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How to Get SoundCloud Followers?

SoundCloud is the world’s leading open audio platform with more than 80 million registered users all around the world. SoundCloud was launched in 2008 and originally intended to provide a platform for musicians to share and discuss their recordings. Over time, the platform evolved into one of the most popular destinations for music distribution and streaming. There are more than 190 million original tracks from 20 million creators on the platform. They are available for listening in more than 190 countries. In this article, we will focus on how to get SoundCloud followers.

SoundCloud is powered by a community of creators, listeners, and curators. Connecting with other people and their music is in the very essence of the platform. SoundCloud is somewhat similar to other social media platforms when it comes to account profiles. You can interact with other users’ content by using your profile, and it is also visible to the non-registered users. 

It is always good to have a high number of SoundCloud followers primarily to efficiently promote your music on the platform and for many other varying reasons.

In this article, we listed the best practices that can get more SoundCloud followers right below:

1) Have a Relevant Name

Your display name on SoundCloud is the first thing people will see. It is important to have a name that is easy to remember and lines up with your public brand. Besides this, if you have an irrelevant display name on SoundCloud, you can lose potential followers who are searching for you on Google.

2) Stay Active on Other Socials 

Off-site promotion is crucial for driving other users to your SoundCloud account. If you want to get your tracks listened to by other people, you should also utilize other social media platforms. You can add your SoundCloud profile to other social media accounts associated with you reciprocally to get more followers and plays on SoundCloud.

3) Use Your Bio to Get Attention

You should consider your bio as your 3-second window to convince other users that your tracks are too good to stay unnoticed. Tell your story in a few sentences to capture their attention.

Post High-Quality Tracks

4) Post High-Quality Tracks

SoundCloud is an audio-based platform, and low sound quality tracks are not tolerable by its audience, even if your song is great. People enjoy properly recorded, mixed, and mastered songs on the platform.

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5) Use the Right Genre Tags

You choose your track’s genre on SoundCloud. Tags play an important role in reaching a wider audience on the platform. Apart from that, it is also a generally good practice to let listeners know what type of audio they are going to play. 

6) Always Use Cover Art

Complimenting tracks with cover art is great to improve the listener experience. It adds a pinch of professionalism and obscure meaning to your track on SoundCloud. You can use many free tools available on the web to make cover art easily or commission a freelancer.

7) Try Bold Remixes or Mash-Ups

SoundCloud thrives on remixes and mash-ups. There are many top-tier remixes on the platform that brought success, followers, and visibility to its creators. You can create remixes to well-known songs in your own style to get more followers on SoundCloud.

Create Playlists on SoundCloud

8) Create Playlists

Playlists play a huge part in getting more followers on SoundCloud. You should curate playlists that you like regularly and share them on the platform. In addition to that, it is recommended for you to create playlists from your tracks. So that listeners can find what they are looking for on your page easily and play them in a sequence.

9) Interact With SoundCloud and Other Users 

Be an active SoundCloud user and love the platform. Being an active user is a good way to keep track of trending songs & remixes, popular genres, curated playlists, and many more. You should also engage with other users’ content on the platform. So don’t stay hesitant to give likes and comments on the music or podcasts you loved. This way, you can increase your visibility and increase your chances greatly to get more SoundCloud followers.

Buy SoundCloud Followers

10) Buy SoundCloud Followers

Buying SoundCloud followers is also another method to increase your social proof and visibility on the platform. You can work with a reliable and quality provider to buy SoundCloud followers. In addition, you can try a free trial with Free SoundCloud Plays.

Conclusion of How to Get SoundCloud Followers

SoundCloud is the largest community for music creators and one of the most prominent ones regarding music streaming. As it is with most social media platforms, it is vital to have a considerable number of followers on SoundCloud. In this article, we listed the best practices that can get you SoundCloud followers.

Frequently Asked Questions About

You can utilize the paid feature of SoundCloud called “Promote on SoundCloud” to get more exposure to your music.

SoundCloud offers a revenue share model to its creators. You can get paid each month on SoundCloud, depending on how many streams you have generated. While the amount varies greatly for many reasons, creators make between $2 and $5 for every 1000 plays.

It is not possible for you to know who viewed your music individually. You can use SoundCloud analytics to learn metrics about your audience in general. It is also important to note that it is impossible to make your SoundCloud profile entirely private as your likes, links, artwork, comments, etc. will be visible to the public.

SoundCloud is a free platform for listeners and a partly free platform for its creators. There are different paid subscription plans on SoundCloud. The upload limit for a free user is 3 hours, 6 hours for a Pro user, and unlimited for a Pro Unlimited user. SoundCloud also provides several features for its paid listeners, such as offline listening or Dj tool integration.

SoundCloud is the largest and most prominent online music community. SoundCloud connects you with other like-minded individuals and provides a platform to upload music freely. 

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  1. Justice Wells
    Justice Wells

    Getting SoundCloud followers is much more difficult than getting followers on other social media platforms. Although I have over 1k followers on IG, I can barely get 23 followers on SoundCloud.