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How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn

Thanks to LinkedIn, you can connect with your colleagues, employees, or employers. You can add anything about your career on your LinkedIn profile. For instance, you share your work experiences, your hobbies, and your skills. The importance of your skills is that you can get and give endorsements. These endorsements help to your reputation and reliability of your works. If you do not know how to endorse skills on LinkedIn, you can learn from here. Let’s see then!

How to Get Endorsements on LinkedIn?

People who can give endorsements to you are generally your co-workers since they are the ones that witness your works and skills. Therefore, you may ask them to give you endorsements.

Moreover, some feedbacks come from LinkedIn users. It seems that most of the LinkedIn users like responding endorsements back. When you give endorsements to your connections, they may give endorsements to you too. However, you need to be careful because the endorsements you gave can affect your reliability directly. Thus, you should try to be objective.

How to Get Endorsements on LinkedIn

Another way of getting endorsements on LinkedIn is that you can request recommendations from your connections. Firstly, write one of your connection’s name into the search box. When you enter their profile, you will see three dots on the page. After you click the dots, you will see questions about you and your connections relationship. If you filled the blanks asked, you can ask for recommendations.

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn?

If you want to endorse one of your colleagues, here’s what you should do:

  1. Enter their profile first. You will see the skills & endorsements section on the profile.
  2. In this section, there is a plus sign for each skill.
  3. After you’ve clicked the plus sign for the skill that you want to endorse, there will be two questions you need to answer.
  4. The first question will be about your opinions for the user. The options will be listed as “good, very good, and highly skilled.”
  5. The second question will be about the source of your knowledge. You can choose one of the sections which specify the relationship between you and the user.
  6. Now the only thing you should do is submitting the form!
How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn

Conclusion on How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn

In this article, we’ve tried to answer the questions about the endorsement feature of LinkedIn; we hope you found all the answers you need!

Frequently Asked Questions About

LinkedIn has a rule that you can give 150 endorsements in 24 hours. If you exceed the limit, you cannot give endorsements. Thus, you may need to wait a couple of days to give new endorsements.

In your profile, there is a skills & endorsements section. In this section, also there is a pencil icon that means editing. Then, you need to change your endorsement settings. With this step, you will no longer get endorsements and hide the endorsements you got before.

For each profile, there is a skill limit, which is 50. If you have reached the limit, you may need to remove some of them to add new ones.
Another reason is that if you removed some skills from your profile page, your endorsements under that skill disappear. Thus, you need to re-add your skills. When you re-add them, your endorsements will come back too.
If you’re sure the problem is not about with the first two solutions, maybe your connection who endorsed you removed it. However, there is no way to learn it because of the privacy policy of LinkedIn.

When you entered your LinkedIn profile, there is a section named “Settings & Privacy.” In this section, you’ll see an option named “Communications.” With this option, you can edit the types of notifications.

When people give you endorsements, you will get a notification that asks you whether you want to approve it. You may answer the notification in this way, so the endorsement will not be seen on your profile.

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