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How to Get Sponsored on Instagram

In this article, we will go over how to get sponsored on Instagram and how Instagram ads work. Instagram has more than a billion monthly active users, and it’s what they use to engage with Instagram ads. While that seems not too much compared to Facebook advertising, it is still one of the largest numbers.

This much traffic opens the ground for brands and businesses to grow vigorously if they take their steps and target ads right.

Some Business Statistics Regarding Instagram

According to research, on Instagram ads, users engage and interact with brands ten times more than they do on Facebook. The people who use the app are generally younger compared to other networks, excluding Snapchat, and they surely show interest in businesses and brands.

60% of the users acknowledge discovering new products on Instagram, and more than 200 million users visit a business profile at least once a day. These statistics show us how great Instagram is for building a business online.

Instagram’s sponsored posts are among the greatest ways to gain more attention, engagement, and revenue. So, what are these Instagram ads?

sponsored posts on Instagram

What Is an Instagram Sponsored Post?

Sponsored posts are a form of advertising. Through these posts, many brands advertise to people with a certain Instagram audience, known as influencer accounts. Thus, they introduce their brand to more people. We can evaluate such posts in two categories. Promoted posts where brands pay to Instagram and paid partnerships where brands advertise to influencer accounts.

Promoted Posts: With Instagram’s ad management tool, you can create promoted posts for your brand and products. Thus, your chances of highlighting your ad according to your target audience and locations increase.

Paid partnerships: These are ads where you pay influencer accounts to promote your product in exchange for a certain amount. Since influencers tend to market their own accounts, they can help you promote your product. So, doing paid partnership Instagram deal is rather effective.

get sponsored on Instagram

How to Get Sponsored on Instagram?

If you want brands to sponsor you, there are a few ways you can try. After trying these methods, you can also buy Instagram impressions to engage your account more for the Instagram algorithm.

What is the niche of your account?

Choosing niche content for your account is a very important step. While brands are researching accounts for sponsorship, they look for accounts that can best represent their products and brands and generate advertising revenue. Therefore, you need to consider many factors, such as what kind of content you produce, how you use your account, and how you share posts. You should use your Instagram account in a unique way.

Getting to Know Your Audience

If you know your audience well, you can clearly understand whether it is compatible with the brand you want to deal with. Many factors, such as the age, gender, and where they live of the audience you are addressing on Instagram, should be the things that both you and the brand pay attention to.

Posting Regularly

How active you are on Instagram is also very important. You should be posting quality content regularly. Posting on weekdays and producing content suitable for the Instagram algorithm is a very important detail. But of course, posting on days and hours when the audience is more active will be better for your account.


Instagram hashtags are a great way to get in front of more people. Maybe you haven’t seen your account yet, but you can’t completely reach people interested in similar sponsored content. If that’s the case, you can reach new people using the right hashtags.

Tagging Brands

When sharing a post on Instagram, if you are showing or promoting a new product you bought, you should definitely add the brand of the product. By adding your brand account to your post, you both attract the attention of the brand and start advertising from somewhere by introducing the product to your audience. So, tag the sponsor.

Adding Contact Information

You must add your contact information to your Instagram profile. When people or brands in this context want to reach you, they should be able to contact you easily from the link in your profile. This makes many steps much easier.

How to Promote a Post on Instagram

If you’re a business that wants to promote your own brand and advertise to users with an influencer-style Instagram audience and sponsored ad, let’s see what you can do.

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You can use the steps we mentioned above when searching for an influencer account. So you can choose more effective users for your brand. After finding the influencer account you want to work with, contact them directly. After discussing the details together, you can start your business deal.

Branded Sponsorship

It is very easy to set up branded sponsorship settings on Instagram.

branded sponsorship
  • First, go to settings and find the Business option.
  • Then click on Brand Content.
  • By clicking on the Approved Business Partners option, you can add the influencer account you will work with here.

Types of Sponsored Posts

There are some types of sponsored posts on Instagram that you can utilize for your ads. Each one of them has a different purpose and different yields.

types of sponsored posts
  • Carousel creates Instagram ads with at least two or more scrollable images or videos.
  • Single image, create up to six ads with one image each at no extra charge.
  • Single video, create an Instagram ads ad with one video.
  • Slideshow, create a looping video ad with up to ten images, quite similar to Boomerangs.
  • The collection features a collection of items that open into a fullscreen mobile experience.

If you are curious more about how to advertise on Instagram, don’t be shy to learn all of it! Also, you can search the Instagram Help page about how Instagram ads work in more detail.


Instagram is a place where you can reach millions with a single post and build a connection with them that will last for years to come. However, you have to utilize the ads with a smart point of view. You have to think of Instagram ads as a type of investment instead of a cost or burden that you should carry no matter what. You should expect to see results, and it’s also guaranteed that you’ll see some kind of ROI. Nonetheless, you should plan your ads carefully and execute them with the utmost importance. If you fail to target the right audience for your product or service, all of the marketing means may go unnoticed.

So, do you have a business or brand on Instagram? How did the ads work out for you? Let us know right down in the comments section. Don’t forget to include your niche in the comment. Thank you for reading this article!

Frequently Asked Questions About

The cost of an ad post can vary based on the number of followers of your account, your industry, and your influence as an influencer.

Instagram is one of the most used social platforms today and a very effective place for advertising. That’s why you can provide great benefits to your brand by advertising to the right people.

If you don’t have a large audience and aren’t making big bucks from Instagram, getting your first ad job can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s not impossible if you market your account well!

All Instagram Business accounts can start a sponsorship business by following the simple steps outlined in the article. The important thing is to find the right person!

If you optimize your account according to the Instagram algorithm and grow your audience, Instagram will pay you for your posts.

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