How to Get Free Robux? (Apps that Generate Robux)

How to Get Free Robux? (Apps that Generate Robux)

Roblox is highly popular among game lovers. It has great UI design and highly developed graphics. Many Roblox lovers want to know how to get free Robux easily. If you don’t want to wait around to earn some credit, naturally you’re looking for shorter ways to get it. Thankfully, there are some apps that can help you to get free credit for Roblox, which are listed below. 

Best Apps to Generate Free Robux 

Here are the apps that can get you Robux for free:

Robux 2019 App

It is one of the easiest ways to get free Robux. The app released at the end of July 2019, and after that, many Robux players started to use this application. It basically contains a spinning game and allows users of it to earn free Robux. There is no limitation to earn Robux. Whenever you want, you can play that spinning game in the app and earn Robux as much as you want. 

Apps to Generate Free Robux


BloxMate is a really popular app to earn free Robux. It gives you some tasks to be completed in order to give you what you want. The tasks are simple like surveys etc. So, it is not hard to get credit with BloxMate. The only thing that you need to do is connect your Robux official account to BloxMate. 

Feature Points

It is a different application comparing other Robux generating apps. Feature Points wants its users to complete some tasks like surveys. After the tasks, it gives some points. You can buy Robux credit with these points. Feature Points doesn’t only offer points for Robux; you can use them in different credits like PlayStation and Amazon cards. 

Cash for Apps

The application is based on the idea of downloading new apps. When you download the application, which is offered in the app, you earn some points. Cash for Apps even gives you free points when you start to use it. After reaching the minimum limit, you can use your points to get gift credits, including Robux credit. 

FAQs on Getting Free Robux

Is using apps to get free Robux is legal? 

Yes, the apps are all legal, and you can earn Robux credit while completing tasks. 

What do I need to get free Robux? 

Many apps offer it with some tasks, and even some of them only want you playing a game. You can connect your Robux account to that apps or get the code from those apps. 

Can I use my Robux points in both the computer and mobile versions?

Yes, you can use the points that you earned from those apps in both mobile and computer versions. 

Conclusion on Getting Free Robux

Robux is an enjoyable game and loved by many gamers. Some apps are listed above to help you get free credit. You can download them and start to earn Robux credit easily. If you want to learn more about such topics, check out our articles for more information.

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    1. Nice app i want to get free roboux so I am happy this website is call because this is my first time geting free roboux my mom has got me roboux so this is my first time purchesing robox with a free roboux app.

    2. Pls I really want robux I never got robux I don’t have money I tried every app that said free robux but it never worked I’m so pissed I want to quit roblox pls give me robux I beg you

  1. Nice app i want to get free roboux so I am happy this website is call because this is my first time geting free roboux my mom has got me roboux so this is my first time purchesing robox with a free roboux app.

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