How to Fix Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable Issue

How to Fix Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable Issue

Is your Facebook account temporarily unavailable? Do you see a message stating that your account is unavailable or temporarily blocked? Don’t worry; it’s not a big issue. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, with millions of active users and new people joining every day. For such websites, it is normal to have downtime while transferring that extensive data. Many Facebook users may face this problem, but solving it is not a big deal.

In this article, we covered how to solve the Facebook account temporarily unavailable issue. 

downtime issues

Downtime Issues

First, we should see if the site downtime is causing this problem. You can follow those steps:

  1. Open the Facebook website on your browser.
  2. Check whether the homepage is functioning.
  3. If you face a problem reaching the homepage, then the issue is from the server. 

After a while, the problem will be fixed. 

cookies and cache

Cookies & Cache

Another reason you face this problem may be due to cookies and cache on your browser. You will have a better experience using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox while reaching your Facebook account. If you still have this problem even if you use those browsers, then apply these steps:

  1. Open your browser and find cookies from the “Settings” section. 
  2. Delete all the cookies and cache.
  3. Restart, and try logging in again.

That should work for this problem. 

FAQs on Facebook Accounts Being Unavailable

What does it mean account temporarily unavailable?

If you see that message, there is a network issue, or the website is under maintenance. 

Why my Facebook account is temporarily blocked?

It may be because you added random people to your friends recently, or there is a problem with the server. 

How long does it take if the issue is with the server?

There are no certain limits to this. It may be fixed within an hour or in a shorter period, but if it takes longer, it will be fixed in 24-48 hours permanently.

Why can I not connect to Facebook even if the internet is working?

If it is not from the server, you can clear all your internet history and try again.

What is downtime?

Downtime is the period when a website or a server is unavailable due to maintenance or some systematic problems. 

Concluding on How to Fix Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable Issue

It is generally not common but also not impossible to have a temporarily unavailable status on Facebook. It may be due to downtime from the server or cookies and cache on your browser. However, it is straightforward to fix this problem. First, you should check whether the problem is from the server, and to do this, you can just try to reach the homepage on your browser. If it is not the server, then you can delete cookies and cache and retry. We hope this article was helpful. You may also like our article about how to unblock someone on Facebook.

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  1. I have been receiving the site unavilable error for months, regardless of which device I try. None of my devices (desktops and laptops on separate networks) can open the Facebook home page without the error. I have cleared cookies and caches. The only workaround is to go to, then select Go To News Feed; then I get a Facebook page with a shortcut to my page. Any suggestions?

      1. Hi, Dennis. I have tried to link the two but when Instagram tries to link to Facebook, I get the same error. Can you think of any other way to link them? Note: I tried to post this comment earlier but looks like it didn’t take for some reason.

        1. Sorry to hear that. If you can reach the Facebook Help Center, you can try to report a page unavailable error. There is a form created for this issue. Enter the URL of the unavailable page and describe the problem / error you’re having. You can also add a screenshot to this form.