How to Get More Matches on Tinder: 11 Tips

How to Get More Matches on Tinder: 11 Tips

Tinder is a dating application that can be used on mobile devices. This application is being used by millions of people in 38 languages and 196 countries. The profiles in the application appear as a deck of cards.

You reject people you don’t like by sliding them to the left, and you like them by sliding them to the right. The goal of everyone who uses Tinder is to get more matches. So today, we will show you how to get likes and more matches on Tinder.

how does tinder matching work

How Does Tinder Matching Work

In this platform, you can create a profile with a few photos and a brief description; you can quickly navigate between the profiles of people of your preferred gender and age range. When you like someone, and that person likes you back, it means matching.

How to Get More Likes on Tinder

There are features that you can use by purchasing from within the app to be liked more in Tinder. However, before purchasing these features, it’s better to look at what you can do to get more likes.

Represent Yourself Right

  • Your Profile Photo Is Very Important

The photos in your profile are the most important pieces that can give other people an idea about you. The first impression is very important in Tinder. You should appear in front of people with a photo that you think looks beautiful. It is important for you to choose a photo with high-resolution. Your most pleasant, natural, sympathetic state should be in the first photo.

However, remember, a selfie taken from the mirror of the gym comes to everyone’s mind and is not creative at all. Putting bizarre photos to attract attention or putting very serious photos will cause you to get swiped to the left.

  • Reflect Your Social Life

You’re as interesting as the photos you put on this platform. If you have a pet you can put your photos with it or put photos while you are doing something you love, or your hobby, give some information about yourself to people, and people can like you more.

how to get more likes on Tinder
  • Your photos and Your Biography Should Be Consistent

Be careful not to make excessive sentences that praise yourself. Try to express yourself naturally; be sincere. This will create a positive impression on you. Remember that the main purpose of the matches is to meet, and when you meet, you won’t have the chance to hide. So don’t introduce yourself as a different person.

Use the App Effectively

  • Be Active

Enter Tinder a lot but don’t swipe everyone who comes across to you to the right. In other words, do not like everyone all the time, like it a little and swipe the profiles slowly. So entering the Tinder app several times a week and liking hundreds of profiles each time is not good for your success on Tinder.

  • Use Super Like Feature

Super Like is a feature that will keep you at the top of the matches in Tinder. When users open Tinder, dozens of people come to their page, and it is very difficult to choose the person you like. By using Super Like, you will be at the top of the list. Besides, users will show you when you make a Super Like, not only with the heart but with a blue star.

To make a Super Like, you need to scroll up to the photo of the person you like. So you can match with more people by using Super Like. However, this feature is only available to Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold members. So you need to be a paid subscriber.

  • Use Boost Feature

Tinder Boost makes you one of the most popular profiles in the area for 30 minutes. When using Boost, your profile is displayed up to 10 times more, and your chances of capturing a match are increased. To use Boost, simply open Tinder and touch the purple lightning icon on the home screen.

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscribers are entitled to free Boost once a month. Alternatively, users can purchase a Boost at any time they want to.

Why Am I Not Getting Matches on Tinder

Why Am I Not Getting Matches on Tinder

If you do not apply the items listed above, these may be the reason that you do not receive a match. Therefore, please be sure to read and apply the above items thoroughly. Moreover, to catch the attention of your potential match, you need to pay attention to some other tricks.

Tricks to Catch Attention

  • Don’t automatically move everyone to the right; be a little picky

When someone moves a user to the right, and if that person instantly receives ‘’It’s a Match!’’ alert, it may cause that user to get negative points from the beginning. This reduces that person’s success on Tinder.

  • Remember that location means everything

Do not use Tinder in unsafe areas. However, when you go on holiday abroad, it can be a good way to have fun and meet people around you.

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After matching, please note the following items, so that you do not miss the person you have matched and you can improve your conversation with the person. Alternatively, the exact opposite, if the person you texted didn’t text you back, you won’t spend a lot of time on one person. Thus you can focus on other people.

  • Do not be persistent

First, if that person didn’t reply to your message, don’t get stuck with that person. If the user didn’t reply to the first message, that person probably wouldn’t respond to your tenth message either.

  • The first message is important

Just don’t write hello or hi. Making a humorous, engaging, and mysterious entry raises the chances of getting answers. Be friendly first, so that you can have a better chance.

Ask interesting questions, or you can talk about a topic in the person’s profile. Moreover, please don’t send a message when it’s too late, it shows you helpless.

  • Remember that the world of Tinder is not for love

So, do not accidentally fall in love with your Tinder match and enter the world of pain.

Conclusion on How to Get More Matches on Tinder

There several significant factors that you need to take into consideration when trying to get your matches on Tinder. In this article, we told you about the most crucial steps that you need to follow in order to get more matches on Tinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Even if you deactivate your Tinder account, your matches will stay around.

Once matched, you both can talk to each other. The system allows only matched people to send messages to each other. Otherwise, you cannot talk to someone who didn’t like you back.

There are a lot of good feedbacks about Tinder gold, yet it is not for sure that it will increase your matches

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