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How to Get a Free Spotify Premium Account

Music can help you change your mood. For instance, when you are depressed, music can change your mood, and you will be happy. Therefore, it is a significant factor in our daily life. Spotify is the most commonly preferred online music application for music lovers, and you can reach a lot of music categories worldwide, such as K-pop, Reggae, and Punk. Also, it offers two options for music lovers. The first one is free, and the other one is the Spotify Premium Account.

If you want to have a premium account, you should purchase a Spotify Premium code by paying via your credit card. Besides, the Spotify Premium account has more advantages than the free account. If you have a Spotify premium account, you will listen to all categories of songs without disruption and advertisement. There are some ways to reach free Spotify Premium accounts. If you don’t want to pay or don’t have enough money, but like to listen to music, consider these methods.

Subscription Types on Spotify

You can reach millions of songs in a few clicks. Here are the subscription types on Spotify;

spotify subscription types
  • Spotify Free: Spotify Free offers unlimited listening time but always advertises every few songs. So the listener may be uncomfortable. Besides, the listener can’t listen offline- which is the main disadvantage for the listener.
  • Spotify Premium: Spotify Premium offers unlimited listening time and allows listeners to download songs in HD and listen to them offline.
  • Spotify Duo: This is a plan for 2 people who live under one roof.
  • Spotify Family: This type of subscription offers the same advantages as Spotify Premium for 6 music lovers.
  • Spotify Student: This is a discounted plan for students.

How Do You Get Free Spotify Premium Accounts?

You can reach all categories of songs everywhere and every time, and you can also reach all kinds of versions, such as a computer, a website, or a mobile application. One of the main advantages for the premium account user is that you will be able to download music from an offline list.

Get Premium Free for One Month

Spotify provides a one-month free Premium account for users who haven’t tried it yet. If you don’t have a Spotify account yet, enjoy the Premium for one month without payment. Every Premium plan has a 1-month free trial, and if you want, you can cancel your subscription after a free month. That’s why you may want to learn how to cancel your Spotify Premium, delete an account.

Spotify Premium APK For Android

There are tens of millions of Android users all around the world. Using Android devices, you can use a modded version of the Spotify Premium application to obtain premium services without payment. 

To do that, you should download and install the Spotify Premium Mod from Google Store. On the other side, there isn’t only one application for Android users to have a premium account.

Before starting, you should uninstall the Offical Spotify application.

  1. Download the Spotify Premium APK file on your Android device by any browser.
  2. Activate the ‘Allow installation from unknown sources’ from ‘Settings’ to enable downloading APK files.
  3. Hit on the downloaded APK file and start to make an installation.
  4. After step 3, you should create a new free Spotify account and sign in to Spotify to obtain Spotify Premium features.

Prefer Free Spotify Premium Account on the Internet

There are many free accounts on the internet; you can have the premium features of Spotify. Besides, many websites, such as BugMeNot, where music lovers share their free Premium Spotify account with other users. It is a huge favor.

You can ask your friend, lover, family member, or colleague who has a Spotify Premium account to use. Spotify allows up to 6 users to share a single account. If you have a really good friend, you can have a free Premium account. In addition to that, you can ask for a gift to a Spotify Premium account for your birthday. After getting your Premium account, you can buy Spotify followers to enjoy more with your Spotify account.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts Username and Password

It’s the simplest way to obtain free Spotify Premium. There is a lot of password and username on the web. You can choose one, and then you log in email address and password on an official login page on Spotify. The main con is that there will be many people who use the same account as you, so when you create a playlist, they may delete or change it. On the other side, you will listen to the music you wish whenever you want.

Advantages Of Premium Account on Spotify

There are several advantages of Spotify that we can list:

advantages of premium account on spotify
  • No advertisements: It will remove the ads while listening to songs when you get Spotify Premium.
  • Limitless downloading songs: There won’t be any restrictions on downloading songs. Besides, you can save songs you want to listen to offline.
  • There will be high-quality listening: You can listen to high-quality songs when you have the premium Spotify version.
  • There will be podcasts: When you get the premium version, you can listen to lots of podcasts.

In addition to these advantages, you will obtain many other features, such as unlimited repetition and skipping the songs on the Spotify app. You can choose the best plan from Spotify Support.

To Conclude, Spotify Premium

You can listen to your favorite high-quality music without any annoying advertisements. The Spotify Premium version is better than the free version. A free Spotify Premium account provides you with the best music listening experience on any device. Make your playlists, find your favorite music, and discover your new favorites. So, try to find a premium version for the best music! If you want to learn more about Spotify and other applications, we cover many other popular topics in our articles.

Frequently Asked Questions About

If you are a music lover, absolutely not. On the other side, you can reach a free Spotify Premium account with a few tricks.

Unfortunately, NO. Because Spotify is designed so that every Spotify account can only play on only one device simultaneously. If you want to do that, you can check the Spotify Family or Premium Duo. Duo offers two premium accounts for a couple under one roof.

Six family members can enjoy Spotify Family accounts. Spotify also offers the Spotify Kids app a unique app for children up to age 12. There are only carefully selected music and never any explicit content.

Spotify can be used on any connection type! ADSL, cable modem, mobile broadband, etc. Although we recommend at least a 1Mbps connection, you can still listen to songs on Spotify with 384 kbps or even lower on mobile networks.

If you choose to use the 160 kbps or below setting, it does. But note that the network needs to be nearly 200 kbps always for it to run without buffering. 

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  1. Aubrey Thomson
    Aubrey Thomson

    A free Spotify Premium account is truly a blessing for music lovers. Recently switched to premium. Couldn’t be happier.