How to Get Instagram Famous (Be an Influencer)

How to Get Instagram Famous (Be an Influencer)

Well, would you want to get Instagram famous? Actually, this question is wrong as everyone would want that. The real problem is how you can obtain that status and how to become famous.

You would be amazed if you knew how many people use Instagram daily. As we know, more than 1 billion people use Instagram today. If we compare the photo-sharing app to the other social media networks, you would be amazed by how above Instagram’s engagement rate is. It almost doubles some of the most social networks. This is something we can use for our benefit.

However, the road of fame is not an easy path. There is a lot of competition among aspiring influencers and social media personalities. They all share a common goal, though. Just the means vary for the person. While methods alter, most followed Instagram accounts have two things in common; value and creativity. We will list some useful tips and less-known tricks for you to take advantage of your upcoming social media journey. If you follow our simple tips, it will be a lot more comfortable becoming Instagram famous.

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Decide on what you want to be famous for

You already decided that you want to get Instagram famous. However, did you decide on what you want to be recognized for? Why will people follow your account and take you seriously as an influencer? These are all valid questions. You should decide on your niche and specialty.

Do you sing, or do you draw? If you are already not trained in something, firstly you should learn a skill that people will show value. Moreover, you can use this to your advantage, and you can illustrate your training process to your new followers. People love success stories. In this way, they will be able to relate to you as a human.

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Get your first followers

We all know how important it is to get your first followers to get famous on Instagram. However, this will be the most challenging thing on your journey. For instance, think of a snowball rolling downhill. At first, it is small and slow, but with time, it grows and accelerates remarkably. Actually, there is really a semi-scientific term called ‘Snowball Effect.’

You should think of your experience on Instagram as that snowball. It will be very tough to get your hundred or even thousand followers. However, after some time, it will get a lot easier to accumulate followers. Furthermore, you can take a shortcut to success. You can buy Instagram followers with our excellent services to ease your quest for fame. Taking action to buy Instagram accounts can help you with numbers and it can act as a boost.


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Develop a hashtag for your brand

All big brands and businesses on Instagram use their developed hashtags for the humanization of their accounts. If you successfully launch your developed hashtag, for instance, #instafollowers, it will be a lot easier for you to build your loyal audience. As we all know, it is not the numbers that pull big money, but it is the loyalty of your customers and fans.

Having an original and unique hashtag can make your account make a lot more professional in its specialty. That hashtag can be anything; your account name, a product name, or just some exciting words side by side. Just make sure that your hashtag is inventive and exclusive as it will be your mark for the rest of your journey to be #instafamous.

If you want to do further research about hashtags, you can check the official Instagram Help page to find some answers for your advanced questions.

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Mix popular hashtags and less popular ones

There is a lot of information thrown around about Instagram hashtags and their details. Professionals make lists and graphics about hashtags every day, and we see them. However, how we can know what is real and what is not?

First of all, your highest priority should be reaching the ‘Top Posts’ section of a specific hashtag. However, it is not too easy to conclude that tier on a popular hashtag when you only pull double digited engagements. In that case, you should aim for less broad hashtags that get limited exposure as it will be easier to reach top levels. Additionally, these types of hashtags are more specific and interest-based than widespread ones.

Therefore, it is a lot easier to reach ‘Top Posts’ on a specific hashtag like #buyactiverealinstagramfollowers than a popular and widespread one like #buyinstagramfollowers. Just do not forget to check if your particular hashtag is getting enough exposure. If it is not getting some publicity, it will mean nothing for your account’s growth.

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Make your idols your rivals but do it covertly

If you want to climb the staircases of success and get Instagram famous, you will have to compete with our idols at a point of time in the future. However, nobody competes with their rivals overtly. Even the most feuded brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi do not compete overtly but we all know they hate each other. Showing aggression might irritate your customers and even attract them to your opponents. We do not want that to happen.

What you can do is, you can observe their techniques. Every influencer and brand has some little cheat codes on their own. You have to study the greats to become greater. That is why you should keep good relationships with your competitors. You may want to follow them and have interactive conversations. Also, you can mention and tag them on your posts to gain some engagement from their audience. Well, you can even be friends with them and give a mutual Instagram shoutout. However, in the end, only your success will matter.

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Set a theme for your account carefully

Would you want to be another minimalist lifestyle blogger with whitest and brightest posts as possible? Or another world traveler in the vast sea of adventurers with the most dangerous photos as possible? Well, people did not get sick of these stereotypes, yet. However, we call them stereotypes for a reason, and they will gradually fall from attention as they are doing now already.

Do not steal from someone else but create a colorful theme and post design for your Instagram account. Additional to that, you can create a theme with the same characteristics for your Instagram Stories and Instagram Highlights too. Just be sure that it is unique to you represents you and your personality well enough.

How to become Instagram famous overnight?

If you are not pulling miracles out of your sleeve, overnight fame is simply impossible. This is not a bad thing but it is a good thing to keep working on your feed.

How to do famous people’s Instagram work?

Well, there is not a certain answer to that. You should reach said celebrity’s PR director and talk with them about your ambitions.

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