How to Do Polls on Instagram

How to Do Polls on Instagram

Instagram has one more time stole its users’ hearts with some new features. Instagram polls feature is officially called as ‘Poll Sticker’ but people call it poll maker and poll creator too and after that feature, another one was launched as well. That new feature is called as ‘Emoji Slider’ and that is another tool for Instagram polls with different mechanics. As we see, Instagram is great with feature names.

Setting up a poll is so easy to do, and it can open new doors for your brand or business to thrive vigorously. Just note that polls can only be placed in Instagram Stories.

Instagram polls

How to Do Instagram Polls

  1. Create a new Instagram Story from scratch.
  2. Tap the sticker icon at the top right.
  3. Tap to select the ‘Poll’ icon.
  4. Type in the question and answers for your poll.
  5. Share your Story.

You also do not have to stay with stock Yes or No answers, you can add up to 26 characters per answer and emoji use is highly encouraged for many reasons. You can browse your results at any time and the poll will disappear like a regular story just after 24 hours, you can select and add it to ‘Highlights’ though. Note that poll results are only available when the story is still live. When the story disappears completely after 24 hours, usual analytics won’t appear back.

Instagram polls

There is also another type of poll, we call this ‘Emoji Slider’, it is more versatile than your regular Yes or No poll and you can select the displayed emoji for your taste.

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You can use polls to ask for feedback, debate about trending topics, market research and so much more. We hope you found your answers for Instagram polls.

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