How to Edit a PDF File? (+Editing Tools)

How to Edit a PDF File? (+Editing Tools)

We can’t ignore the importance of computers. Over the years, we’ve all done a lot of our work on computers. Why exhaust ourselves when there are computers where we can prepare the necessary documents, projects, and assignments in the most regular way? Moreover, we have the opportunity to reach thousands of people with just one click, and preparing documents through a helper with order and system is now a great solution for the whole world. When it comes to important documents, one of the concepts everyone is familiar with is PDF. If you are in the age of technology, this concept must prevail, and you should know that if you have not encountered it so far, you will encounter it later in your life. That’s why we think this article will be useful to you. So how can you edit a PDF file? Let’s look at it in detail together.

What is a PDF file and How to Create One?

Since we started using computers for files, we’ve been experiencing different formats. These formats are evolving, and also, the creators are introducing new ones to the market. These formats have one purpose, making it easier for people to use and to ensure that they have comfortable access to the documents they want. Besides, they are extremely indispensable for people who want to prepare such files and want to move them into the virtual environment as documents.

Pdf is one of the extensions that has created and preserved many different documents for many years. The PDF stands for “Portable Document Format.” Nowadays, a large number of people use the files that have this extension. It is also very important because they are used in official places and is an indispensable part of every company today. There must be at least one PDF in everything formal!

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Advantages of PDF Files

One of the most important advantages of PDF files is that it imports all font characters, vector objects, and pictures used in the original document into PDF while preserving them as they are. Also, it takes up much less space than the MB area covered by the original dump.

There are several programs to open these files, “Acrobat Reader,” which is now the most common in the world, where Adobe performs and launches its software. In general, all users can open and use PDF files through this program. This program has an interface that is renewed every year and also developed.

PDF files can also be multi-page content. With this program, users can easily get to where they want to reach by entering the number of the page they want. If you want to access various files via the Internet, you can also take advantage of the infrastructure developed by most browsers. This will apply to Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer.

You don’t need to download or save files. You also have the chance to review or access content over the Internet, as well as Acrobat Reader, and there are a variety of programs, and they are also easy to use. Although it has a smooth interface, you may have the chance to create an extra alternative for Reader using other programs.

Editing Process

You have four different ways to edit PDFs quickly.

Editing PDFs is a very easy process if you have the right tools. PDF format is the best way to quickly edit and publish electronic information. There is only a small problem. You need professional software.

1. Editing PDF using “PDFelement”

This editing tool combines functions for editing, adding notes, converting, protecting, signing, and protection functions. Using this tool, you will be able to make changes to PDF text and images without leaving the PDF file. We can say that PDF editing is the easiest tool. Think about it. Even the motto of the product is “Edit like Word.” Editing PDF content is as easy as using office apps you’re used to! 

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Features such as line mode and paragraph mode will automatically align new text with existing paragraphs and text seizing into the PDF you’re editing. It also automatically corrects errors in the text that you add automatic spelling.

•Your priority is to open the PDF file you are editing with PDFelement.

•After opening, click the “edit” button in the navigation panel.

•When you click on the text or image you want to edit, the software will automatically show you the tools you need.

•If you want to edit, move, or change any item, simply click on the “Object” tab in the options section.

PDFelement has two different categories: the standard version and the professional version. The professional version has much more advanced tools for editors. Thanks to the professional version, text scanned with OCR becomes searchable and editable. Both Mac and Windows are available. The current price of the standard version is $59.95, while the professional version is $99.95.

PDF Editor

2. Editing PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

Did you know that Adobe created the PDF files? Therefore, when the topic is to edit pdf comes to mind first Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat dominates the subscription system, and the preference of large companies is usually this software. Adobe also offers us a mobile version of Adobe Acrobat, as you may also need to edit a PDF on the go. If you want to have a standard version, the monthly fee is $12.99. If you want a professional version, you also need to pay USD 14.99 per month.

• First, you must open the PDF file you want to edit with Adobe Acrobat.

• Open the editing tool to edit the PDF file. To select the contents of the PDF file, you will need to enable interactive mode.

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• If you have reached editing tools, you can edit your PDF file as you wish and make additions and subtracts.

3. Alternative Applications

Above, we told you about the two software that everyone prefers the most. Apart from these two software, free alternative PDF editing tools that you can use or download from the browser to your computer are also available, of course. They seem more attractive because these vehicles are free. But as with most cheap options, they have much weaker functionality in editing PDFs.

Sejda Online PDF Editor is among the best-known alternatives. If you don’t want to download software to your computer to edit PDF, Sejda Online PDF Editor will be very useful for your simple PDF editing. With Sejda, you can edit texts, digital signatures, white screens, and add pictures and shapes.

But Sejda has some restrictions, for example, you won’t be able to find the PDF files you uploaded to edit in place after five hours. There are also 200 pages and a 50 MB limit for the PDF you uploaded. Worst of all, you can perform only three operations per hour.

Another alternative option is Ableword. Ableword is not a very popular software. But one of today’s popular document formats is “. DOC” and ” DOCX supports.” So with Ableword, you don’t just edit your PDF files. You can also convert your PDF files to a Word file.

4. Editing PDF via Converter

Aren’t you very familiar with PDF files? No problem. You can use a custom PDF converter, such as “HIPDF,” to edit a PDF. So you can convert your PDF file to a more familiar format, such as Word, and then convert it back to PDF format if you’ve made the necessary edits. The only problem you may encounter here is the possibility that the font and format may be different when you convert from Word to PDF. If you are going to use this method, make sure that the PDF also supports the font you are using.

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How to write on PDF?

First, you must open a PDF document in Adobe Reader. Then click “tools.” Click “Fill” and “Sign.” Then click the “Ab” icon at the top of the window, and then click where you want to insert the text on the document. Set the size of your text. In the dialog box, click “Type the text here” and type the text you want to add to the PDF document.

How do I open PDFs in Chrome?

First, open Chrome on your computer. You’ll see “other settings” at the top right, click there. Click the “advanced” phrase you see at the bottom. Then click “site settings” under the “privacy and security” section. You’ll see PDF documents near the bottom. Finally, if you turn off “Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome,” you won’t have a problem.

Is Adobe Reader free?

You can use the Adobe Reader app for free, but you’ll be able to take advantage of its on-site features with limited access. Adobe Reader’s features, such as editing and exporting a PDF, are paid off outside of PDF viewing. If you use this program very often, you should buy it to make full use of its features.


In this article, we told you how to edit a PDF file. You will no longer have a problem choosing paid and free programs. We said technology makes things easier for you, right?

If you want to learn more about such topics, please read our other articles, you may be interested in how to combine PDF files.

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