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How to Edit Instagram Posts? (2024)

Instagram is a widely used social platform. It is possible to find any visual material about people’s lives, products on sale and many other things. Everyone using Instagram wants to create unique posts. How can you make your posts look one of a kind? By editing them. That is why many wonder how to edit Instagram posts.

Instagram is quite fun when it comes to editing your posts. Because it has so many options to go through. We will be touching upon how to edit an Instagram post before and after posting it. 

Edit Before Posting

When you are posting a photo for the first time, you have a lot of options. Instagram might not be a professional photoshop application, yet it lets users make some changes to their Instagram photos in the simplest manner. Even if you don’t know anything about photoshop, you don’t need to worry.

When you are about to post a new photo;

  1.  Tap on the ‘+’ icon in the middle of the buttons at the bottom of the page. 
  2. Select your photo and the editing begins. 

It is possible to edit your posts after posting them. But first, let’s take a look at how can you edit Instagram posts before posting it.

Edit Before Posting

Image Adjustments

After you tap ‘Next’ you will be directed to the editing page. From here you can choose filters up to 41 filters. You can see there are only 24 filters available but you can unlock the others by tapping on the ‘Manage’ button at the end of the filter list. Then you will see the other filters.

Once you select your filter, you will be able to edit the filter as well. If you tap on the selected filter again, you can adjust the transparency of the filter.

After you select the filter, if you tap on ‘Edit,’ there will be options such as; Adjust (Rotating the photo), Brightness, Contrast, Structure, Warmth, Saturation, Color, Fade, Highlights, Shadows, Vignette, Tilt-Shift, Sharpen.

As you can see Instagram allows you to change many things on your photos, and it is doing it by the premade templates that are very easy to use.

Sharing Adjustments

After adjusting these settings, tap ‘Next’ and you will be directed to the last page before sharing your post. This page is for sharing adjustments. The first thing you will see is ‘Write a caption’ section next to your photo. Here you can write something related to your post. 

If you want your post to be seen by many people, we highly recommend using hashtags in the caption section. If you have a Public Account, you might draw the attention of the people who are interested in your hashtags and get some new followers. Yet try to avoid making your caption section full of hashtags, only use the related ones.

After you are done with the caption section, the next thing on the line is tagging people. If you have other friends on your photo or just want to show that it is related to them, you can tag your friends. 

It is easy. When you tap ‘Tag People,’ you will see your photo, and you can tap on anywhere on the photo to tag someone. The maximum number of people you can tag on Instagram is 20.

After tagging, the next part is adding a location. You will see the ‘Add Location’ button below the ‘Tag People’ button. Yet, you can already see some of the locations below the button if your phone’s location feature is on. You can search through other locations by swiping left on the list or you can tap on the ‘Add Location’ button and search from there.

If you are not satisfied by the locations on the list, you can search from the search bar when you tap on the button.

Below the location adjustments, you will see ‘Also post to’ options. There will be Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr on the list and each one will have their switch if you want to share your post on those platforms.

Advanced Settings

On the page before sharing your post, you will see ‘Advanced Settings’ below ‘Also post to’ options. If you tap here, you will be directed to a page where you can edit Comments, Preferences, Accessibility, and Branded Content. Let’s see what these adjustments mean.

Comments: The only thing you can edit about comments is turning off the comments. However, you can change this setting afterward. 

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Preferences: From here, you can sync Facebook to your Instagram for sharing your posts.

Accessibility: From here, you can write alt text for viewers with visual impairments. Alt text will automatically be placed when you post something but you can choose to write on your own.

Branded Content: Here, you can tag your Business Partner if you have one and allow your Business Partner to Promote.

Edit After Posting

Edit After Posting

We have explained how to edit Instagram posts before posting them. Now let’s take a look at what can you do after posting.

Now that you have posted a photo or a video, but something is bothering your mind about the post. You want to change things but how? It is not difficult yet limited according to editing before posting. Here is how:

  1. Find your post, it does not matter whether you find it on your Profile or Feed.
  2. Tap on the ‘three-dotted’ button on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Tap on ‘Edit’ and editing begins.

Now you have reached the ‘Edit’ page of your post but there are not many options. There are four things you can do here;

  • Change Location: You can change the location by tapping on the blue location text. You can choose one from the list or search from the search bar like before.
  • Tag People: You can change tags or add tags. This option is on the left bottom of your post.
  • Edit Alt Text: You can change the Alt Text from the ‘Aa’ icon on the right bottom of your post.
  • Change the Caption: You can change the Caption text with your hashtags and everything. 

These are the only things you can do after you post your content. Unfortunately, you cannot change the image adjustments like filters or anything. Be sure you saved the changes you made after editing.

Editing IG Posts in Short

We have mentioned how to edit Instagram posts before and after posting. There are many things you can edit your content before posting. Although Instagram is not a professional photoshop application, it lets its users play a lot with their content. However, we cannot say the same for editing after posting.

Instagram is such a big platform, there are many things to discover. Read our latest articles about Instagram and discover some hints and tricks such as Instagram Clipboard and tagging products.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Unfortunately not. You can only change location, tag people, edit alt text, and change the caption of an existing post.

You cannot add a photo to the comment section. You might try to use the Clipboard but it would not work for images. However, you can answer your DMs with photos.

The easiest way to take a photo is swiping right when you are on the main page. Take your photo and then select where to post it. You can post your photo to Instagram Story or to the Feed.

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  1. Ruth

    There is no “edit” choice under the 3 dots… so where is it??

  2. Dwayne C. Ramsey
    Dwayne C. Ramsey

    When I click on the three small dots, it does not show an “Edit” choice. The only choices I see are: Go to post, Share, Copy Link, Embed, and Cancel. So where is the “Edit” choice? Please get back with me to help get this resolved.

    • Insta Followers
      Insta Followers

      Hello, I have controlled it again and saw the ‘Edit’ choice. It is under the ‘Archive.’ If you cannot see it, please check if you are using the latest version of Instagram.

  3. Steff Aguilar
    Steff Aguilar

    I edit my Instagram posts whenever I feel like it needs more boost. Although I already knew these steps I’d like to tell you that you did a great job with the review.

  4. Kim

    There is no Edit after pressing on the 3 dots.

    • Maggie Whitewater
      Maggie Whitewater

      Hey Kim,
      You can find it under the “Delete” button. If you’re still having trouble, please make sure you’re using the latest version.