How to Get a Free Amazon Gift Card?

How to Get a Free Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon offers low-price products worldwide, and it is the biggest of books, music, DVDs, electronics, computers, and software markets. In the Amazon market, there are a massive number of sellers. They send their product to Amazon, and they stock them in Amazon storehouses. Someone who wants to buy your product can easily order one of your products, and then Amazon will select, package and ship by cargo the order for you. Shopping on Amazon has hundreds of advantages. For instance, when you don’t like the product bought on Amazon, they will take it for granted or use Amazon Gift Cards. It is a card that allows you to shop without a credit card. You can shop up to the total balance available. So, how you get a free Amazon Gift Card?

Free Amazon Gift Cards

There are a few ways to obtain free Amazon gift cards;

Play Online Games

Some online game websites give you points to exchange for PayPal cash or Amazon Gift Cards. So, if you like playing games, you will enjoy more than ever.

For instance, AppNana, AppDown, or Swagbucks provide the points you can exchange. You should only play games and reach a particular level, including viewing videos or temporarily downloading applications. You don’t expect big rewards, but if you always play online games, it is a good option. Besides, some apps like AppNana can award for logging in every day.

Do Surveys

Some websites offer surveys, such as InboxDollars, MyPoints, Survey Junkie, or Opinion Outpost. When you fill in the questionnaire, you will score points, and you can cash them to use on Amazon for gift cards or as a Paypal payment. But this method has some disadvantages. For instance, it will take a long time to score points. On the other side, the surveys can be quickly filled and don’t take more than a few minutes.

  • You’ll earn a $5 welcome bonus when you sign up on InboxDollars.
use cashback app

Use Cashback App

You can use some applications which given cashback, such as Receipt Hog or Ibotta. When you buy certain products at groceries and local shopping, take a photo of the shopping receipt and submit it, the application gives you cashback as an Amazon gift card or a PayPal payment. 

  • Ibotta works both on iOS and Android devices and 100% free to download. Besides, the application doesn’t push you for in-app purchases or subscription fees. Moreover, you can earn an extra $5 by inviting your friends or family members.
  • PrizeRebel is another survey site, and it works like Ibotta. You need to earn at least 500 points- it means $5 to turn into cash. But the application has some disadvantages. To give an example, when you start the surveys, you don’t know how much time it will take, or it doesn’t have an application for smartphones. It means that you need to use your PC or web browser of your phone to earn points.
  • Survey Junkie has millions of members who earn the Amazon gift card. The website offers various surveys to earn points. Each survey has a point value and completion time. When you earn 1,000 score -it means $10- you can convert cash on Amazon gift card almost immediately because there isn’t any waiting time.
  • You can earn points from online shopping, watching vids, or doing surveys on MyPoints.
  • It would help if you answered a few questions when you first log into the account, SurveyMonkey offers surveys that fit your interests. The surveys won’t take a long time rather than some other survey sites. When you earn $5 from surveys, you can convert into cash on a free Amazon gift card.

Trade Goods

Amazon offers the Trade-In Program. Send your old electronic instruments or books without payment. After your product is examined, Amazon will pay their current value on your Amazon gift cards. If your items are declined, they will send them back. It is among the best ways to turn things into good money. 

benefit from some extra work

Benefit From Some Extra Work

If you have enough time and the right freelance skills, you can sign up for Mechanical Turk because Amazon can pay you by gift card when you work for Mechanical Turk.

Use Bing Browser

Most people use Google to search for something on the internet, but Bing offers a reward program. You earn points for every search on Bing. Besides, you will be able to make more points by using Bing on the Microsoft Edge and convert it to a free Amazon gift card. On the other side, it will take a long time, but if you are always searching on the net, it is one of the most useful ways.

Prefer a Credit Card

If you want to have a new credit line, take a look at the Amazon Visa card. The card offers points that can be used on or off Amazon. The scores depend on your purchases. 

Reload an Amazon Gift Card

If you already have Amazon gift cards, you can have gift cards again. So, how are you gonna do it? For example, when you load $100 or more on your gift card, you will have an extra $5 on your gift card.

FAQs About Free Amazon Gift Cards

Can I use my Amazon Gift card to buy anything I want? 

Yes, you can use it until its expiration date. However, the gift card can only be used on products sold by Amazon.

Can you convert the Amazon gift card to cash?

There are numerous websites that you can reach. For instance, ‘’ offers a service you can convert Amazon gift cards to cash. When your card finds a buyer, you get paid.

Is there a limit on Amazon gift cards?

Yes, Amazon allows up to $10,000 to purchase the gift card from every day.

How long do Amazon gift cards last?

Amazon Gift Cards, including any unused Gift Card balances, expire ten years from the date of issuance.

What happens if my Amazon gift card is stolen?

Amazon is not liable if you lose, had stolen, or get destroyed your Gift card, or your Balance is used without you knowing. Several Gift Card scams request payment by Gift Card.

To Conclude Amazon Gift Cards

You’ll be able to buy what you wish with free with the Amazon gift cards. There are lots of ways to gain gift cards. When you combine more than two or three, you will be able to get free and, to no small extent, amount of point on Amazon. If you want to learn more about Amazon and other websites, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.

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