How to Download Facebook Data (With Steps)

How to Download Facebook Data (With Steps)

You can download all historical data in your Facebook account. We recommend that you back up your account before you permanently close it. To back up your account, download a copy of Facebook data at the bottom of the General Account Settings section. Just click the link. When backing up your Facebook account, you can download all the information to your computer. If you just want to download your photos and videos, you should specify this on the backup page. Posts, photos, videos, comments, likes, phrases, friends, followers, followed, messages, groups, events, profile information, pages, payment history, saved content, places, ads, search history, location history, searches, if you get full back up the entire archive, including the page, login information, and network information is downloaded. You should download Facebook data because you may need it later.

Why Should I Download?

Facebook is a platform with many memories and friends. It is the largest social media site where unforgettable friendships, sharing, and feelings are experienced. For any reason, even if you want to close your account, you do not want to delete old memories and information. The only way to do this is to download Facebook data if you regret it in the future and want to bring it back.

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Downloading Your Facebook Archive

  • Enter the Settings menu
  • Click the link to Facebook information
  • Click Download information
  • Specify which data you want to download
  • Click on the Create file button

After you complete the steps, you will encounter a zip file; just open the files using a zip software, or if you’re working in Windows 10, just right-click the file and choose extract all. After extracting the files, double-click the index.htm file to discover your information. You should also pay attention to several folders to browse to access your photos, videos, and messages. When it turned out that Facebook used this data, it created a debate among social media users. There were even some actions in response to this. But still, nothing changed. Because the Facebook service contract clearly states that the company uses these data. It does all the social media sites, not just Facebook. Data is shared with 3rd party companies for advertising purposes. So briefly; No one is safe on social media. You should know that.

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It Doesn’t Work! How to Fix?

You tried to download Facebook data, but it didn’t work? Let’s check it possible issues:

  • There may be a problem with the data download link. You must notify Facebook customer service to correct this.
  • Your internet connection may not be enough to download the data file. Turn off the modem and refresh your internet connection.
  • The request for data download may have been incomplete or incorrect. Try again
  • The device to which you want to download the data (PC or mobile device) may not have enough storage space. In such cases, your download may fail. Clear your HDD and try again.

FAQs About Downloading Facebook Data

What happens when you download your Facebook data?

Nothing in particular changes on your Facebook profile when you download your data, but it enables you to delete your profile (if you want to) without having to worry about all the data that’s going to be deleted.

How long does downloading Facebook data take?

It usually takes Facebook about 10 to 30 minutes to process your data and generate a zip to export and seeyour personal data file of it.

Does downloading Facebook data include my deleted messages?

Unfortunately, your Facebook data does not include your deleted messages. However, your Facebook data can get you your lost contact numbers that’ve been previously associated with your account.

To Conclude Downloading Facebook Data

We have shown you how to download your data on Facebook. Let these tips guide you like a tool. I hope this article was helpful to you. Also, You can use our Facebook video downloader tool to save your Facebook videos for free.

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