How to Enter the Code on YouTube

How to Enter the Code on YouTube

In order to activate YouTube on TV, an activation code is required. That is why you need to enter the code on YouTube to access YouTube services on your smart TV. Because instructions aren’t clear enough, many users are struggling with entering code. So, we are explaining how to enter the code on YouTube in just a few steps. 

Activate YouTube on Xbox One

It is possible to activate YouTube on Xbox One. You can do it with six easy steps. Here is how:

Use YouTube on Xbox One
  1. Open YouTube application. 
  2. Click on Sign-in & Settings and then select Sign in. 
  3. Press X on your controller, you will see the activation code. 
  4. Go to your computer or mobile phone. If it is needed, sign in to your related Google account.  
  5. Enter the code that displayed on the screen and click on next. 
  6. Click on Allow Access and then continue. 
  7. You have access to YouTube on Xbox one now. 
Use YouTube on Smart TV

Activate YouTube on Smart TV

Watching YouTube on smart TVs is pretty popular these days. Why watch your favorite videos on a small screen while you can do it on your TV? Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Open YouTube application on your smart TV.  
  2. Find a gear icon to access settings and click on it.  
  3. Click Sign in. Your TV will show an 8-digit activation code for accession YouTube on the TV. 
  4. Use your computer or mobile phone and open YouTube with the related Google account. 
  5. Write an 8-digit code and then click on next. After that, click on allow the link. 
  6. You will start to display YouTube on your TV. 


You can watch YouTube videos on your smart TV and other TV platforms like Amazon TV and Xbox One by entering the activation code to YouTube. 

The procedure is almost the same. Open YouTube application on your device. Sign in to your related Google account. Then, you will see the YouTube code. Use your mobile phone or computer to access the YouTube activation page. Enter the 8-digit activation and click on next. Allow for using other devices on the YouTube activation page. After entering the code, you can start to watch YouTube on your TV screen. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can go to the activation page of YouTube on your mobile phone or computer to enter the code. is the link that you need to go to for the activation page.

Yes, you can. You can use the YouTube application on all smart TV and TV platforms.

It is an 8-digit code that allows users to continue using YouTube on their smart TV and TV platforms.

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