How to Download Facebook Videos?

How to Download Facebook Videos?

Facebook has millions of active users; they look at texts, photos, and videos of others during the day; they like the content and leave comments. When they adore other users for having their videos and photos, they may want to show them to their friends or family members. At this point, they need to know how to download Facebook videos as photos on the platform can be easily saved from Facebook, unlike videos. There are several ways the users can prefer; some are free, and some are not.

How Can You Download Facebook Videos on Desktop?

Here are the steps to download Facebook videos on your desktop;

1- Log in to your Facebook account with your email address/phone number and password.

2- Find the video you’d like to download.

3- Make sure everyone can view the video. When you see a globe icon, it is okay.

4- Right-click the video, you will see ‘Click Show video URL’ at the bottom of the menu. Click on it, and then copy the Facebook link.

5- Go to one of these websites, and then paste the link you have copied.

6- Click ‘Download,’ so the video will be saved into your PC’s “Downloads” folder, but you may need to confirm the download. In addition to that, the video will be saved at the highest possible quality.

Download Facebook Videos

FAQs About Downloading Facebook Videos

Can you download all videos on Facebook on your PC, mobile phone, or another device?

The answer is both yes or not. When you want to download any Facebook video, it must be public; if not, you will not be able to download it.

What are the best both free and paid apps and websites to download videos from Facebook?

There are many options you can prefer.,, MyMedia (for iOS), and Video Downloader for Facebook (for Android) are some of the free ones. On the other side, Elmedia Player PRO and Bigasoft Video Downloader are some of the paid ones.

How can you find the videos URL on Facebook on your iPhone?

– How can you find the videos URL on Facebook on your iPhone? Here are 3 steps you need to follow;
1: Open your Facebook application on your phone and then find the video.
2: Tap the ‘Share’ button.
3: Tap ‘Copy Link.’ Thus, the video’s URL will be saved to the clipboard on your device.

Why can’t you download Facebook videos?

There may be several reasons. For instance, the video you want to download may be private, or your downloader may not define the URL of the video.

Is there any difference between free and paid Facebook video downloaders?

Some services provide higher video quality, so research the apps and websites rigorously to reach the highest video resolution.

Downloading Facebook Videos In Short

On the internet, there are many applications and websites to download Facebook videos. Therefore, users who would like to download videos from Facebook will have many free and paid options they can choose whenever they want.

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  1. Since I edit videos I usually benefit from the tools and third party apps that you have mentioned in this guide. Can’t really think of anything more.