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How to Get Partnered on Twitch (Simple Guide)

The Twitch Partner program is primarily focused on streamers. Twitch has a wide variety of topics. Created for streaming games, Twitch has become a platform for streaming various topics: music, cinema, art, science, and much more. Keep on reading to find out how to get partnered on Twitch.

What Is Twitch Affiliate Program?

This is a servant of the service that allows owners of Twitch channels to earn money on their audience through advertising and selling games or products. So to activate the affiliate program, the channel must meet the minimum requirements:

  • 50 or more subscribers; 
  • At least 500 mins of broadcast in the last 30 days; 
  • At least seven days of broadcasts in the last 30 days; during broadcasts, on Average, there must be at least three unique viewers at the same time.

Also, the money earned is paid by cheque, Bank account, or PayPal. You can get more information about it on Twitch Support.

What Are the Features of the Twitch Affiliate Program

What Are the Features of the Twitch Affiliate Program?

The Twitch affiliate program has two categories of members: 

  • At first, the streamer is called a “companion,” It is available to earn money on subscriptions or a percentage of the sale of games to its subscribers. The service invites such users automatically. They pay the earnings within 60 days, and the partner pays payment commissions; 
  • Partners are the second stage; they are selected individually. In this case, additional earnings are available due to ads embedded in the broadcast. Partners have access to more features for channel design, user interaction, and increased storage of streams for replays. Also, they pay the earned funds within 45 days, and the service assumes all commissions.

How to Connect a Twitch Affiliate Program

Connecting to the partner program as a companion is only possible after Twitch’s invitation appears in the account control panel. So if your channel meets all the requirements, the service will automatically notify you. To get a partner’s status and opportunities, you must develop the channel further and wait for a separate invitation. Also, if you have a large audience on YouTube, you can apply its Page.

How to Monetize Your Audience on Twitch

The number of available ways to earn money depends on the channel owner (a regular user or a partner program member). You can earn money by donations, so check “how to get donations on Twitch” to learn more about it. Don’t forget to buy Twitch viewers to boost your profile for earning more money.

All streamers on Twitch can earn money in three ways:

  • Twitch donations from viewers: You can get them with the help of special services (Donation Alerts, DonatePay) built-in with Twitch. This method is available to everyone but is unstable, as it depends on the emotions of the audience;
  • Placement of a sponsored or affiliate link: Under the main broadcast window, there is a small information panel where you can specify information about the channel in the Markdown markup. For example, a banner or text with a link. You can register in the CPA affiliate program and put links to offers, receiving a reward for sales or registration; 
  • Mention of the sponsor or their product during the stream: For example, the advertiser’s brand in the broadcast name, wear a t-shirt with the sponsor’s logo, advertise Souvenirs, mugs, clothing, equipment, and other items.
twitch partnership

Earning Opportunities for Twitch Partners

Additional ways to earn money are available for streamers invited to the partner program:

  • Paid subscription: Partners can earn 50%, 60%, or 70% on subscriptions for $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 monthly. So the advantage of a subscription is regular payment;
  • Selling games from the list of Twitch partners. If a viewer buys a game or in-game item from the channel page during the broadcast, the streamer receives a 5% reward from the sale amount;
  • Advertising during the broadcast in the form of videos or overlays. This feature is only available to partners. Videos are automatically scrolled before and at the end of the broadcast. The partner sets up ads in the middle of the broadcast. The minimum interval between videos is 8 minutes. We recommend no more than 2-3 times per hour of the stream.

Conclusion on How to Get Partnered on Twitch

To conclude, we’ve explained how you could partner up on Twitch and earn money. If you boost your Twitch account with high-quality content and get more followers, earning more money will be easier. Hopefully, we were able to help. So if you liked this article, be sure to check out our other Twitch articles as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About

To activate the affiliate program, the channel must meet the minimum requirements of 50 or more subscribers.

You can get your money by cheque, Bank account, or PayPal.

Twitch pays the earnings within 60 days, and the partner pays payment commissions.

If your channel meets all the requirements, the service will automatically send you a notification.

Yes, the mention of a sponsor or their product during the stream will help you earn money.

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