How to Find Your Instagram URL (2021)

How to Find Your Instagram URL (2021)

At some point on your Instagram journey, you may need to find your Instagram URL to use some services, promotion purposes, and more.

You can use your Instagram URL to use the basic Instagram tools like URL finders on the internet, and if you ever need to share your account with someone else quickly, you will still need your URL.

In other words, your link is an essential part of your social identity. People pay big money for certain URLs, and it may affect your rankings in search engines.

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How Can I Find My Instagram URL?

If you are wondering if you have to utilize third-party tools or such, you’ll feel a relief when you find out that finding your Instagram URL is very simple if you know your username as all of the users should.

All you need to do is add your username to the end of this link: “”

That’s all you have to do. If your username was KimKardashian, your URL would be

Instagram URL

How to Share Profiles Using Instagram Direct

How do I send a profile as a message using Instagram Direct?

  1. Go to the profile you’d like to send as a message.
  2. Tap the icon in the top right, select Share this Profile (iOS) or Send Profile as Message (Android).
  3. Search for and select the person or group you’d like to send the profile to (up to 15 people).
  4. Tap Send to finish the process.

How to share URLs on Instagram (for public accounts only)?

  1. Tap on the little airplane icon (Share) under any post.
  2. From there, you have four options to continue.
    1. You can “Add to Story.”
    2. You can reply as a DM.
    3. “Copy Link” is also possible.
    4. Or “Share” to share throughout other social media, email, or text message.

How Can I Find a Post’s URL?

As stated on Instagram’s Help page: You can only get a link to photos and videos that have been shared publicly. If an account is set to private, you won’t be able to get a link to any of their posts.

To get a link to a post (iOS, Android)

  1. Tap on the three-dotted icon at the top right corner of the post.
  2. From there, hit the “Copy Link” button.

To get a link to a post from (Web)

  1. Open your preferred web browser.
  2. Go to For example, if the username is “johnsmith,” type in as the URL.
  3. Click the post you want to save and copy the link at the top of your browser.

After you copy the link to your clipboard and paste it anywhere you want. Most of the websites have their features for embedding Instagram links, so check that out.

FAQs About Instagram URL

What is an Instagram user ID?

Instagram User ID is a unique ID that belongs to an Instagram user.

Can you generate a direct follow link for Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let users follow another user with a direct link address.

Can I put a URL in an Instagram post?

It’s possible to add a link to an Instagram post, though, not easy. The link you will add to your post caption will not work and be clickable unless you pay for the option.

How do I add a URL to my Instagram Story?

Currently, if you do not have 10K+ followers or a verified account, you can’t add a URL to your story.

Why is the link in my Instagram bio not clickable?

Instagram has applied very strict rules and has become quite cautious with links in bios. This is because of the amount of spam accounts and websites with explicit/illegal content.

Conclusion – Pretty Simple to Find

As you see above, find the URL for a profile or post is fairly easy. With the methods we described, it won’t take long for you to handle and master Instagram’s sharing feature.

However, you need to be careful as if your username changes, all the links posted on the internet will be broken. In that way, you can miss out on organic traffic if you ever decide to change your username.

So, what’s your look on the Instagram URL? Let us know right down in the comments.

Thank you for reading this article!

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