How to Fix Instagram Copyright Issue?

How to Fix Instagram Copyright Issue?

Nowadays, Instagram is the most successful social media service. Every day, the users share millions of photos and videos, so the number of content increases by leaps and bounds day by day. At this point, the platform users might be faced with a problem- It is ‘copyrights’ issue. So, how are they going to fix Instagram the copyright issue?

Instagram Copyright Issue

If you want to share a video with a music track or still want to use copyrighted music, here are some tricks to avoid music copyright issue on Instagram:

Always give credit to music owners: Whatever you share in your video, you should always credit music owners. On the other side, sometimes, the owner may not want you to share their content, so we reduce the risk but it doesn’t disappear completely.

Make slight changes to the original music you use: If you make slight changes in the Music, Instagram may skip the auto-detect, but when the content owner finds your video, it may be removed.

prefer copyrighted free music for your content

Prefer Copyrighted Free Music for your content: There are thousands of websites on the internet that provide Copyrighted Free Music, and they can use them to avoid the copyright issue on Instagram.

Always challenge Instagram’s decision: If you think Instagram’s decision unjustly deletes your photo or video, and you haven’t violated Instagram music copyright rule, you can challenge the decision.

It would be best to ask before sharing: You can ask the music track owner permission before using it. 

instagram copyright issue

FAQs About Fixing Instagram Copyright Issue?

Can Instagram ban you for copyright? 

Instagram strictly prohibits copyright infringement. For this reason, if you share content that violates someone’s copyright, you automatically violate the rules of Instagram.

How do you get copyright permission? 

First of all, you should determine if permission is needed, secondly reach the owner to receive permission, and finally, you can get written agreement to use the track.

How much do you change the video to avoid copyright issues? 

If you change approximately 30% part of the video, it won’t be infringement anymore. But, changing some parts of the music might not work 100%.

Conclusion on Instagram Copyrights

The background music can lead to the Instagram copyrights issue. If you want to use a musician piece in your Instagram posts, you must give music owners credit. To do it, mention them under your photo or video and denote the musician whom the music belongs to. If you want to learn more about the app, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.

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  1. I want to fix my Instagram copyright issue without messing up anything else (I’m a little clumsy when it comes to social media). Will follow these steps and keep you updated on how it went!