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How to Get Hulu With Spotify? (Brief Guide)

When it comes to entertainment, TV-shows are a big deal. Especially during and after the pandemic, almost everyone had to stay home, where the most fun thing to do was to watch TV shows and listen to music. We also all love to have a night-in and spend the night watching TV once in a while. Nowadays, with all TV, movie, and music app variations, there have been many platforms to pay subscriptions to. So when these brands make campaigns together, it becomes pretty beneficial for the users, like the one made Get Hulu With Spotify.

There are tens of different platforms where you can listen to music and have access to most TV shows, but the two of the biggest companies in this industry have made a dual campaign for students to benefit from. Hulu teamed up with Spotify and offered different campaigns to get them together, so you don’t have to deal with two different subscription payments. For students only, you can benefit from this dual campaign for a fair price. 

What Do You Need to Do to Get Hulu with Spotify Premium

What Do You Need to Do to Get Hulu with Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium and Hulu are bundled for students enrolled in a college or university for a limited time. College students are now able to get a Premium account and a Hulu subscription together.

To be able to benefit from it :

  • You need to be a student.
  • You need to have regular Spotify Premium or get Premium for students.
How to Get Hulu Through Spotify?

How to Get Hulu Through Spotify?

You most probably have one or both of these subscriptions already, so here are different ways to get this deal.

  • If you already have a Spotify Premium account or thinking about getting one, you can also get Hulu’s ad-supported plan and showtime for the same price. 
  • Hulu just lowered this plan fee to $4.99 per month, but Premium subscribers can get it for free.
  • If you have Premium, just go to the Services page and click on Activate Hulu.
  • If you don’t have subscriptions to either of them, get the Spotify Premium for $9.99, and the free Hulu comes with it.
  • Suppose you already have an existing Hulu account and Spotify Premium account separately. In that case, log in to Spotify, from the Account page, click on Activate Hulu, and you will be asked to change to Premium for Students + Hulu plan. By activating and combining these two accounts, the Hulu app will stop billing you.

Conclusion about Spotify with Hulu

In this article, we talked about how to get Hulu with Spotify and explained the campaign for students. We hope we’ve helped you out. If you enjoyed this article, you may also like to learn about how to connect Spotify to Alexa.

Frequently Asked Questions About

No, the campaign is to get free Hulu with a Premium subscription.

No, you either need to get Premium, or you can subscribe to Hulu’s student discount for $4.99 a month.

Since it’s a campaign for students, you need to be enrolled in a college or university with a student number.

If your account is anything rather than a Premium for Students, your plan with Hulu will be canceled.

If you have the combined third party plan, gift cards can not be redeemed. You need to cancel your Hulu and Premium subscription. 

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  1. Joel Berry
    Joel Berry

    Getting Hulu with Spotify is like hitting two birds with a single stone. Two of my favorite things to spend time on!