Verification?

In this article, we have also talked about YouTube channel verification. Once we’ve touched on this subject, it wouldn’t be right to finish this article without explaining how to do it. Now, let’s explain how to get verified on YouTube. Follow the steps below to verify your YouTube account.

  1. Log in to your channel by entering your username and password. 
  2. Then, you will see the thumbnail of your channel in the upper right corner of the screen that appears. Click on this thumbnail.
  3. After clicking on this thumbnail, you will encounter a drop-down menu. This drop-down menu includes both YouTube settings and Creator Studio.
  4. You should click on the gear icon in this drop-down menu. Clicking this will bring up the Account Settings Overview page.
  5. In this menu, you can see the view Additional Features link. Simply click or tap on it. As soon as you click on it, a long list of features will open.
  6. Among these many features, you should find the Verify YouTube Account option. Once you have found the Verify YouTube, simply click on it.
  7. When you click this button, the Account Verification page will appear on your screen. The URL of this page is This page will inform you that the account verification process consists of two stages. You must complete the first stage. Then you can move on to the second step.
  8. You must enter the code of the country you are in in the first place. Then, specify the method by which you want to receive the verification code. Let me tell you what the methods you can get the verification code are. You can choose to receive this code via a voice call. Or, in a much simpler way, you can choose to receive this verification code via text message. However, you’d better keep in mind something else. You’ll also need a mobile phone number to set up a basic Google account at this stage.
  9.  After specifying them, you need to click on the Next button. That will take you to the second stage of the verification process.
  10. At this stage, you should have obtained the verification code with the method you have determined. You should type that code in the corresponding pane on your screen. Then, simply click on the Submit button.
  11. It will only take a few seconds for YouTube to approve your account. 
  12. When this process takes place, the platform will redirect you to a new page. Here, you will see the checkmark and YouTube Verified message.
  13. This is the end of the account verification process. The platform will redirect you back to the Additional Features menu after verifying your account.

What Can a Verified YouTube Account Do for You?

As you can see, verifying your account is a fairly simple process. The benefits of this simple process are quite high compared to its simplicity. If you have verified your YouTube account, the platform will unlock many features. You can view them in the Additional Features menu, where you complete this process. Once you verify your account, green dot signs will appear next to these unlocked features. So, what are these features? Let’s talk about them now.

You’ve probably seen YouTubers linking to off-platform websites in their videos before. This feature is called external comments. Once you verify your account, you will unlock this feature. You can then add off-platform links to your videos.

Have you ever heard of limited access on this platform? Even if you haven’t heard of it, I’m sure you’ve come across such videos. The feature that allows you to do this is called unlisted and private videos. So, what will this feature provide you after unlocking it? This feature allows you to ensure that only the users you’ve selected can view some of the videos on your channel. At the same time, you can hide the videos you have determined on your channel.

An unverified channel can upload videos up to 15 minutes long. That is one of the best benefits of verifying your channel. As soon as you verify your channel, you will have permission to upload videos longer than 15 minutes on the platform.

There’s one last little benefit of verifying your channel. I am sure you will like this one. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to upload custom thumbnails for your videos? Here, you will also have the ability to upload such custom thumbnails by verifying your channel. The only thing you need to do is to perform the process which will take you 15 minutes. Thus, your channel will be able to benefit from all these advantages.

Do You Want to Keep Your Verification Badge Long-Term?

After hard work, you have earned the verification badge. But are you sure this will last forever? There are some things you can do to make sure of this. Just like there are things you should avoid doing. So, why should you protect your verification badge? Isn’t winning it once enough? The answer is, of course, a big no. If you have read this article carefully, you already understand why. YouTube considers this platform as a business before an entertainment and social media medium. So, the platform has serious standards that it aims to maintain regarding the quality of the content. In this context, YouTube always has the authority to withdraw the verification badges. That only happens if the channels fall below these standards or violate the rules. So, what can you do about it?

YouTube is very meticulous about protecting the rights of viewers browsing the platform and channel owners. In order to ensure this, it implements the community rules effectively. So, the most important thing you should do to protect your verification badge is to follow these rules. Make sure your channel doesn’t violate them. Also, make sure you don’t use fraudulent ways to grow your channel. 

Another thing you need to do to avoid losing your verification badge is quite simple. Never change the name of your YouTube channel. YouTube treats the platform as a business. Then, the name of your channel is also the name of your business. So, changing the name of your business name of your personal brand also affects the marketing of your content. Speaking of marketing your content, it’s worth remembering one more thing. Do not forget to take care not to decrease the quality of the videos you will upload to your channel.

How to Get Verified on YouTube, In Short

Users often confuse the account verification process and earning a verification badge. In fact, these two processes are different from each other. In this article, you will find the differences between these two processes, including getting verified on YouTube. Besides, we have included mini-guides that explain step by step how you can perform these processes in this article. At the same time, we have answered the questions most frequently asked by those interested in the subject at the end. We hope this article will help you on your YouTube adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions About

This process may take a few days or a couple of weeks after you submit your application. It depends on how well your channel meets the criteria.

You need to verify your account to monetize your videos. You must also meet a few other criteria for this. However, you don’t need to have a verification badge to monetize your videos.

There are no such criteria for earning a verification badge on the YouTube support page. However, the number of views is important to grow your channel.

You can unlock features such as adding URLs of off-platform websites to videos, limiting the access for some videos, the ability to add longer videos, and the ability to add thumbnails for your videos

YouTube applies the three-strikes rule for such situations.

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