How to Do Live Broadcasts on YouTube (2023)

How to Do Live Broadcasts on YouTube (2023)

In addition to being one of the most popular sites in the world, YouTube is also one of the most popular live broadcast platforms for gamers, vloggers, and more. In that case, you might want to do your live broadcasts on YouTube on your own.

Today, having live broadcasts through video-streaming services, and social media are something quite popular. Well, it’s easy to build yourself an audience and make money. In that case, the easiest way to pop out among that competition is to produce quality content.

Also, don’t forget the fact that you can download your streams and save them for later with our brand-new YouTube Video Downloader.

Do Live Streams on YouTube 

You can always strive to make your videos and live streams more quality than ever before, and you may need the help of a third-party tool to do the job for you.

However, if you are at the beginner level for both of these operations and settings, you may find it a bit complicated. For this, we leave you with our article as a starter kit.

How to Use OBS to Broadcast Live Videos

The live broadcasting program OBS, which is mostly used by video gamers, is one of the most popular tools in its own lane. And it doesn’t require much from your end to do live broadcasts on YouTube.

Capturing your screen is easier than ever with this third-party, but we always recommend that you read the application’s manual before you proceed if you wish to get a professional result.

Confirm YouTube Channel

You need to confirm your YouTube account before all these actions. If you’ve already done so, we can move on to our step-by-step YouTube live streaming guide.

  1. As mentioned above, if you do not approve your YouTube account with a phone number, you will not be able to broadcast live on YouTube in any way.
  2. Once you’ve entered your account, click your profile photo in the upper right and click the “Content Studio” tab. You will see the Live Stream option in the left tab; once you’ve turned on that option, click the “Live Now” button.
  3. When you come to the live broadcast menu, you will see some options. These are settings that you can edit as you like, such as the publication name and description. This section will require many different guides. However, if you’d like a quick explanation, you can try the YouTube Live Guide. If you missed it, you could find the guide here.
  4. If you’re done with your personal settings, you can see the Stream switch at the bottom. Here, you should find a password, and we will use it in the OBS settings in the future. Don’t forget to write it down, or you can copy it to your clipboard. But be careful not to share this password with anyone; if it is in the hands of someone else, someone else can easily broadcast with your account.
  5. Download and install the app from the OBS’ official website to do live broadcasts on YouTube. If the installation is complete, run the program as an administrator and click the Settings section.
  6. On the Video and Audio tabs, enter your own settings such as best resolution, bit-rate. If you don’t know the best settings available for you, you can check out the guide published by Google here.
  7. Select “Broadcast” on the left in the settings and select the “YouTube/YouTube Gaming” menu in the Broadcast Service option.
  8. We need to enter the key we just noted in the fourth step of this guide. With this switch, we synchronize OBS with our YouTube broadcast. So everything that happens in OBS automatically gets published by YouTube.
  9. Confirm all settings and exit. In the Settings menu, you will see “Resources” below, click the plus icon. If you want to broadcast gameplay, select “Game Capture” from the options. When doing this, you will see multiple alternatives, choose the option that will work most efficiently on your device. Then click ‘OK’ to exit the settings.

Setting Up Your Microphone & Camera

  1. If you want your audience to hear you while you do your thing, don’t forget to choose your microphone as input from the audio settings. 
  2. If you want your image to appear at the same time, click the Plus tab in the Resources option again and be sure to add the “Image Capture Device” option.
  3. Select the camera you want to use from the options that appear, then confirm and exit.

Start Broadcasting

Once you have made all these settings correctly, you can start broadcasting. Good publications to anyone who wants to try it already! Moreover, you can buy YouTube live views to attract people.

what to broadcast on YouTube?

How to Use TriCaster to Live Videos

It has become very easy to broadcast a recorded/captured video live on social media or video sharing sites instead of real time streaming.

You can broadcast live from popular media sites like YouTube, Akamai, Ustream, and Wovza via TriCaster.

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Two critical points to be aware of in order do live broadcasts on YouTube are eare the encoding process and internet infrastructure.

Broadcasting Without an Encoder

Video feeder is a device that converts the video signal to an IP signal and sends it to any server or CDN account in the internet environment. TriCaster has a built-in video feeder and a built-in encoder. 

That’s why when you publish on YouTube via TriCaster, you do not need an external encoder.

  1. In TriCaster encoder processing, RTMP streaming can be performed in H.264 (ex. Adobe® Flash® Media Server), Microsoft® Windows Media® Push/Pull, and browser-based streaming applications.
  2. When you stream to your YouTube channel, you need to open your YouTube page and create a new live stream and make simple adjustments, such as the name of the stream you created and the start time. 
  3. Then, in the profile specified by YouTube, you need to create your stream and get the stream address and ID at the next stage. 
  4. Next, all you need to do is write your stream address and ID into the encoder settings in TriCaster. 
  5. Then you need to specify the video resolution you will stream. The most crucial point to note here is your internet upload speed. For example, if you set the resolution to 720p, you need a minimum internet upload speed of 3 megabits.
  6. When you make these settings on TriCaster, you can set the resolution, add graphics such as logo, or subtitle onto the video and start the streaming process. 

Thank you for reading. If you want to know more about YouTube algorithm, please check our out article about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you broadcast live from YouTube, the image you transmit will be displayed to the viewer with a delay of 10-15 seconds due to the control mechanism of YouTube.

You can broadcast anything you want! However, gaming and vlogging are one of the most popular subjects of live broadcasting due to their broad target audience. It depends on your niche, but try to find viral topics and mainstream events.

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