How to Do an Instagram Giveaway

How to Do an Instagram Giveaway

Social media giveaways are an excellent way for brands to increase their online following, promote the release of a new product or service, or boost positive brand sentiment. Instagram giveaways encourage users to interact with a brand and thus foster an ongoing relationship with consumers.

Instagram in particular is a great platform for giveaways. Marketers can easily utilize tools like hashtags to increase the discoverability of a giveaway, and influencers can also be used to spread the word and reach a diverse group of potential participants.

Here we’ll break down how to do a giveaway on Instagram and how to leverage influencers for giveaway success. We’ll also provide a few top Instagram giveaway examples to inspire your next social media giveaway.

How to Do A Giveaway on Instagram: Tips for Success

Define the Ultimate goal

Marketers should start by considering why they are running an Instagram giveaway. Is the goal to advertise a specific product, drive follower growth, or increase user engagement? There are many different types of Instagram giveaways and each can assist in the pursuit of different goals.

 Set Clear Guidelines

To avoid potential Instagram giveaway issues, you should set clear giveaway guidelines for participants. Before a giveaway begins, you should clearly define the giveaway prize, number of winners and the contest duration.

In a post commencing the giveaway, marketers should clearly and concisely tell users what steps they need to take to successfully enter the contest. Users should also be told when the giveaway ends. They shoould be given a link to an official list of rules and guidelines on the brand’s website.

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Instagram Giveaway

Keep Participants Informed

You should also keep participants well informed. Once a giveaway is complete you should always publish a post thanking users for participating and announce the winner.

Furthermore, in the case that the giveaway is a photo contest. The brand should clearly explain why a particular user won. This level of transparency will ensure that participants are unlikely to feel cheated or left in the dark in any way.

Different Types of Instagram Giveaways

Like and Follow

This is an Instagram giveaway in which users must follow an Instagram account and like an official giveaway post in order to enter

Instagram giveaway

Tag Your Friends

In this type of giveaway, a user must follow an Instagram account. Tag friends in the comment section of a giveaway post to enter. The stipulation that users must tag multiple friends exposes a brand to consumers that might not be aware of its products. Additionally, people inform their friends of the brand by tagging them. Which is more powerful than the endorsement of a stranger.

Photo Contest

A  photo contest is an Instagram giveaway in which users must post an original photo or video alongside a unifying contest hashtag to qualify. More so than other Instagram giveaways, a photo contest increases buzz around a giveaway and populates Instagram with content associated with a brand. The act of creating an original post is also a more meaningful brand interaction than liking or commenting on a post.

Why Should You Do Giveaways?

If you are a public figure or have a business page on Instagram, giveaways might come in very handy. You can introduce your product or service by running a giveaway. It doesn’t have to be your product or service either. You can do it just to grow your audience. However, if you run a company page on Instagram, try your best to reach your target audience.

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This is good especially for small businesses. Choose a prize, pick a winner and grow your audience.

Don’t forget to remind your followers that there is a chance to win. You wouldn’t want to drag your followers to despair.

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