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How to Get Tumblr Followers? (Explained)

You are passionate about social networks, but only recently did you discover Tumblr’s existence, a microblogging social network that you consider to be decidedly atypical. Tumblr allows you to post texts, images, videos, songs, and even GIFs. A social network that you discovered has been active since 2007 and is also characterized by its slightly retro look. Tumblr may be a lesser-known social network, but from what you’ve discovered, you can’t do without it. The Tumblr microblogging site is considered among the most valuable social media forms, allowing you to connect with people, fans, customers, and communities. So, it is obvious that it is important to get many followers on such a platform like Tumblr.

In today’s article, we’ll show you the most useful tips on getting Tumblr followers.

How To Get Followers on Tumblr

How To Get Followers on Tumblr?

Down below, we have listed the best instructions to increase the number of followers on Tumblr:

Follow Many Blogs

The first way to make your blog exist on Tumblr is by following many blogs, preferably related to your theme.

In this way, they may take a look at your blog and -who knows- maybe even follow it.

It will also allow Tumblr to refine your profile, suggest other blogs to you, and suggest yours to people with similar interests.

Like and Reblog Posts

On Tumblr, the more blog posts you like, the more likely you are to accumulate likes or returns and thus increase your popularity.

Whenever you like an image or a post, do not hesitate to click on the little heart at the bottom right.

Be Original

Your blog needs to be unique. Define the theme precisely, ask yourself the questions: how is my blog different from others? What is its particularity?

Authentic and consistent content will push more people to follow your blog.

Tag Posts to Get Tumblr Followers

Try to use as much as possible tags by attaching one or more keywords to your posts, identifying celebrities, tag travel photos with the name of the place where they were taken, and choosing broad terms (animals, humor, sport, etc.).This will allow Tumblr members to find you while browsing, so they can come across your post and may follow you.

Personalize Your Publications

When you post or re-blog an image, don’t hesitate to add your personal touch in the Description field: a comment or better yet, you can add a link to your blog in this field; it will then be visible to everyone.

Use an Eye-Catching Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first thing Tumblr members will see on your blog. Choose it well. It should catch the eye, reflect your blog, and make you want to visit it. With a good profile picture, you will attract more followers!

Post Regularly to Get Tumblr Followers

Post Regularly to Get Tumblr Followers

To increase the number of followers, it is necessary to have regular production. So make sure to post on Tumblr regularly to feed your blog.

Try to Contact Users

You can do it by sending a direct e-mail to people you follow; it will make you more visible; they may check your profile and follow you back.

Take a Look at the Popular Blogs

That’ll give you a quick idea about the design, how you should post, how to use fonts, etc. Therefore, you will be more creative while posting and designing your blog.

Avoid Mistakes While Posting

Try to post high-quality content, avoid misspellings and grammar mistakes, and try to edit your photos in a good way before posting them.

Interact With Your Followers to Get More Followers

When someone leaves comment or drop likes to your posts, try to do the same in their content.

Share Your Tumblr Everywhere

Do not hesitate to promote your Tumblr’s name on other social media platforms, especially the most famous ones like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Concluding on How To Get Tumblr Followers

This article shows you the best useful tips that you should use to get Tumblr followers; we hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and finding it helpful. You can also buy Tumblr followers from high-quality providers, if you want a shortcut in the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Try to be active, post regularly, and try to be available throughout the day.

You should post often but not too much, on average less than five posts per day.

To tag on Tumblr, type a hash sign (#) followed by the appropriate keyword you want to use.

You are allowed to follow 5000 blogs at a time.

You should keep in mind that the majority of content should be yours.

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  1. Jude

    Geting Tumblr followers is harder than getting followers on Reddit. Been a user since 2010 and only got 45 followers.