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How to Get More Instagram Followers

You may want to have more followers on Instagram for many reasons. Some want it to increase their brand’s social media presence. Others want it to sell their products on Instagram. Some people also want to have more followers in order to make money on Instagram as an influencer. No matter which of them you’re, you’ll be able to reach more followers by applying the methods we’ll talk about now. 

Instagram has become an excellent and huge market thanks to the number of active users it has. So, whether you’re a brand, an influencer, or a merchant selling your own products, this is a great blessing for you. Therefore, you will want to take advantage of what this market has to offer. For this, you need to improve your presence on IG. So, do you have the slightest idea how to do this? If you have no idea about growing your IG account, don’t worry because you are in the right place. So, we will tell you the first step you should take to improve your IG account. So, let’s get started now.

Tips to Get More Instagram Followers

The first and most important thing you need to do to develop your IG account is to increase your follower count. Increasing your follower count means expanding your reach even further. That is of great importance for both e-commerce professionals, brands, and influencers. There are many ways to gain more Instagram followers for these people. As a result of meticulous work, you can gain more Instagram followers by applying the tips we will talk about soon. Most of the tips on this list are completely free. However, we haven’t forgotten those who still need to grow faster. So, let’s not keep you waiting any longer. It’s time to start our list of tips to get you more Instagram followers.

create a branded hashtag

Create a Branded Hashtag to Harness the Power of Hashtags

Before explaining how hashtags can increase your follower count, let’s explain what they do. What does branded and custom hashtags do? Thanks to them, you can create a collection by bringing together your best posts. So, how can this help you increase your follower count? We can explain this with a simple example. Let’s say you have created a collection by bringing together your best posts through these hashtags. Another user can do a search targeting this collection of yours on IG. In this case, these users will come across your most engaged collection in the first place in the search results. Those users who see your top posts will also be more likely to follow your account. At worst, they will like and comment on these great posts they come across. 

You may also create custom hashtags for your marketing campaigns. Cross-promote this hashtag that you have created specifically for your campaign. So, mention them in the bios of all your social media accounts. You should include these special hashtags in your brand’s ads, receipts, and even on the signs of your stores. Thus, everyone can be aware of it. Some may even prefer to direct people to these custom hashtags through radio broadcasts. Doing all this will unify your campaign by integrating both your offline and online marketing activities. 

Finally, let’s talk about the ones specific to your industry in terms of benefiting from the power of hashtags. Hashtags that contain terms specific to the industries your business operates in are more effective at reaching potential followers. We need to note that sectoral competition in these hashtags is also very high. For this reason, while using these hashtags, be careful to include more specific terms as much as possible.

effective instagram bio

Optimizing Your Bio May be Much More Effective Than You Might Expect

You manage to attract more and more users to your profile page every day. That is an extremely important step for you to gain more Instagram followers undoubtedly. Well, at this stage, what do you think is getting them to follow your IG profile? The answer, of course, is the way you welcome them on your profile page. What does it mean to meet them on the profile page? That is similar to the way you greet them the moment they step into your store.

So, how can you reflect this greeting on your IG profile page? To find the right answer, just look at your profile page through the eyes of your customers. Where do you think they will look when they first come to your profile page? The first place they look will be your bio as soon as they step onto your profile page. Thus, they will test your credibility.

Therefore, in your bio, you should both make your potential followers feel that you are trustworthy and approach them sincerely. So, you need to make them feel that the profile page belongs to your brand. First, optimize your IG bio professionally. So, how should you do this? Let’s share a few useful tips about this.

First, there should be prominent symbols of your brand and the URL of your website in your bio. That will also help you drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. Then, add the hashtags we have mentioned in our previous recommendation to your bio. Remember, these hashtags should contain terms specific to your brand, marketing campaign, and industry. Finally, make sure that your username is in line with the usernames of your other social media accounts and your brand. Let’s move on to the next tip now.

create a content calendar

Create a Content Calendar and Stick to It Consistently

Studies reveal that accounts with more Instagram followers post regularly and at certain time intervals. If you’re wondering why this is important, we’ll explain right away. First, let’s explain what the content calendar does. You can avoid forgetting special days that are important for both your target audience and your brand. Exactly for this, you should organize a detailed content calendar. But it’s not over yet. That’s not the only benefit of creating a content calendar.

The advice we will give you now is an extremely effective method for gaining both more Instagram followers and more engagement. That’s why you need to listen to this part very carefully. The first rule of gaining both more followers and engagement is not to post randomly. If you want to gain more engagement, all you need to do is post when your followers are most effective. If you want to gain more Instagram followers, you should do the same. This time, you need to share your posts when your potential followers are most effective on the platform. So, how do you determine and schedule these times?

At this point, intensive research and analysis work greets you. For this, you should determine the times when both your current and potential followers are most active on the platform. Once you set these dates and times, add them to your content calendar. Adhering to this content calendar you have prepared will also provide your followers with a consistent experience. 

You have created your content calendar as a result of intensive research and analysis. So, what will you do to remember to post on all these dates and times? Do not worry. There are also tools that may help you in this regard. Using one of these tools may help you in this context.

Join the Hot Topics on the Agenda

This issue is also about hashtags. This time, the advice we will give will be a little different from that of custom hashtags. Dedicated hashtags served to attract the attention of target audiences related to more specific topics. This time, you should use more general and trending hashtags along with these hashtags. For this, you should do research to identify the popular hot topics of the agenda. Then, add these trending hashtags to your post as you plan them. These hashtags are called super-popular hashtags. In this way, you can reach your brand to a much wider audience. So, how do you find these super-popular hashtags? Let’s explain it now.

You can use the Google Trends app to detect these super hashtags. Google Trends helps you identify which topics are popular at certain time intervals. Likewise, you can apply these time intervals on an hourly basis. Get involved in popular conversations by using the hashtags you set on these trending topics, together with your dedicated hashtags. 

Thanks to Google Trends, you have identified trending topics successfully. However, you should not go too far in this matter. You should be moderate while using these hashtags. These super-popular hashtags shouldn’t form a large part of your social media marketing strategy. It is true that these hashtags appeal to a much wider audience. That may also tempt you. However, these super hashtags can only help you increase your follower count. It may not help much in terms of transformation, which is the real need of your business. For a conversion-oriented social media marketing strategy, you should also use the special hashtags we mentioned in a balanced way. Thus, you will be able to reach wider audiences without compromising your conversion focus.

use reels to get more instagram followers

Do not Neglect IG Reels

One of the most important features that both corporate and personal brands should use in IG is Reels. We need to note something from the beginning. If you haven’t used Reels until now, make sure that you are missing out on a lot. Because this feature brings you more opportunities than to get followers for Instagram. I think it would be enough to say one thing to explain how important Reels is in the new IG. The Reels feature is now in the center of the main navigation bar. This feature allows you to share videos instead of still images. Although these video clips can be up to 30 seconds long, it is also possible to add music. So, why is using the Reels feature so important?

IG has brought Reels videos to the fore with its recent developments. For this reason, users are now browsing these videos more often. So, it wouldn’t be unexpected at all for these Reels videos to go viral. There is, of course, an important reason why IG makes this possible. Because users do not only see the Reels videos of the accounts, they follow. They can also view the Reels of accounts they do not follow.

As you can see from here, Reels offers an opportunity to extend your reach beyond your followers. Moreover, we need to note that the competition in this new feature is not very tight yet. For this reason, the shares you will make here can put you far ahead of your competitors on this platform. Do research to use Reels videos more effectively for your brand. You may shoot Reels that will highlight your brand with the new ideas you’ll gain as a result of this researches. Let’s move on to our next useful tip.

instagram profile picture

Increase Your Profile Page’s Inclusion and Diversity

Having your profile page diverse and inclusive will help you make your account more accessible. That will expand your brand’s audience. It will also increase your account participation. The ability of your account to provide these two conditions will also be effective in increasing your IG follower count. So, how can you achieve this? There are many ways to get an account that can meet these conditions. Let’s start explaining these ways now.

First, let’s start by describing the easiest thing you can do about it. Adding captions to every video you post on your profile is the first step to increase your engagement and accessibility. Why is this important? To explain this, let’s talk about some research results.

Most of the videos on FB and IG platforms are watched silently. However, it is also somewhat more difficult for viewers to digest silent videos. That’s what you should help them with, indeed. You can make this process easier for them by adding subtitles to your videos. Let’s give you another tip that may help you create subtitles in your videos. You can take advantage of the automatic captioning feature for your IGTV videos. Moreover, you can use this feature in 16 different languages. 

Having a variety of content is also extremely important for influencers. Because brands that want to expand their audiences will want to work with influencers with a variety of content. Working with such influencers will also be a good opportunity for brands to show their social sensibilities. That will both increase the reputation of brands and expand their audience. You can be sure that brands will not miss such a profitable purchase. 

Determine Your Marketing Strategy Down to the Last Detail

This step does not only apply to your brand’s IG account. It is valid and extremely important for all social media accounts of your brand. That is why brands need professional social media marketing management exactly. All brands must handle their social media strategies in a professional manner. Based on the importance of this situation, some brands may prefer to work with a professional agency. Brands with affordable budgets choose to employ professionals who will work in the relevant department. For a more successful social media strategy, you should choose one of these two options too. However, here, we will make some recommendations for businesses that do not have budgets suitable for these two options. These tips will help you to clarify your IG plans a little bit. We may list the plan you need to create so that you can gain more Instagram followers:

  • Before devising a good plan, ask yourself why you want more Instagram followers.
  • Determine the goal of your IG strategy to answer this question.
  • We may divide the main goals you can set for your IG strategy into three categories. One of the most important of these goals is to increase your brand awareness on the IG platform. Another important goal of your IG strategy may be to increase your product sales. You can also set the strategy of your brand’s IG account as driving traffic to your website.
  •  Set one of these goals for your IG strategy. Stick to this strategy as well.

The goals you set for your strategies will also help keep your IG account consistent. In this way, you can determine a method suitable for your strategy in gaining more followers. For example, will you grow your IG account with a target audience or a wider audience? The target you will set in your strategy will also help you answer this question.

design your brand story

Design Your Brand Story

Stories are boring, and for kids, I hear you say. However, brand stories can be eye-catching to consumers extremely. Because people may want to hear the production stories of the things they consume. That has nothing to do with liking stories. It’s all about curiosity. Here, as a brand, your responsibility is to prepare these stories with an aesthetic understanding. You are the one who can do this best. You have founded and grew this brand. However, do not hesitate to get help from professionals in adding aesthetics to your story. So, how do brand stories affect people? What are the ideas for creating more effective brand stories? Here are some ideas that will help you and inform you about what brand stories do:

  • Tell the story of your products and services through the eyes of your employees. That may create an effective brand story. The story you’ll create that way with an aesthetic understanding will humanize your products and services in the eyes of consumers. 
  • You can narrate the stages of the production journey of the products you have introduced to the market. Never neglect to add an aesthetic sense so that this type of story is not boring. Such stories may be interesting on IG because they appeal to consumers’ curiosity.
  • How satisfied are your customers who use your brand’s products and services? Have your products and services helped them on their way to success? If so, you have a great idea to tell a story. Create stories about your customers’ successes. Telling these stories in an inspiring way will both attract attention and increase your conversion rates.

Reflect Your Brand’s Aesthetic Sense on IG

IG is an excellent platform where you can best reflect your brand’s aesthetic understanding. You can get Instagram followers by making the best use of this opportunity offered by the platform. There are many methods you can use to reflect your brand’s aesthetic on IG. Consider that your brand’s aesthetic will become your brand’s personality. IG is the best catalyst that may speed up this process. Therefore, while trying to reflect your brand’s aesthetic on IG, you shouldn’t forget that it’ll become permanent in a short time. Create an effective brand aesthetic and reflect it on IG. In this way, you can grow Instagram followers by attracting more people’s attention. So, how will you do this? That is the most important question we need to answer at this point. So, let’s get to work now.

  • The first rule of gaining IG followers by reflecting your brand’s aesthetic is to be consistent in the long run. For this reason, decide on the brand personality you want to create before you start this work. While doing this, try to consider your brands’ personality from every possible angle.
  • The aesthetics of your brand that you will create should identify with your brand over time. So, all the posts your followers will see on your profile page should align with this brand personality. For this, treat your profile page grid as a unified unit. You can also share your posts that are not compatible with this unified unit in stories.
  • We have talked about how important hashtags are. Remember that you will also use them often. Therefore, the hashtags you will create specifically for your brand and campaigns should also be compatible with your brand personality. Because you will need to include them under each post.
use igtv to get more instagram followers

Create and Use IGTV Series Effectively

According to the data, with the effect of the Covid-19 quarantine, IGTV was the most-watched by users in 2020. It would be more accurate to say that among the IG features, it had attracted the most attention of the users. So, under the current circumstances, it would be extremely beneficial to leverage IGTV for your brand. You ask why? Because IGTV is a platform where you can easily reach new audiences due to the increasing interest. So, how to seize this opportunity? If you haven’t used IGTV effectively before, this is sure to be a new opportunity for you to reach wider audiences. However, there are a few things you should pay extra attention to at this point. If you’re new to IGTV, you probably don’t have much knowledge or experience about what people browsing here will like.

Identify what people browsing IGTV would like. Let us give you an extremely simple and effective tip to do this. If you’re new to IGTV and don’t know what might be of interest to your potential followers, there’s something you can do. Go to the IGTV accounts of your competitors in the industry.

Check out the IGTV videos that have gained the most engagement on their accounts, one by one. Analyze these videos and identify the reasons why they gain high engagement. Then, you can reach a wider audience of potential users with these types of IGTV videos. However, there is another important thing that you should not forget at this point. Competition in IGTV videos of a similar type to that of your competitors will be quite high. So, always increase your video variety as much as possible by analyzing more IGTV channels. This way, build an IGTV series that can get your channel more Instagram followers. 

Empower Your Brand By Collaborating with Influencers

Influencers play the wildcard role in helping brands reach new audiences. Have you optimized your brand’s IG account in the best way? Have you reached the maximum number of IG followers you can reach? If you really think so, think again. If you haven’t collaborated with an influencer before, you haven’t witnessed how effective it may be in boosting your account. So, collaborating with an influencer not only works for fully optimized accounts. If you don’t have time to optimize your brand’s IG account, you can use this method. In this case, collaborating with an influencer will boost your IG account, albeit for a short time. However, don’t forget to optimize your account, as we’ve mentioned in our list. Thus, you may get the best results. In this way, you will be able to get maximum efficiency from every collaboration you will make with an influencer.

So, now let’s give you a couple of advice on collaborating with influencers. To date, there has been a lot of research on the benefits of collaborating with influencers on brands. You may think that macro or mega influencers are the ones that will bring you the most followers and interaction. However, these studies reveal some surprising results. Accordingly, micro-influencers are quite prominent in providing the best combination of reach and interaction to brands. So, why is this the case? The answer is actually very simple. Micro-influencers appeal to a much more niche audience than others. In other words, it is very clear what the audiences that micro-influencers address is interested in, too. All you have to do is collaborate with an influencer who appeals to an audience that matches your brand’s target audience.

promote your instagram account

Take Advantage of Both Online and Offline Networks to Gain More Followers

Working in online networks makes sense to you in this context. However, you may be wondering what it means to work in offline networks. So, let’s start by explaining that first. If you are a corporate brand, you definitely have a real business. So, promote your brand’s IG page in these businesses, namely your stores. You may start by adding the name of your brand’s IG account to your signage. Then, even add your IG page name to your business brochures, cards, and bags. Such objects are very prone to circulating from hand to hand. You can also build a great deal of trust by identifying your brand’s IG account with a real business. That may be quite important in the eyes of your customers. If we’ve made this point clear enough, now let’s move on to promoting your IG account on online networks.

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Use all your brand’s online channels to promote one another. So, post on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook like “You can follow us at @brandIGaddress” frequently. Also, don’t forget to mention all your social media networks on your brand’s website. You can even dedicate a separate web page for it. Besides, identify the social networks where your target audience spends the most time. Announce your IG account on these platforms as well.

Another important social network where you can find more potential followers on your IG account is Facebook. So, your job here is even easier than others. Did you analyze your target audience well? Then, you might determine what they’re interested in, well. Thus, you may reach them easily on this platform. You ask how. Find Facebook groups just for their interests. There you will have access to hundreds and thousands of potential followers. All you have to do is advertise there.

Organize Contests Suitable for Your IG Account

Do you ask how to get followers on Instagram fast? So, here is one of the answers you’ve been looking for, obviously. Organizing IG contests can gain your account access to many new potential followers. Moreover, you can get new followers without much trouble thanks to the help of your followers. So, have you organized such a contest before? If your answer is no, don’t worry. It will not be difficult to explain or understand such an effortless job. There is more. The costs of these competitions are also negligible. You can organize these contests by distributing small gifts. So, now let’s talk about these competitions that you can organize on IG.

  • Organize a raffle contest.

You can reach wider audiences by organizing sweepstakes. As a result, you can gain more Instagram followers. For the sweepstakes, you will organize, ask those who do not follow your account to follow. Make these contests reach wider audiences through your followers. You can gain much more followers by regularly organizing these competitions. Moreover, all you need is to give small prizes to the winners.

  • Organize contests where you give them a vote in exchange for liking a post on your page.

Such competitions will boost both your follower count and your engagement. You should announce to the widest possible audience that you are holding such a contest. For this, post announcements on all your social media channels.

  • Organize contests where you give your followers votes in exchange for tagging their friends in your posts.

Also, ask your new followers to tag their friends in the same way. Give them voting rights for their friends they will tag too. In this way, you can make the contest reach a much wider audience. As a result, you will gain more Instagram followers.

use ads to get more instagram followers

You Can Also Gain Followers by Using IG Ads

If you want to gain more Instagram followers in less time, you may need to open your purse a little. However, rest assured it will be worth it. After all, we’ve shared with you free methods until now. Now let’s help those who are ready to open the mouth of the pouch to rise faster. First, let’s talk a little bit about what IG ads will do.

No matter how hard you try, there will still be some users on IG that you cannot reach. So, you may have applied all the tips we have listed in this list down to the last detail. Well, in this case, your account has now reached the maximum number of followers it can naturally reach. However, you may need your account to grow even more in line with your goals. The best move you can make when things get to this point is to take advantage of IG ads. Thanks to these ads, you can reach users easily that your brand cannot reach in any other way. 

In this sense, IG Feed ads are the leading types of ads you can use. If you place a feed ad, users will see your brand’s ad posts in their feed, among other posts. Another type of ad where you can advertise your brand is Stories. In this type of ad, users will encounter your ads while browsing the stories. Another place where you can advertise on IG is the Explore section. Here, users encounter your ads in the Explore tab. Advertising on IG is not as expensive as you might think. You can also get much more efficiency from ads by targeting them. You have the ability to target these ads based on users’ interests, demographics, or location.

Bring the power of SEO to IG

SEO has always been your strongest weapon to be more prominent in online environments. However, when it comes to IG, SEO works a little differently. As you know, IG also has a search engine. So, there is an algorithm that will rank the results of searches that users will perform. The metrics that this algorithm evaluates for ranking results are different from other search engines. For this, it is necessary to consider these differences when carrying out IG SEO studies. So, let’s talk a little bit about what these differences are. In this way, you may rank higher in search results with a more effective strategy.

The biggest difference of IG SEO from other search engines is in keywords. Keywords don’t play a big role on this platform. Hashtags are the most important factor influencing search results. We have already mentioned in this list the importance of hashtags in gaining more followers. So, there is no need to explain this further here. Another important factor that differentiates IG SEO from others is the accounts and posts that users interact with frequently. The IG search algorithm also considers the accounts and posts that users interact with while ranking search results. Users’ search histories are also one of the most important dynamics that affect these results.

use instagram location tag

Be Discoverable Locally

Did you know that almost half of all online shoppers prefer stores within a few kilometers of them? This data alone is enough for localizing your IG profile. So, I won’t try any further to convince you of this. I will just tell you how to localize your IG profile. That is actually a very simple process. All you have to do is add a location tag for each post you make on your profile. You already use hashtags for each of your posts effectively. You only need to add location hashtags while adding these hashtags. Thanks to this simple gesture, all your posts will be more discoverable on IG. 

Let me say one more thing about location tagging. Location tags don’t just have a main IG feed. They also have their own Stories. So, you can also take part in these Stories by adding location stickers to them. Location tags and location stickers are extremely important, especially for local businesses. That will increase both their engagement and traffic. For this reason, do not neglect to use this simple tagging.

Buy Instagram Followers

We have explained all possible ways to grow Instagram followers. However, if you don’t want to deal with all these, you can buy Instagram followers to make it short and effortless. You can buy real Instagram followers from InstaFollowers and start growing your account immediately. It is totally safe to buy followers from our website. So, why not take a look at InstaFollowers and buy active Instagram followers for your account.

How to Grow Instagram Followers, In Short

IG has a very important position in today’s marketing world. This gigantic platform has also introduced a new market of a completely different size to our world. There are also many individuals and institutions who want to benefit from this new, huge economic world. For this reason, both corporate and individual brands are after making money on this platform. However, the monetization opportunities that IG offers to people are not limited to these. Many people can also make money on this platform as an influencer that may appeal to large audiences. In order to provide all these, you need to expand your account in the first place. The first and most basic way to achieve this is to gain more followers.

Based on this, we have explained ways to gain more Instagram followers in this article. By following these tips, you may gain more Instagram followers over time. Almost all of the tips in this article are tips that you can apply for free. We have also included a couple of paid methods for those who need to grow faster. However, do not worry. The list we have prepared for you does not contain any tips that may violate the community guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions About

There are two types of contests you can host on IG legally. The first one of them is Sweepstakes. It is also called Promotions. The second is contests. It is also known as Competitions.

In such competitions, the winner is determined by chance. Participants are also required to pay money to participate in the lottery draw. Legal permission is required to hold such lottery draws. Otherwise, it would be illegal to hold such a lottery draw anywhere, not just on IG.

There are two types of IG ads you can use to increase your followers. The first of these is IG Stories ads. The other is IG Feed ads. You can gain more Instagram followers by promoting your account with these ads.

As you know, IG is an app with a search engine. That is, it has a search algorithm. For this reason, you should use SEO to be ranked higher in search results. You can use SEO effectively in your IG bio, username, and descriptions of your posts.

There are three simple methods you can use to find the right micro-influencers for your brand:
You can find micro-influencers who share posts related to your niche through hashtags.
There may also be micro-influencers among your current followers.
You can also collaborate with bloggers who have an audience that matches your target audience on IG.

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