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How to Download Facebook Photos? (Download an Album)

In this article, we will be covering a few ways you can download a Facebook photo. Please go to your browser, open Facebook’s website (or the Facebook app), and we will walk through some of these ways together to download Facebook photos.

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How to Download a Facebook Photo

If you know how to use Facebook (, it is almost nothing to export and download some pictures. Therefore, do not feel threatened and have a look at our methods.

The First Way:

  • Find a photo you want to download and click or tap on it. This will open the picture in full-screen.
  • Now you will see an ‘Options’ label at the bottom right corner of the photo.
  • Once you click or tap on it, you will be given multiple options.
  • Click or tap on the ‘Download‘ option to download the photo.
save Faceook photos

The Second Way:

  • Find a photo you want to acquire and click or tap on it. This will open the picture in full-screen as usual.
  • Place your cursor on the photo and right-click it. (If you are on your phone or tablet, you only need to tap on the photo and hold until you see a ‘Save’ option to download the photo.)
  • Select the ‘Save Picture As..‘ option.
  • You can give it any name you want, choose a destination to save it, and then press the ‘Save’ button.

How to Download Facebook Photo Albums

  • If you want to download one of your albums, just go to the collection you want to download.
  • In the top-right corner, click or tap the cog icon and select the “Download Album” option.
  • If you are using a tablet or a phone, the download will start automatically. However, if you are using a desktop or a peripersonal computer, you will see a pop-up in your screen’s bottom right corner when your album is ready to be downloaded. Once you see it, click on it to start the download.
download Facebook photo albums

To Conclude Downloading Facebook Photos

This was our guide to download Facebook photos. Furthermore, there are third-party websites, software, and browser plugins that let you download multiple photos or albums at once. Also, We provide a Facebook video downloader service for free. If you want to download your videos from Facebook for free, You should try our downloader tool.

Frequently Asked Questions About

You can only download Facebook photos one at a time, but you can use a few tricks to download Facebook photos in bulk.

The short answer is: You can’t. However, Facebook gives its users privacy options for any photo or album they would like to share, and we strongly recommend you to use them. It is far from a solution, but it is still something to consider to stop your photos from being copied.

No, Facebook doesn’t notify the user when you download one or multiple Facebook photos of someone.

If you want to download all of your photos, you can go to Facebook settings and click or tap on the General tab. There, you will see a ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’ option. Using this, you can download all of your photos at once.

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  1. Obinna

    Thanks for this tutorial

  2. Sammy

    I usually download my Facebook photos for archival purposes. It is much easier to have your photos under your hand.