How to Get an Instagram Client ID (Access Token)

How to Get an Instagram Client ID (Access Token)

Instagram Client ID (Access Token) and Secret are the must-haves for an intermediate user of the app if you want to utilize Instagram to its true potential.

The most popular question concerning Client ID is how to get it. It’s no secret, and most users can get it without much hassle.

However, there is not much information regarding this subject. Let’s look deeper into this task with our guide and find solutions for people who wish to know more.

What are Instagram Client ID and Client Secret?

Instagram Access Token and Client Secret are fairly important keys generated from Instagram Developer Page by using a regular Instagram account.

These keys are generated by software that is embedded in your regular Instagram app and web application. Consequently, it is essential to use Instagram’s API services for your apps.

The Purpose of Using Client ID and Client Secret

Client ID and Client Secret are essential for the usage of Instagram based apps.

Several apps use a Client ID and Secret plugins, software extensions to communicate with Instagram API. These applications use a Client ID and Secret to fetch photos, videos, hashtags, and profiles information.

When an application requests to the Instagram API, primarily service validates a Client ID, and Secret then handles a request and returns a response to the application.

Access token

To sum up, we can easily say that you must know how to get your Client ID and Access Tokens; otherwise, you won’t be able to develop apps and fetch data from Instagram.

They define what kind of registered applications do the requests to the API. Without them, you won’t be able to exchange data with the Instagram API.

How to Get Instagram Access Token and Client Secret

The first thing first you need is an Instagram profile. If you don’t have it, then it’s obligatory to register on social media. You have to complete four main steps for getting the desired keys:

  1. Visit the page by tapping on the link.
  2. Log in to your Instagram account with your credentials.
  3. Fill in the developer signup by providing your website domain, phone number, and your motives to use the API.
  4. After that, register your application to the web client.

Please don’t forget to read and understand the Platform Policy and the API Terms of Use.

It’s also essential for you to check the Common Rejection Reasons listed by Facebook to avoid wasted time and future misunderstandings.

Access token

What If Someone Gets Your ID?

If someone gets your ID, there’s not much to worry about, as it’s simply impossible to fetch or cache your data with your Access Token.

You might have so many questions concerning your newly built Instagram plugin and its security: “What if someone gets my ID?

Simply – nothing terrible will happen. Here’s why.

As we stated earlier, you can’t do anything with Instagram ID except browsing and fetching our good old regular Instagram posts.

In other words, the ID doesn’t give any access to your data. Moreover, it doesn’t allow making any actions on your behalf.

FAQs about Instagram Client ID

Does an Instagram access token expire?

When you refresh a token, it becomes valid for the next 60 days, and tokens that are not refreshed in 60 days expire and can not be refreshedafterward.

What does an access token contain?

An access token works as an object made to describe the security context of what its made for, including the user’s identity and privileges associated with the process or thread.

How can I extend my Facebook access token?

You can extend your access token by clicking on the “Debug” button and clicking the “Extend Access Token” button.

What is an Instagram feed access token?

An Instagram access token is simply a token that can be used to make graph API calls and is unique to each user.

What is the difference between the access token and the refresh token?

In simple words, the refresh token only goes back to the authorization server; the access token goes to the resource server.

Conclusion On How to Get an Instagram Client ID?

As you see, Instagram Access Token is easy to obtain, and it won’t take much of your time if you can express yourself and your Instagram plugins’ motives fairly easily.

After you get your client ID, it’s only a matter of time until you access the Instagram API. After that, you can start developing your app and fetch information from Instagram without much hassle.

Moreover, nobody can hack your Instagram account solely with your Client ID. It doesn’t allow the developers to fetch and browse any data other than the Feed’s posts. Thereby, your account is safe.

Are you developing any plugins for Instagram? Maybe you built one in the past; let us know right down in the comments if there is one. Below you can find a tutorial for getting an Instagram Token.

Thank you for reading this article!

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  1. Hi,

    It seems that registration is no longer supported since =ctuber 15, 2019.

    I get this message: “New registrations not supported anymore”

    Any solution or alternative for this?


  2. Thanks for this post, but I think it is not longer useful because Instagram has changed the conditions to get the Client-ID code recently. I have tried to get my Client-ID by following your steps, but I failed 🙁

    Do you know how I can embed my Instagram feed in my website (no Word Press)? I’d appreciate it greatly.


  3. Hi,

    It seems that registration is no longer supported since =ctuber 15, 2019.

    I get this message: “New registrations not supported anymore”Any solution or alternative for this?


  4. Hi It seems that registration is no longer supported.
    I get this message “New registrations not supported anymore”
    Any solution or alternative to register new client.