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How to Gain Traffic from Pinterest in 2024

If you still think that Facebook and Twitter are the only powerful social media marketing tools, you should review this again as the real question is how to gain traffic from Pinterest in 2024.

Say hello to your marketing friend who grows quietly but rapidly and addictively: Pinterest.

The pins on Pinterest can be spread 100 times more than a tweet. In addition, half the life of a pin is 1.6000 times longer than the entire lifetime of a share on Facebook.

After Instagram’s recent acquisition by Facebook, Pinterest is a hot ticket to corporate marketing. Pinterest is growing rapidly every year and has a total of 250 million active users.

These statistics prove why your company should be on this platform.

While exotic resorts and delicious gourmet dishes are showing their lives, Pinterest’s main strength is that it offers integrated features to the company’s accounts.

Join this group of more than 700,000 companies, and we encourage you to take your place on this fast-growing and very popular platform with the additional marketing features offered to you before it’s too late.

Use Pinterest Effectively: Fundamentals

Pinterest’s power to generate traffic to sites is increasing day by day. Before trying to use it effectively, we need to ask ourselves the following questions before coming up with a Pinterest marketing strategy:

  • Is Pinterest the right medium for me?
  • Is my audience there?
  • How much space does Pinterest occupy in my competitors’ traffic sources?

You have to ask these questions because the common mistake is “that thing is popular, and I’ll do something there.”

If you can answer yes to the above questions, you can understand how your target audience is using this platform, and if you are a business, you can decide how to open a business account and see detailed data.

Using Pinterest for business is a great idea to promote your work. Especially if you are a small business, it will come in very handy.

You can also increase your chances of earning traffic by joining Pinterest Group Boards. Pin Groupie is pretty good at finding the right group. You can create a board for groups on the platform yourself as well.

Also, adding text under the images is one of the factors that will increase your chances.

Without forgetting, classic visuals have little chance of generating traffic; the quality of your visuals, inspiration are some of the factors that increase your chances again.

How to Gain Traffic from Pinterest in 2021

Why People Disregard Pinterest’s Traffic Potential?

Since it is a visual place, the mentality of “user audience only looks at images, and they go.”

However, the fact that statistics show that it generates serious traffic, and Pinterest started to provide out-of-traffic or even purchase in its own business model brought attention to the point that this channel could also generate traffic.

In my opinion, user requests may have been overlooked in the previous period because they used to come to the point of al where do I get what I see ken when they were actually looking and leaving visually.

How to Gain Traffic from Pinterest: What You Need

  • Activity: If you want to gain traffic from Pinterest, you need to be more involved. Pinterest is one of the most effective tools for providing hits among social networks. You need to spend time on a daily basis to be noticed by other users. If it helps, you can use it as some visual blogging platform. If you are not active on a daily basis, you cannot expect to benefit from Pinterest.
  • Visual Quality: Pinterest is about visual appeal. So you can’t get anywhere with old images taken with your 8-10-year-old mobile phone. You need professional quality and high-resolution images; otherwise, you may damage your brand.
  • Stability: If you have 10 images & photos, don’t publish them all at once. 1/10, 2/10, etc., for 10 days. Also, remember to update your profile every once in a while.
  • Pin It Button: If you want to buy a repin, you should make it easier for users to do the repin process. One way to do this is to add a Pin-It button to your site.
  • Interesting Visual Designs: When people see a beautiful picture on theşr home feed on Pinterest, they click on profiles to look at other pictures. By making interesting and beautiful visual designs, you can attract hits to your account and hence to your website.
  • Good Photo Descriptions: A good description helps your images rank better with search engines, which means more traffic for you.
  • Using Hashtags and Categorizing: When you use hashtags and break pins into categories, this makes them more organized and easier to find. On the other hand, do not use large amounts of hashtags – that is, add as many hashtags as you really need; otherwise, the pins will show spam, and users will skip.
How to Gain Traffic from Pinterest in 2021

Ways to Gain Traffic from Pinterest

  • Connect Pinterest with Your Other Social Networks

Pinterest is not yet self-sufficient because it is a new network. So, you should start by linking your Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo accounts to your Pinterest account and finding people to follow.

You can easily perform this operation with Pinterest’s Find Friends tool. Following your friends on Pinterest, 6 out of 10 will get back to you.

  • Embed Pinterest on Your Website

People want to follow a lot of people on Pinterest because it hasn’t become a very active place yet. For this reason, a button to add to your website or blog will be quite noticeable.

Whether your brand or personal account is actively using Pinterest is also important for your image on social media. You can visit here to add the Pinterest button on your website or to a blog post that has relevant content. This way, you can drive traffic to your Pinterest profile.

  • Categorize Your Pins

One of the best things about Pinterest is the Board feature. You can create separate partitions for each type of share. The content you share from your personal account is often not one-way.

If you share a separate board for each category you share, people will want to follow the boards of interest. This way, you will be directly followed by people in your area of ​​interest.

  • Pin Regularly

As with all other social media sites, your Pinterest frequency is very important.

If you pin too often, people become uncomfortable, and if you do less, people forget you.

For this reason, taking into account the rules of Pinterest on average, between 5-10 pins per day is appropriate.

  • Verify Your Account

Verified profiles always attract more attention. Unlike Twitter and the long-forgotten Google+, it’s easier to prepare verified profiles on Pinterest.

To verify your account, all you need to do is place the HTML code that Pinterest gave you on your website. You can get the code here.

  • Create Your Own Content on Pinterest

Yes, it is necessary to use the repin feature on Pinterest, it is important to add the content on your blog, but it is interesting to upload it on a new pin once in a while.

Do not underestimate the power of the Upload Pin feature.

  • Start Following Other Pinterest Users

Like Twitter, Pinterest is a social network that can be followed by follow-to-follow logic. In particular, you can start by following the followers of users with many followers.

Of course, put yourself at a certain limit. For example, the number of your followers should not exceed double. People will slowly start to follow you.

Other than that, you can always get Free Pinterest Followers.

  • Use Pinterest Search

Although the number of followers can be increased by following back the user who views you, it is evident to follow the people we have more common interests.

To do so, search the Pinterest search box for phrases that may be of interest to you. Follow the last pinners. The returns will be much more.

  • Use the Repin Feature

Pinning is good, but repinning is better. The same holds for Pinterest, as badly viewed as people who never use retweets on Twitter.

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Repin your favorite pins. So, the people you follow realize that you are an active and interacting user.

  • Use Multiple Boards

Sharing in different categories allows you to be followed by people with different interests.

The more you share in different categories, the more followers.

Don’t focus on one area. Create individual Boards for everything in your interest and Pin them daily.

  • Aware of Innovations

Ask your area of ​​interest. If you are the first to be informed of every new development in your field, your popularity on Pinterest will increase.

Once your domain is called a leader, followers will already come by themselves.

  • Teach Something

People love those who teach themselves.

Make sure that the Pins you share have tutorial content. Share your infographics.

  • Tag Your Pins

Think of the Internet as a haystack. Your content is a needle. You should leave a variety of tips to help people find the needle more easily.

You should use keywords to allow people using Pinterest Search to access your content. Keywords should be included in the description of each Pin.

  • Share Quality Photos

Pinterest is an eye-catching sight. The resolution of the photo you share should be the most important criterion for you.

If Pinterest doesn’t find a quality photo when you add a pin, upload quality content yourself.

Gain Traffic from Pinterest in Short

Considering that Pinterest is a visual platform with an audience that is highly interested in the network, it’s essential for anyone with marketing and promotion purposes to utilize it.

Your first hundred followers will be a pain in the back, and it’s guaranteed that it’ll be harder to keep them interested than obtaining them. In that case, you should always strive to create quality content.

Do you have a Pinterest account? If you do, tell us how you manage your account right down in the comments; we love to learn from the pros.

Thank you for reading this article!

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