How to Get Facebook Verified

How to Get Facebook Verified

If you are a celebrity, you somehow need to stand out among fake accounts created to mimic you. Even though many celebrities seem to get verified on Facebook, it still is a mystery to many.

Almost all social media sites have started paying great attention to account verification. If you have it, you are cool, at least from the perspective of the masses. It’s all about being authentic and keeping it true to the platform’s users. Do you know how to get Facebook verified? If you do not know, you will learn from now on, and you will understand how easy it is.

One of the biggest reasons for this is recent frequent account theft. It is possible to verify your account for your accounts and Facebook pages. You don’t have to pay for other services, and you can easily do it yourself in a few steps.

How to Verify a Facebook Page

Facebook page verification may not be available in some countries. Restrictions on this issue are entirely on Facebook’s initiative. If you are unable to do so, please contact Facebook customer service. Profile and page verification are performed on the same page.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

So here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Decide on your profile/page

    Specify which you want to verify (Profile – Page)

  2. Enter Link

    Type your profile link

  3. Upload Identification

    Upload your I.D. or passport (Your information must be clear as well as readable)

  4. Pay attention to extra documents

    If you are a commercial personality, additional documents may be requested (Corporate documents)

  5. State your purpose

    Type why your account needs to be verified and done!

You will receive a positive or negative reply within one month of your application. If your application is approved, you will receive a blue tick, and then your profile will be verified.

verify without a phone

Verify Without a Phone

Now let’s suppose you don’t own a cellphone. Are you doomed? Certainly not! There are ways to get your Facebook tick without a phone. You’ll be needing either one of these:

  • A detailed invoice stating your business location,
  • An official document of taxation issued by IRS or a similar organization,
  • Business license.

You need to send one of these options to Facebook; they usually respond within three days.

Some Other Methods

Although getting verified is not easy, there are specific methods to make your job easier and then increase the odds of getting a tick for your website.

Increase Traffic

You may improve your page rank by drawing more visitors to your profile. We know it’s easier said than done, yet, here’s the catch, if you somehow manage to get more traffic to your profile the chances of you getting a Facebook tick will become much higher.

Be Original

A checkmark indicates authenticity. Therefore, it is essential to have a highly original profile to have the odds on your side.

how to get facebook verified

Reasons Why Facebook Verification Doesn’t Work

You have completed all the steps to get Facebook verified, but it is not working? There may be the main reasons for this:

  • Documents you upload are not what Facebook wants. Your name or image may not appear clearly. Try to upload it again.
  • The information on your I.D. does not match the information on your Facebook profile.
  • This option is not active yet in your country.
  • Facebook has detected suspicious transactions in your account and thought you did not meet the criteria for verification.

If you think that none of this is happening, report your problem to Facebook customer service and ask for help.

Facebook Verification: Paid Services

The Facebook rules page is particularly alert for this issue. It is clearly stated that this service is not sold for money. However, you may find many websites or individuals who claim to have made this service available for a fee.

You don’t have to do that. If you do the steps as we have mentioned above, you can do it without having to pay someone else. For the service you will buy with money, you will have to give your credentials to people you don’t know. That would be dangerous.

If you already complete the transactions and this service is active in your country, you do not need anyone else.

What Is a Gray Verification Badge?

This feature is usually for Facebook commercial pages and organization pages. Not active in every country. Only available in a few countries.

If this feature is active in your country, you can apply it in the same way and verify your Facebook page.The gray verification badge is a bit more sophisticated and difficult than other verification methods.

how to get facebook verified

Facebook Verification FAQs

Why would a Facebook account need verification?

People usually get verification badges for their accounts or pages in order to better protect their identity, make themselves more publicly known (by the badge), and as a security procedure to help recover it easily if their accounts or pages get stolen.

Why is Facebook asking for I.D. all of a sudden?

If Facebook suspects your account to be fraudulent, they can lock your account and require you to submit your I.D. to unlock and restore your account.

How many followers do you need to get verified on Facebook?

There’s no follower limit for a personal account, but for pages, a minimum of 20.000 followers is required.

How long does Facebook business verification take?

Your Business verification procedure can take up to anywhere from 48 hours to 45 days.

What does it mean when Facebook is reviewing my account?

When the Facebook algorithm flags your account for suspicious activity, or several people report your account, Facebook locks your account to review it and may ask you for further information to restore it (e.g., your I.D).

Facebook Verification in Short

After completing the necessary procedures to get a verification symbol and have an approved account, you can now become a social media account-approved user. Hope this article was helpful to you with your verification process. By the way, since you are at it, would you like to know how to get verified on Instagram?

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  1. Now that I have gotten verified on SoundCloud, I’m looking forward to get Facebook verified as well. My objective is to get verified on each platform that I’m active on.

  2. Bonjour, j’ai une page avec plus de 57 000 abonnés, certaines en ont moins de 3000 et dispo de la certification et moi, on me la refuse… d’où cela peut-il venir ?

    1. Bonjour,

      Ce n’est pas toujours le nombre d’abonnés ou de likes. Vous devez également agir de la manière dont Facebook souhaite obtenir la vérification. Par exemple, vous devez garder votre compte ou votre page à jour et publier régulièrement.

  3. Hi I have a page by own name its a content creator page I am already running fb ads on it to get more audience. I now have 41k+ Real page likes almost 99% from fb ads .. I want to get blue verified tick on my page for which I applied once when I had 25k page likes back then Fb team replied that I need to grow more audience and have to apply again.
    I wanted to know if There is a limit to it? How much page likes there are needed to apply for verified badge?
    I am just clueless here as you’re suggesting followers/page likes limits doesn’t count. A bit confused .. some suggestions will be highly appreciated to achieve it.

    1. Hello, thanks for consulting us. It seems that there is not an exact limit of page likes for verification. If you have tried all other requirements and you still couldn’t get your page verified, it is best to try again when you have more likes. If you don’t want to wait for such a long time, you can visit to increase your page likes quickly.