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How to Find Commercial-Free Music on YouTube

In a way, we can say that not having an idea regarding how to find commercial-free music on YouTube may ache your head later on when one of your videos somehow blows up. It may happen.

Many social networks, especially YouTube and other video-streaming services copyright the music used in their hosted videos.

In that case, if you try to use that audio tracks for-profit purposes, you may get into some real trouble. Also, don’t forget that you can download the music you like with InstaFollowers’ brand-new YouTube MP3 Downloader.

Therefore, you always have to be careful when sampling sounds from the internet. In order to ease the process for you, here, we have compiled eight sources for you to add free music or sound effects to your video content without triggering any copyright infringement.

Importance of Music in Video Content Marketing

Nowadays, video in content marketing is more significant than ever. YouTube is the largest platform for brands and individuals to upload their videos.

If you’re creating content on YouTube, you no doubt know how sensitive the platform is to the copyright of music or audio tracks added to video backgrounds.

If you think it that way, we can easily say that music and audio is a form of property. It’s a piece of art and labor.

Therefore, you just can’t simply copy and paste some music without the owner’s consent.

Knowing the conditions and how to use the music or audio file you will add to your video can sometimes become complicated.

Creative Commons License

Today, Creative Commons licensed pieces, music or sounds, often can be legally added to your creative work.

In commercial use, you must use the material under the conditions specified by the artist himself. That’s the rule.

In commercial use, you can decode audio tracks or music that you will add to your video with Creative Commons Zero (CC0).

Is it illegal to use music on YouTube videos?

Where to Find Royalty-Free Music

We have compiled the sites where you can access audio or music with CC0 licenses for your videos. From here, you can find commercial-free music on YouTube.

However, considering that copyright holders can often change their policies, we recommend that you review the license agreements before using the audio or music on the platforms.


ccMixter is a site where you can access original samplers in their lossless shape and instrumentless audio recordings by musicians from around the world.

You can also use the services on the site free of charge for commercial videos. You’ll be all good, check the license agreement before you proceed any further, though.

Free Music Archive

Created by the radio station WFMU, this library literally resembles its name, and it is free of charge.

Free Music Archive organizes your search queries from the best music of all time to the most famous music of the past month or week, depending on the track type or list selection.


Don’t fall for the name; this library is highly competent. Incompetech lets you reach thousands of musical sound effects and longer pieces of audio from composer Kevin MacLeod’s library.

The platform allows you to search by criteria such as music genre, feeling, tempo, and also allows you to access collections based on music genre and mode.

Free Sound

Free Sound has a large collection of sound effects that are also licensed under CC0. It won’t cost a penny to use these sounds in your commercial videos.

Therefore, you can use those sounds in your videos without having the risk of facing any serious legal trouble.

You Can Use Public Music Too

On the other hand, there is another way you can use industry-standard music and audio for your videos for free.

You can use the sound file or music in the public domain without any permission.

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Nowadays, many pieces of music can be used freely because of the statute of limitations or because the artist presents his work publicly.

The sources where you can find commercial-free music on YouTube in the public area are as follows: offers a wide range of sound effects for the public domain, as well as the music and sounds created by Incompetech’s composer Kevin MacLeod.

What distinguishes MacLeod’s work from other music is that the composer has donated his works to the public sphere.

Hence, you don’t need to provide any credit cards (such as paying fees or dedicating a name) for the material you use in your videos.


Musopen is a platform that allows you to search for music that falls within the public domain by composer, musician, instrument, genre, or century filters.

It’s a great library, and it’s non-profit. Therefore, the people who provide this service won’t get any pennies from this. They are doing this solely for the music.

YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library provides free music for the videos you want to create. Some music has a Creative Commons license, but many have fallen into the public domain.

It’s a great idea to check the details of the material you’re interested in to see if the audio tracks are music that falls under the Creative Commons license or the public domain. The Youtube Audio Library includes a vast sound effects library.

Partners in Rhyme

Partners in Rhyme is a platform that helps you find copyrighted music and sound effects for videos you want to use for commercial purposes.

After you find the music you can use in your videos, you can check out Buy YouTube likes to make the video we publish stand out more.

Frequently Asked Questions About

First of all, let’s get this straight. Music is a property, and people own their piece of work.
Therefore, if you do not get the consent of the owner of the music or the audio, you don’t have the legal right to distribute that music to get profit. However, the owner should sue the person who used the music without permission to legally start a case. Therefore, we can say that you won’t get in trouble with law forces for downloading a song to listen to on your MP3 player, mobile device, or computer.

A variety of things can happen. You may either get a pass by a simple warning or maybe even receive a lawsuit due to copyright infringement.

This completely depends on what your needs are. Many YouTubers are happy with the commercial-free music they make use of. However, if you are expecting the works of A-list artists your chances will become slimmer.

Since this is a subjective term we recommend you take a look at the ones we have picked in no particular order.
Any of these will be enough to open many doors to your creative projects.

A wide range of people from YouTubers to professionals can and do make use of royalty-free songs.

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