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How to Fix Instagram Notification Not Working

How to Fix Instagram Notification Not Working

One of the problems that Instagram users experience is the lack of Instagram notifications. In this article, we will explain how to turn on and set Instagram instant notifications for Android and iOS users, and how to fix Instagram notification not working problem if you ever experience it. It is common that people face the Instagram notification problem. Sometimes it goes all silent, and you are not aware of what is happening on the app. Yet, when you decide to check your Instagram, whether on your iPhone or PC, you see that there is a lot going on with your account.

Instagram application within the Instant Forward Notification feature allows you to set in detail when the application sends notifications. This way, you won’t miss getting notified about what is happening on the app. Perform the following steps to set up Push Notifications.

  1. Open the Instagram app and scroll to the Profile tab.
  2. Tap the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen (three dots on Android, gear on iOS).
  3. From the Settings pop-up menu, select Push Notifications.
  4. On this page, you can set the circumstances in which you want to receive notifications to your phone.

If you have turned on Instant Forward Notifications as described above. However, you still don’t receive notification from Instagram; you can check your Instagram notifications in the settings section of your phone.

Check Your Settings

To do so: Go to Settings > Applications > Instagram > Notifications and activate “Allow Notifications.”

If the above does not solve your Instagram notification not working problem, the Clean Master or similar security and performance applications that you have installed on your phone may be preventing you from receiving notifications. For example, the Clean Master application has notification blocking, which you can disable or delete.

how to resolve Instagram notification problem

How to Resolve Instagram Notification Problem?

The problem that does not come from the Instagram notification that we have used on our smart device can be caused by many different reasons. The main reason for this is due to updates or settings you have changed on your smart device.

If you haven’t played with your smartphone’s notification settings, the only reason you’re not seeing Instagram notifications is that it’s Instagram.

  • Navigate to the Apps section on your phone to find the Instagram app, and then take a look at the Notification settings.
  • Reset the default settings if there are no changes or changes are made.
  • In some phones, the application notification part appears in different locations and varies according to the brand and model.

What to Do Next?

Hence, after completing the Instagram notification opening process, the first thing you need to do is to enter the application market of the operating system you have used on your smart device.

Whether or not your smart device’s notification settings have changed, verify that the latest version of Instagram is installed. If you have not installed the latest version, install the latest version.

If the latest version is installed on your smart device, the latest action is to check the Instagram app for this:

  1. Open “Instagram” from your smart device.
  2. Then click the “Profile” icon.
  3. After clicking the Profile icon, click the “Settings” icon that is showing on the top right.
  4. From this section, click the “Push forward notifications” button.
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Note that the notifications you want to receive from push notifications are active. After making an active Instagram account, the notification does not come as a problem anymore; solving it will be completed successfully.

If you want to learn more about the solutions to the problems on Instagram or any other social media platform, be sure to check out our articles. Why yes, we do cover up the most frequently asked questions. You can also check other Instagram articles.

What Are Push Notifications?

With Instant Push Notifications, you can get notifications when you receive:

  • Likes,
  • Comments,
  • Comment Likes,
  • Likes, and Comments on Tagged Photos,
  • Followers Requests,
  • Accepted Follow-on Requests,
  • Friends on Instagram,
  • Instagram Direct Requests,
  • Instagram Direct Photos, Reminders.

You can set whether or not to receive notifications for posts and Stories, Product Announcements, Views, Support Requests, Live Videos, and Story Polls.

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  1. Fran Avila
    Fran Avila

    Instagram notification not working is the most irritating error message I receive. I couldn’t find a solution until now, thanks to you.

    • Said Reski Maqbul
      Said Reski Maqbul

      Me too

  2. Emerge

    For my account the follower request notification is missing from settings…. Now I don’t receive the notification “the user ___ has requested to follow you” … The option to turn on/off follower requests notification is missing from my Instagram account but it is available on a new account I made to test.. Is there a solution… Pls help