How to get verified on Twitter?

How to get verified on Twitter?

To get verified on twitter can help users distinguish between real celebrities and countless imitations and fake accounts. But soon after, any high-profile users remained the authority icon, which makes any interest in distinguishing their original tweets. We will explain you steps for how to get verified on Twitter. It is very easy and available for all Twitter users. Another purpose of this process is to prevent fraud. Verified accounts are always privileged.

Why I should get verified?

A blue check badge, commonly referred to as a blue tick, or an account on Twitter that may be of interest to the public, allows people to know that it is genuine. Badge is located next to the name in the account profile and next to the account name in the search results. Depending on the profile or theme color customizations, it is always the same color and placed in the same location. Accounts that do not have a tick beside their names, but show the badge in another location, such as profile photo, title photo or personal information are not approved accounts. Thus, blue tickets should be placed by Twitter and accounts that use a badge as part of profile photos, background photos, or in any way to imply that they have been approved may be permanently suspended.

Steps to get verified

Before you start to get verified on Twitter process, be sure to edit your profile and make sure it contains real information. Let’s start:

  • First, verify your phone number & email
  • Next, edit your privacy options and set your tweets as public
  • Afterwards, Edit your profile as relates you
  • Fill in the request verification form
  • Twitter may request government issued id
  • Fianlly, In 15 days, you will get an answer positive or negative

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How do you get a blue check on twitter?

To get a blue check on Twitter, you need follow the steps that we explained above but never use wrong information. Otherwise, your account may banned permanently. If you have a business account and want to verify it, Twitter may request some corporate documents from you (Tax sign, trademark registration certificate and other corporate documents). However it only requires telephone, mail and identity confirmation from individual accounts. The approval process of these accounts is different. For example, sometimes it takes up to 1 week, sometimes up to 1 month.

I cannot get verified on Twitter. How to fix? Solution!

If you cannot get verified on Twitter, you can apply again in 30 days. But, if you have been rejected, there may be some reasons. For instance, there might be an error or a lack of documentation that you send. You have not sent all documents and you may need to send more documents. However, do not apply again until 30 days have expired. Wait for this time to expire. We do not recommend you to use paid services for this process. Because you don’t need this. You can do it by yourself. It is very easy. Just do the steps above. In other words, you don’t need anyone else!

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