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How to Get Verified on TikTok 2024

65 million in 2017. 1 billion in 2021. What’s that? The population growth in Europe? Or the revenue of the most prosperous Bitcoin miners over the years? Neither. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the fulgurant progression of the number of TikTok accounts worldwide. In only five years, this social networking service has become one of the favorite made-in-China products ever. Small-time and big-time brands, fashionistas, celebrities, activists, artists, or simply challenge-loving extroverts… Nowadays, you can run into almost anyone in there. Reciprocally, such widespread use means a potentially larger audience for yourself as well. TikTok allows you to reach out and promote to an impressive number of people. Notwithstanding this optimistic perspective, there still must be additional measures to be taken to maximize your chances of success. What if we told you that you could get verified on TikTok? That will be our topic of the day. 

We will be exploring the strategies that would allow you to get verified on TikTok. More specifically, our article will explain the purpose as well as the different kinds of verification. We will also list the main measures that you should take. Finally, we will provide a quick tutorial on how to get started with TikTok. 

What’s the Point of Getting Verified on TikTok?

Have you already heard of the concept of verification on social media but without really grasping what it involves? Let’s clarify things right away. Simply put, verified accounts on social media are those that have earned a seal or proof of authentication. They have been through an official control process and then certified as real. And with good reason. As a matter of fact, the ever-growing number of users and activities also brings a bunch of downsides. For instance, copycats and fake/multiple accounts posting on other people’s behalf have unfortunately become commonplace. This kind of questionable practice has resulted in a generalized loss of trust on platforms like TikTok. Not to mention the damage some brands and individuals have to face concerning their reputation. The name of the solution? Verification. When you get verified on TikTok, you also gain access to:

  • Increased reliability. It’s as if you were saying, “Hey everybody, my TikTok account is a real one. Here’s my badge to prove it”. This makes other TikTok users perceive you positively and interact with your posts more easily. 
  • Increased authority. Getting verified also means officialization by the platform itself. TikTok recognizes your value and openly informs other people about it. This can be a great catalyst for your online prestige and influence. 
  • Increased visibility. It’s not a secret that verified accounts are always favored by algorithms. They have priority over others, which means that the posts they publish can get much more views and likes—an undeniable advantage for those of you who want to attract more followers.  

Types of Verification

Not all verified TikTok accounts are one and the same. There are indeed some differences or at least nuances that we’d better explore to avoid any confusion. Visually speaking, verified accounts are identical. You can spot them thanks to the little blue pastille with a white checkmark in it. This symbol (or badge) appears both in the search results next to the account name and on the profile page under the username. Nowhere else. Indeed, TikTok itself warns that badges placed anywhere else are not authentic. So now what about the differences? There are two kinds of accounts that can be granted a TikTok badge. They are;

  1. Verified accounts
  2. Popular creators

Let’s take a closer look at these account types below!

verified accounts

Verified Accounts

TikTok usually gives this status to big shots only. In other words, only really important celebrities, brands, or organizations can earn it. We are talking of long-term fame here, the one that involves millions (in terms of fans, revenue, etc.). This is a realistic detail to keep in mind since everybody funnily believes that they are a celebrity nowadays.

These accounts have the blue badge + the terms “verified account” written under their username.  

This is another category of verified accounts. It’s a status accessible to a greater number of account owners. They can get it if they have a remarkable activity on the platform as well as a few thousand followers. Beware though: having a huge amount of followers does not necessarily guarantee ownership for this badge. And TikTok never disclosed any official threshold that users should reach to gain this status. 

So these accounts also have the blue badge + the terms “popular creator” written under their username. 

Get Verified on TikTok: Increase Your Chances

As we saw in the previous section, it’s obviously a little easier to get verified on TikTok as a popular creator. We mean that you can access this status even if you are not a world-renowned celebrity. In fact, no matter the verification category you are competing for, you should adopt some common strategies. Let’s see which ones:

Be Active

We are not talking only about a posting frenzy here. Of course, you should do your best to post on a regular basis. This is one of the prerequisites of verification on TikTok. However, there’s more. You should also get active in a more wholesome way. Watching other people’s videos and showing your interest in them by commenting on their posts also counts. Real social media mastery always goes beyond self-absorption. This is because you build success also thanks to other users around you. So our subtitle should rather be corrected as “be active and interactive”. It’s almost needless to emphasize that your content (be it videos, comments, or else) ought to be of good quality. 

Target the Inner Gold Ring

To use an archery analogy, always try to shoot your arrows to the central gold spot. Yes, this is about knowing your target audience and niche. Say, if you own an online store selling crystals and gemstones, your videos can include lithotherapy or jewelry design elements. Your videos and any other online activities should match your clientele’s overall profile, style, and expectations. There must always be some consistency between your goal and the tools you are using to accomplish it.  

be original

Invest in Originality

“There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done”, The Beatles used to sing. A fair enough statement, especially in our era. But this doesn’t mean that all is said and done with nothing left to add. No one can hope to conduct an efficient social media strategy by only copy-pasting other people’s ideas and products. Take some time to activate your own imagination and creativity. Always make the effort to build content from scratch. Even if you may allow yourself to get some inspiration from others to a certain extent, try to be different though.   

Be What You Preach

If you want to get verified on TikTok, you must be ready to follow a particular social media lifestyle. You simply can’t change direction every day. Incoherent attitudes and behaviors are risky because they can damage your credibility. For example, let’s suppose that you are selling vegan products by promoting them through your TikTok account. If you post a barbecue weekend party video showing how much you enjoy chicken wings… Yes, this can make question marks pop up in the minds of your audience. So pay as much attention as possible to what you reveal in public. 

other social media platforms

Get Verified on Other Social Media Platforms

If you happen to own accounts on several social media platforms, you have probably already noticed some benefits. Most of the time, all those accounts seem to act synergistically. Your accomplishments on one of them can become a booster on others. When it comes to verification, we know that it’s mainly a matter of luck. Keep the faith and try to get verified on other platforms. You may create extraordinary videos and get verified on YouTube. Or, you can work hard on your posts and get verified on Instagram. Working on these platforms can bring you good surprises on TikTok as well. 

Diversify Your Exposure

Social media is certainly a powerful medium for establishing success and fame. But you shouldn’t rely only on it for all that. Don’t forget that there are many other settings to feature your initiatives. Like what? Well, the choice is yours. You can use either printed or online magazines and newspapers. Most of them are also hosting video material. What else? Ok, the “Money for Nothing” days may be long gone. But good advertising can still work on radio and TV channels. At the end of the day, it’s nothing but your call. Just realize that you don’t have to limit yourself to become a social media phenomenon. Plus, the TikTok management will probably appreciate your versatility and become more likely to offer you a verified logo. 

Respect the Rules

Respect is all about reciprocity. When we want respect from someone, we should afford them the same. Let’s be clear once and for all: TikTok cares about respect. All verified and popular creator accounts belong to people who have agreed to comply with the community guidelines. Shady behaviors and infringements are not tolerated. Needless to say, the TikTok management does not reward rule-breakers. So you know what you got to do. 

Where to Find Your Verification Badge

We would like to remind you that TikTok does not have any application procedure for verification. The platform has also been quite private regarding its verification criteria thus far. So aside from taking good care of your account, there’s nothing much you can do. And no, despite what some may claim, TikTok won’t send you a congratulation email if you get verified. The only way to find out is by looking at your own profile. 

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Are you starting the adventure from zero? No problem. You may type “sign up TikTok” on your search engine and read the official instructions directly on the website. You can always consult TikTok Support about creating a new account.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here’s a quick tutorial to help you out:

  1. Access TikTok.

    You can reach the platform at the following address: If you prefer a mobile version, you can download the TikTok application from Play Store or App Store. install TikTok on Play Store

  2. Follow the TikTok sign-up steps.

    Sign up via the homepage called “For You”. Find the “Profile” tab located in the lower right corner. The system will ask you to sign up by using your email address, telephone number, or your other social media information. sign up TikTok

  3. Fill in your profile.

    Select “Edit profile”. Enter the username you want. Complete your bio and add a photo. You can update them later on. Your account is now ready for use. edit your TikTok profile

TikTok Verification: A Long but Thrilling Road

Now that you know what you need to get verified on TikTok, you are prepared to take up the challenge. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself though. What matters the most with or without a badge is to run an online activity enjoyable both for you and your followers. To expand your audience, you can always buy TikTok followers. Being thorough, productive, authentic, and ethical is a key success formula for any business and project. It takes patience and time in any case. So just go for it. And who knows, TikTok may decide to reward your efforts sooner than tomorrow.

If you’re interested in viewing TikTok profile pictures in their full resolution, our TikTok Profile Picture Size Viewer tool is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Getting verified on TikTok is not mandatory. As explained in the article, it rather serves as a bonus. Plus, let’s remind that verification is up to TikTok only, not the users. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to take care of your account and activities. 

No, you can’t. TikTok gives its badges for free. So be careful and don’t believe online charlatans who claim to be selling such items. 

Again, we don’t recommend this option. TikTok can penalize and even ban users involved in such illegal practices. 

To be honest, no one knows for sure. However, there are a few typical clues. Accounts constantly increasing their number of followers (by hundreds to thousands per day) or viral posts are naturally more noticeable. This means that their owners can enter TikTok’s radar for possible verification. 

TikTok doesn’t pay anything to its verified members. But they can get some deals from third parties though. Indeed, verified thus trustworthy account owners benefit from much more attention and interest. So, for example, they can get sponsorship contract propositions from brands and organizations. 

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