How to Download Music from YouTube

How to Download Music from YouTube

YouTube is the leading video-sharing platform globally, with millions and millions of video content being uploaded every day. As a user, sometimes we need to use these videos for varying reasons. YouTube, by default, doesn’t allow users to download YouTube videos. On YouTube, users can only download their videos, and they should be subscribed to YouTube Premium to download other YouTube videos. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best third-party tools that let their users download music from YouTube.

YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Music is YouTube’s official music-streaming platform. By subscribing to the YouTube Music app, you can download any music you like from the platform without copyright or legal issues.

youtube to mp3 converter

YouTube to MP3 Converter

YouTube to MP3 Converter is an online gadget that can help you download songs from YouTube without any registration or prior download. Visit its website and paste the video link you want to convert to mp3 or mp4. You can only download YouTube videos that are less than 60 minutes.


MP3Skull lets its users convert YouTube videos to MP3 files online without registration, unnecessary ad pop-ups, or prior installation. Copy & paste the URL you want to download, wait for the conversion to end, and then download your file.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is one of the most useful tools have on your PC. You can download YouTube videos or other videos hosted in any other video-sharing services without any problem. Follow these steps to download YouTube videos by using 4K Video Downloader:

  1. Download and Install 4K Video Downloader from its official site
  2. Launch the app
  3. Paste the video link and click to the “Paste Link” button
  4. Select the video or audio format and destination

It’s important to note that the free version of 4K Video Downloader only lets 30 downloads per day.



SaveFrom lets you download videos from most video and music streaming services online. You should just visit SaveFrom’s website, paste the video or audio link, and download it on the desired format.

InstaFollowers has got your back with its very own converter tool. You can access it by clicking on YouTube video downloader. It is very easy to use. Let’s take a look at the steps.

  1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download.
  2. Paste it on the search bar on the page.
  3. Click on the ‘Check’ button.
  4. Then select the file format you want to download.
  5. Lastly, click on the ‘Download’ button and save the video to your device.

Although the tool’s name is video downloader, you can still convert videos to MP3 and MP4 format without the visual display.

FAQs About How to Download Music from YouTube

Is downloading music from YouTube illegal?

It’s illegal to download copyrighted songs from YouTube, even for personal use. On YouTube, public domain videos, your content, and videos with download buttons are not illegal for downloading.

Is YouTube Music free?

Although YouTube Music is a paid platform, you can use it free for one month as a trial.

Can I download music from YouTube to my phone?

You can download music from YouTube on your phone by using online converters. It is also possible for you to use YouTube Music to download songs, but it requires a paid subscription.

Can I download music for free?

It is possible to download music free from YouTube and other video streaming services for free. You can use an online converter or utilize other programs installed on your computer.

Is there a loss of quality while downloading music from YouTube?

Most free tools that allow users to download music from YouTube compromise the audio quality.

How to Download Music from YouTube in Short

There are tons of video and music content on YouTube. While YouTube doesn’t allow its videos to be downloaded, many third-party tools are available online that allows its users to download YouTube videos. 

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