How to Get Rid of Gnats? (9 Different Ways)

How to Get Rid of Gnats? (9 Different Ways)

Every season has its beauty. But summer is another beautiful. The greenery of the trees gives us all freshness. Think of you on nice summer vacation… You’ve left yourself in the mother arms of the sea all day. You reach out to the sand like gold and enjoy the sun’s inside. You’re on a great July day with the scent of sea salt and sunscreen. Now you want to put yourself in bed. All of a sudden, an extremely disturbing buzz infiltrated the sweetest part of your sleep and woke up your consciousness. It keeps buzzing up close as it’s going to get inside your ear. It’s a nightmare. So who are these little sleep enemies? Gnats. So, how can you get rid of gnats?

They show up, especially at night, and we know the little red swelling scars they leave behind. After a while, we’ll end our limit of tolerance and look for a thousand ways to kill them. Our goal isn’t to kill mosquitoes. All animals have a right to life, and no one has the right to intervene, and no one can. So how to get rid of gnats “without killing?” In this article, we are here with a few natural solutions.

About Gnats

Let’s start by giving us general information about gnats. The gnats belonged to the Diptera group, and the flies are part of the group. It has double wings, just like normal flies. They usually have long and thin legs. Their tongues are large. The bodies and wings of gnats are covered with small scales.

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The most popular features of gnats feed the eggs of adult female gnats to feed themselves with blood. That’s why they bit us. All gnats, male and female, feed on nectars in flowers. Moreover, some gnat species are aggressive and can eat other gnats. 

When adult mosquitoes are most active, it’s the time between sunset and sunrise. If there are enough clouds in the sky, they can come out again. The reason mosquitoes are not active in daylight is because they are likely to dry out of thirst and die.

Get rid of gnats in house

Gnats or Flies?

Sometimes we mix gnats with other flies. Gnats have long legs. Female gnats have long hoses that they use to “bite” humans and some pets to lay eggs. Many flies don’t bite, and even long-legged flies are mostly smaller than gnats.

Gnat Invasion

We don’t get along very well with gnats about their activities. This activity is the buzz caused by female gnats and, of course, bites. We can all react differently to gnat bites. Some people have a slight rash. Some face intense inflammation and swelling.

Female gnats are not that elegant. Female gnats disintegrate their blood by tearing down their victims’ skin. They get the protein they’re going to use to produce eggs from these blood. Male gnats can’t absorb blood. They’re the innocent side this time.

These bites are not very painful, but gnat bites can mean danger in humans as a “disease-infected” threat. The mosquito hose inserts it into the skin and a small, red swelling occurs. Because some people are constantly bitten by gnats, they become less susceptible to mosquito saliva. Others may have allergic reactions. These allergy symptoms include blistering, inflammation, and even asthma. Then it’s time to take precautions. Let’s see what you can do to get rid of gnats and keep them away.

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Priority Recommendations

Light-colored clothing: Gnats follow carbon dioxide from our bodies to set targets. Light clothing costs less carbon dioxide than dark clothing, so you get less infestation.

Wind: Gnats are very light creatures and have difficulty flying in the breeze. So if possible, get fan support and be careful to spend time in windy places.

Garlic: We have to admit, garlic doesn’t smell so pretty. But that’s not the point. When we eat garlic, a smell spreads from our bodies that we won’t notice. Gnats don’t like that smell!

Puddles: Gnats breed and multiply in stagnant water. That’s why you shouldn’t have a puddle around you. If you have to, change the accumulated water to a minimum of one week.

Home sweet home: Especially hours when the sun goes down, gnats rush out to hunt. It’ll be good for you to spend these times inside when they’re most aggressive and intense.

Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away

Major Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away

You can find the plants mentioned below as adults and as seeds. You can easily grow these plants wherever you are on your balcony or garden to get rid of gnats.

1. Lemon Grass

Lemongrass is a herbaceous plant with stem stems in “Cymbopogon” and has existed for a very long time. There are many different types of lemongrass, between 30 cm and 100 cm in length. If the conditions are favorable, it can grow up to 1.5 meters in length. Lemongrass grows frequently. You can dry your leaves and drink your tea. Due to its smell and aroma, the cosmetic and food industry frequently uses lemongrass. Citronella oil contained in it is the most effective substance found in nature against gnats.

2. Cat Mint

The catmint is a member of the same family as mint, thyme, and lavender. Flowers in white, pink, blue, and lilac are blooming depending on the type. The length of the catmint is between 50 cm and 100 cm. One of the best gnat repellents. But when you plant this plant, you have to be careful because cats are very likely to attack where you plant. Because of a chemical called “Nepetalakton,” cats love this plant. It has a hallucinating effect on cats and is very good for cats’ digestive systems.

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3. Melissa

Melissa is a mint species. They have white flowers and can grow up to 100 cm in length. It’s a long-year plant. It smells like lemon. There is a belief among the public that the smell of the balm keeps evil away. In ancient times, the balm was smoking. You can also consume balm leaves as tea. If you rip off the balm leaves and rub them on your skin, you will create a very fast and effective protective shield against gnats.

4. Marigold

Marigold is a one-year plant. It has flowers in yellow, orange, and red tones and retains its flowers for a very long time. It remains flowery from the beginning of June until the end of October. You can plant them around your vegetable gardens to keep harmful insects away. Marigold has “pyrethrum,” which is also used in many commercial gnat repellents. The smell of flowers helps keep gnats away. You can use the oil for the same purpose by dragging it into your body.

5. Basil

Basil has a very effective aroma and smell. It can also be used in salads and dishes. It is a perennial plant and usually grows in temperate regions. It is between 20-60 cm in length. There are many varieties of basil. As a result of the experiments, we can say that it is effective to get rid of gnats. When you have potted basil on your desk, you will relax with the smell and keep the gnats away. You can use the basil by squeezing and rubbing the water or rubbing your skin with its leaves.

6. Lavender

Lavender usually grows at heights above 1000 meters. There are many different species with blue, purple, and red flowers. Cosmetics and the cleaning industry use lavender frequently due to its beautiful smell. What is directly effective against gnats in the water and oil of lavender.

Also, geranium, cloves, mint, eucalyptus, and rosemary are highly effective plants against gnats. Most of these plants can also drive the oils directly, as well as use them as candles and incense. As a result of various studies carried out by universities, the most effective oil is lemon-based eucalyptus oil. 

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We need to make a little reminder. Each body can react allergically to different plants. Before you take advantage of these plants, always test or consult your doctor in a small part of your body. You don’t want to take a look at eyebrows, do you?

Mosquito Repellent Candle

Mosquito Repellent Candle

You can easily do wax using paraffin and stearin, or by melting the candles you purchased. In the first method, you melt the paraffin adding 1/10 stearin into it and mixing it thoroughly. Depending on the size of the container into this mixture, we drip lemongrass or valerian oil if you can’t find it. Four drops for a glass of water is enough. You can make a visual difference and make a more effective candle against gnats by adding dry plants into it. It is also possible to color your candle according to your taste with food dye, pigment dye, or natural colorants. You can get rid of gnats by nice decoration as well.

After fixing the fuse with silicone or tape to the bottom of the container you will use, pour the liquid mixture, making sure that the end remains above. If you put the roving on top of the container by attaching the fuse to a stick and keeping the stick in the middle of the fuse, you can keep it in place during freezing. In case you are going to use the candle in the container you pour, make sure it’s a non-combustible material other than plastic. If you use glass or ceramics, the container you choose to choose from to avoid breaking from the heat is too narrow, so it shouldn’t be too close to the lever. 

When you use the candle as a mold, the material doesn’t matter, you can even use cardboard or silicone molds to easily remove it. In the second method, which is easier, you can make mosquito repellent candles in the same way by melting old or new candles and dripping plant oil into it. As you can see, there are fun things about getting rid of gnats!

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Herbal Sprays

It is possible to create many formulas against gnats by mixing the oils of the plants we just mentioned with water or alcohol. You can experiment with this by researching reliable sources on the Internet and also getting information from transfers or physiotherapists you trust. Don’t think everything natural is harmless to your health. Whatever happens, please take care to use a small amount, consciously and carefully.

Symptomatic Treatments

The reason for the itching that occurs after gnat bites is that our body reacts allergically to drugs and anti-clotting chemicals that our bodies leave when inserting the needle. The degree of this itching and blistering varies depending on both the type of gnat and the sensitivity of our body. Gnat absorbs most of the chemicals it injects when taking its injection. So killing the mosquito during blood absorption also causes much more chemicals to remain in the body, thus increasing itching and bloating. If you scratch the bite all the time, the chemicals spread to a larger area. Therefore, allergic reaction and itching also increase.

Cologne, ice, lemon juice, tea, honey, yellow centaury oil, aloe vera gel are among the natural methods you can use to reduce itching and bloating in places bitten by gnats. Put it on the bite, and wait for a while. You’ll realize that the itch is easing, and then you’ll forget it. The solution to everything is in nature!


Why do gnats buzz?

Yes, we know that gnats have extremely disturbing sounds. But let’s look at this through the eyes of a gnat.
The reason for this buzz is that the gnat is rapidly flapping its wings. Female gnats buzz in the range of about 400 Hz with their wings. The purpose of whizzing our females is to mate with male gnats. How about trying to think of it as a” love song” that a male gnat makes to a male gnat when you have a buzzing female gnat in your ear?

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Does HIV infect gnats?

The answer is no. HIV can’t live in gnat metabolism, so it can’t easily infect people through gnats. So when the gnat stings a person, the amount of blood it absorbs from it is well below the amount that should spread within the virus. Besides, HIV can’t live outside the human body.

What do gnats do in nature?

Gnats are not a “key species” so they probably won’t cause mass destruction if they are destroyed. However, because they are a food source for many other species, the extinction of gnats can disturb some other ecosystems, causing difficult problems to predict.


In this article, we talked about how to get rid of the gnats. You don’t have to kill them to get rid of these disturbing creatures. Some of the plant species we’re talking about are going to be very supportive of you. Enjoy the summer.

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