How to Get Free iTunes Gift Card Codes?

How to Get Free iTunes Gift Card Codes?

iTunes provides a full music collection covering new and old tracks from various genres and countries, along with some of the latest software and games. iTunes buying, though, is always costly and can not be managed for everyone. People who want iTunes gift cards but find it hard to get one, now when the delay is over, they may expect relief. We described here how to get free iTunes gifcard codes legally and simply. Look at how that can be done.

Before Starting to Get Free iTunes Gift Card Codes

When you look around, there are many programs where you can get an iTunes gift card for free. All you have to do is subscribe. Any of them are online, and you will directly or indirectly gain and sell points for iTunes gift cards. Let’s then start by giving all the right ways of having free iTunes cards. These are the best websites from which iTunes gift cards are available free of charge.


You just have to insert your ALP VGF code for CashPirate and obtain 500 free coins. This is the only way to start up after you download CashPirate on your tablet.

All you need to do is make full deals, evidence-based practice, install, play games, and gain points when using CashPirate. You can save them for free cards from Amazon, iTunes, Steam, or Paypal if you have points you desire. Because they begin at $5, you better receive Paypal cash payments.

online sites

Pocket Flip

Pocket Flip was released only in mid-2017 to include a free iTunes Gift Card and will undoubtedly expand more, as developers start to add further apps. Yet it has also received positive reviews and is the best way to get iTunes cards free of charge.

You can use your Pocket Flip points as Amazon gift cards, Google Play Gift Cards, or using points to receive a free iTunes gift card. You can pick from a different range of gift cards, based on which nation you are.

Gift Hulk

Gift Hulk is an online cash site that provides various ways to gain rewards. Actions such as online downloads, day-to-day activities, and polls are ways to receive free apple gift cards.

When a ton of Hulk Coins has been won, you can go to the checkout page and use the coins on other gift card options. GiftHulk will also offer one of the best sets with gift cards, from the Amazon, eBay, Apple, Hulu, and Bitcoin forms. That’s right; you can make free money with our GiftHulk login tool!


You will check out free games, fill up surveys, and show videos with AppKarma. Only download the Android or iPhone version, finish the deals, and enter the Karma Program reference code to get free points. You can save them for Amazon Gift Cards, apple Points, steam, or Paypal cash if you have enough Karma. It is one of the great free cash apps with more than a million users ranking 90 percent.

social media

Social Media

It is among the most popular means of getting iTunes cards free of charge. You can do so by registering with the Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook social media page. Occasionally, you can get free bonuses for retweeting or posting posts with iTunes card codes.

Often a competition will be arranged, and the winner is awarded a gift card on each of the social media sites.

Deal Hunters

Another way to access gifts is via Facebook’s Deal Hunters or Twitter. Such communities keep track of nearly all existing sales and post them in their social media accounts or discussion forums with their followers.

videos and games

Videos and Games

Images, video games, and surveys are the ones you can access easily! When you do so, reward points are given to you to win free iTunes gift cards. You need to perform full surveys such as this and convey your opinions about a specific service or good.

Display photos, practice games, and fill out surveys. You get redemption points for free apple gift cards, while you do so. What you have to do is perform full surveys such as this or express your thoughts on a certain company or product, and you’re going to get free points.


The perfect way to free iTunes cards is to allow other companies to advertise their goods or services. You will look at websites and businesses that want to sell products or make people adhere to their newsletter. That is how you work. In return, an iTunes gift card code will be awarded. You should be careful because being a scam victim is inevitable!

FAQs About Free iTunes Gift Card Codes

What are iTunes cards good for?

Apple’s website stipulates that iTunes’ gift cards should be used only in the iTunes Store, the App Store, the iBooks Store, or in conjunction with Apple Music’s subscription.

Can I sell my gift cards for instant money?

Raise and Cardpool – though they have very opposite market strategies- are the only two places where consumers choose to buy unused gift cards. Cardpool sells customers cards directly. Boost lets you show on your site the cards you want to sell.

Can you convert iTunes gift cards to Amazon?

You can’t purchase anything on any other market except iTunes with an iTunes wallet. You can’t purchase anything on any other market except iTunes with an iTunes wallet.

Can I use my iTunes gift cards to buy Apple products?

When you purchase an iTunes Gift Card, you can make purchases with your Apple ID balance for anything, including Apple products. 

Will iTunes spend my gift cards first?

Yes, when you obtain an iTunes Gift card, any purchases you perform will use the gift card credit first, and when that credit is terminated, it will apply your credit card for shopping.

Conclusion on Free iTunes Gift Card Codes

This is our list of some ways to receive free cards and codes for iTunes. Such codes can be used to download software, games, and free songs on iTunes. We hope you have won a decent amount with free iTunes gift cards! If you want to know about other iTunes tips and news about other stuff, please visit our Daily Tips Blog page.

Thanks for reading!

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