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How to Follow Facebook Friends on Instagram

How to Follow Facebook Friends on Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram is the most popular photo and video-sharing social networking service, and it has a billion users. You may be new on the platform, and unlike on Facebook, so you won’t be able to see what your Facebook friends are doing- it is a possible problem. At this point, Instagram offers a lot of advantages for its users, and one of them is that they can follow Facebook friends on their Instagram account in a few clicks.

So, how can they do that?

The answer is so easy. You can follow them with implementing a few steps.

Facebook Friends on Instagram

1- Log in to your Instagram account on your phone, iPhone or Android, Pc, or iPad.

2- Open your profile, and tap the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner of your screen.

3- Click on “Discover People” on the top of your screen, you are going to see a ” Connect to Facebook” option, and then tap ” Connect.” You will log in to your Facebook account with your password.

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4- In the final step, after connecting to Facebook, turn back to your Instagram profile, again tap the three horizontal lines and then tap “Discover People.” You will see the users’ accounts that you follow on Facebook.

facebook friends on instagram

To Conclude on Following Friends

You can easily follow your Facebook friends on Instagram with a few steps. Therefore, you will be informed of what your Facebook friends are doing on Instagram. You can also check our article about how to link Facebook and Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

It may not be possible because all friends may not have an Instagram account, so when you try to find them on Instagram, you will not be able to find these friends.

It is not possible because your friends may not want to follow you.

Follow the steps above and tap the ‘Connect to Facebook’ option; you will see a ‘ follow all’ option and tap it. So you can easily follow all your friends in one click.

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  1. Reggie Nash
    Reggie Nash

    After 20 years apart I have finally made contact with my schoolmates and started following my Facebook friends on Instagram. This article reminded me why I did it in the first place.