How to Fix Instagram Login Error: Causes & Solutions

How to Fix Instagram Login Error: Causes & Solutions

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking platform, with over 1 billion users worldwide. It is available in numerous countries and is logged in by people of every age who access the internet. As a result of that much traffic in only a single day, it is inescapable to run into some errors. Instagram login error is one of those errors, and we will explain how to fix the Instagram login error. Let’s dive into it.

Instagram Login Error “Sorry. There was a problem with your request.”

Providing all the fun and opportunities, Instagram may give errors at times. It can certainly be frustrating to run into errors while trying to log in to your favorite social media platform. We know the trouble, and we get it. Do not worry! There’re multiple solutions to this problem, and we will explain all possible fixes in this post.

Before trying any of the fixes we will describe, we suggest checking if you have correctly entered your username or password. That is a common mistake, and it is not always easily noticed. If you’re sure that you have entered everything correctly, take a look at what actually might be causing this error.

Here are possible causes of the Instagram Login Error:

  • The servers might be down, or you might have a weak internet connection.
  • Instagram users with linked Facebook accounts may encounter this error.
  • Your profile and your posts may have something that might be breaking Instagram guidelines and policies.
  • There might be a bug in your login process.
How to Fix Instagram Login Error Find Solutions

How to Fix the Instagram Login Error: The Solutions

Now that we have covered the possible reasons to run into the Instagram login error, it is time for us to share all of the information we gathered.

1- Check the server status.

Before trying other technical solutions, it would be smart to check Instagram’s servers to fix the Instagram Login Issue. You can ask your family or friends is they are having the same issue. After that, all you need to do is wait for a while before trying out other solutions.

2- Try removing your linked Facebook account from Instagram

Many users have resolved the issue by just trying out this method. For this to work, your Instagram account must be linked to your Facebook account. You can;

  • Firstly, log in to your Instagram account via browser.
  • Secondly, unlink your Facebook account on the account settings tab.

After those steps, you need to create a new Facebook account. This account does not have to be created detailed, and it is a one-time-use account. With this, you need to;

  • Go back to Instagram on your browser, use the Connect via the Facebook option, and connect your new Facebook account.

In addition to complete your new Facebook account with your Instagram account, you need to clear all Instagram data.

This method should prevent the Instagram login error “Sorry. There was a problem with your request.” error from popping up.

3- Deactivating your Instagram account temporarily.

Temporarily disabling your account for a while is one of the methods to reaccess your Instagram account. To deactivate your account, follow these steps down below.

  • Log in to your Instagram via a browser.
  • Go to Edit Your Profile tab through your profile.
  • After giving a proper reason for disabling your account, deactivate it.
  • Please wait for a few hours as we do not recommend logging into your Instagram account immediately.

You may now try logging in to your account after waiting for a few hours.

4- Log in from different devices.

It might be a bug in your Android or iOS mobile device. Moreover, the app files might be damaged due to other applications. To be sure of this, you might try logging in from other mobile devices.

5- Uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram application.

You should consider uninstalling the application to fix the Instagram login error and see if it is indeed a bug caused by corrupted application files. Also, clear the data and cache of the application. This will remove any of the corrupted application files.

After uninstalling, reinstall the application with uncorrupted files and see if you can log in now.

6- Reach out Instagram Help Center.

If not any of the above did the job for you, we recommend having a chat with Instagram Help Center professionals.

FAQs About Fixing Instagram Login Error

Will I be able to reconnect my main Facebook account if I delink it and link a new one?

Of course. After being able to log into your Instagram account, you can link your main Facebook account back.

What if I can’t reactivate my Instagram account?

You can always reactivate your Instagram account after disabling if you log in with your login info. If not, you should let the Instagram Help Center know about the issue.

How can I get help from Instagram Support?

We have an in-depth article about this issue. You can check our article.

Why does my Instagram keep saying sorry something went wrong?

Instagram says that error sometimes if a glitch has happened with your account. You can temporarily disable and re-enable your account to quick fix this problem.

Why can’t I log into my second Instagram account?

This error can happen if two of your accounts are linked to the same Google or Facebook ID. If that’s the case, the login process can be invalid; you should unlink one and retry.

Conclusion on How to Fix Instagram Login Error

To sum up, we need to sat that there can always be issues and errors in an application used by millions of people every day. Indeed, there are many solutions to those errors. We hope that we could help you resolve your issues. If you liked this article and having other troubles on Instagram, please check out our other articles about Instagram errors such as ”Unfortunately Instagram has stopped.” You can also check Tech How’s video down below.

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    1. I mistakly logged out my Instagram account when I tried logging it I couldn’t it was showing an error saying please try in a few minutes and it’s been days I can’t login I’m not getting any help from Instagram help center and this is ridiculous cause I have been emailing them everyday they not replying can someone help me
      I’m keep telling the Instagram people to fix the error but no help
      I got my heaps of pictures and videos from last 5 years I don’t want to lose my account

      1. Hello, we’re sorry that you cannot log into your Instagram account. Have you tried the solutions shown in the article? If yes, why do you think it didn’t work?

    1. Hello, unfortunately, we are not Instagram officials. Yet, you can read our article about How to Contact Instagram to find a way to get into contact with them.