How to Do A/B Testing

How to Do A/B Testing

Businesses want their customers/visitors to take action on their webpage, but it is hard to know if the website serves well and meets the potential. An optimized version of your website will function well, and the most efficient way you can test it is the visitors’ feedback. A/B testing helps you test that. In this article, we explained what the A/B test is, why you should A/B test, and how it works. 

What is an A/B Test?

A/B testing allows you to compare the two versions of your website or app according to user experience. You can determine the best version and increase traffic to your website.  

For example, you have an e-commerce website with a new design but cannot decide if it is more effective than the previous one. With the A/B testing, you can randomly show your website’s latest version to different audiences and ask a few questions to people to evaluate which version is the best. The data collected will help you optimize your website, and as a result, you can quickly increase your conversion rate. 

what are the types of tests

What Are the Types of Tests?

As you can understand, A/B testing is not the only way to test your website’s effectiveness. “Split testing” is another way to help you analyze the effectiveness, but they are mostly used interchangeably with “A/B testing”. The difference between them is the applications. A/B test works with changing only one parameter like the theme color on landing pages

However, a split test involves the comparison of two different designs. On the other hand, there are more methods such as “multivariate testing” and “multipage testing”. They work on the same basis. The multivariate testing method provides you the opportunity to test multiple changes on a single page. However, multipage testing is all about changing single parameters on different pages simultaneously. 

A/B test provides you a more detailed analysis of the effectiveness of your website. You can get test results according to the change in different parameters and how it changes the conversion rate. 

Why Should You A/B Test?

Once you have a website or a marketing campaign, you complete the first step. However, you don’t know if the sales will increase or which way will increase more without A/B testing.

Even one basic change may result in surprisingly high sales. Changing the CTA button‘s color from green to red may surprisingly end up with higher sales records in one study. If this minor change can increase sales, knowing the other parameters is important for its potential. Let’s look at the reasons why you should start A/B testing:

Understanding the Challenges of the Visitor

Businesses expect visitors to achieve a specific goal on their website, such as buying a product, learning more about a topic, using a service, etc. However, sometimes it is hard for the visitors to achieve the main goal due to some reasons. The CTA button’s location may be difficult to find, or the direction on the web page may be confusing. These situations might decrease the conversion rates. In order to understand those challenges, you can change a single parameter at one time and collect data. You can use testing tools like heatmaps, Google Analytics, etc., to evaluate the collected data and analyze the main problems. 

Polishing the Final Look with Low-Risk Modifications

Making minor changes may change the result and increase the potential traffic to your website. You may reduce the challenges without risking your current conversion rate and provide a better service to your visitors. 

Making Significant Improvements

Since the A/B test works only with the data gathered, there is no place for humane feelings. You can quickly determine the “winning” variation and “losing” variation only by analyzing the data. 

Better ROI

Any quality of traffic is highly expensive if we were to talk about marketing. A/B testing lets you use the current traffic and make improvements on that. You can optimize your website in accord with the test results and make use the most of it. 

how does ab test work

How Does A/B Test Work?

You can follow the following steps to run the test:

  • Research: Before building the test plan, you should carefully research how your website is currently working. You should collect data on which pages have the most traffic, how many visitors enter your website in different periods etc. 
  • Set Goals: Your goals will determine whether the variation is successful or not. Set realistic goals and choose the best variation for your website. 
  • Observe and Create a Hypothesis: After setting your goals, you should decide which factors will affect the conversion rate more and prioritize them. 
  • Make Variations: Using a well-working A/B test software, make changes on your website according to priorities. As mentioned above in this article, you can change the button’s color or make simple text changes. 
  • Most of the software programs have editor tools, which makes this process easier. Including questions at the end of the experience will increase the consistency of the results. 
  • Run the Test: Choose the best type of testing method for your need. It is the most critical step since you will have limited time to run tests, and if you choose wisely, you can complete this step without a hassle. 
  • Analyze Results: After completing the testing process, it is time to evaluate the results. The software will display the results from the test, and you can see whether there is a statistically significant change or not.

It is all about that! If you decide your variation to be a winner, you are lucky! 

What Can You A/B Test?

Here are the elements that you can A/B test for the betterment of your webpage.


The headline is the first thing a visitor sees on your webpage. You should carefully choose the headline to catch more visitors. However, if you struggle to find the right one, using A/B testing might be useful. 


A well-written body involves a well-chosen style and format. Using relevant headlines and subheadlines or choosing the best font for your website will increase your website’s traffic.  

Design and Layout

The design of the page should reflect the best of your goal. For example, your explanations should be in order if you want to keep your visitors. Providing clear information in product descriptions and leaving the unnecessary information behind will help you achieve this. 


Navigations to your pages should be simple, and the user should easily understand them at one glance. Keeping the navigation tools on the monitor near the user’s eye level may be the right solution for that. On the other hand, allowing the user to estimate the navigation tool’s location will make your work easier to attract visitors to the page. 

call to action

CTA (Call to Action)

The CTA is the final step where the visitor gets things done. By adjusting the CTA button to be more catchy, just by changing the color, shape, text, placement, etc., you can quickly adapt visitors to use your service or products. 

Social Proof

Social proof is one of the best tactics to make customers use your product. Sharing the experience and recommendations has a significant impact on the decision of the customers. With A/B testing, you can decide whether it is good to use the social proof method. 

FAQ About A/B Testing

What is the definition of A/B testing?

A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of webpages only by changing one parameter. In the end, you decide which version is more effective and use that on your page. 

Why is A/B testing necessary?

Without A/B testing, you will never know your website’s true potential and take actions to improve the weaknesses. 

What should you test?

These are mentioned above, but keeping an eye on the pages with the highest traffic and the primary CTA will increase the number of visitors. 

How often should we run tests?

It depends on what you want to test. You should set clear goals for your tests. 

What is multivariate testing, and how is it different from A/B testing?

Multivariate testing is the type where you change multiple factors simultaneously. However, in the A/B testing, you only change one parameter at a single time and get more accurate results for every parameter. 

Conclusion – How to Do A/B Testing

A/B testing is almost the best way to optimize your website and increase traffic. You can choose the best variation for your webpage and improve the number of visitors even if it is a minor change. By following each step carefully, you will get valuable data, and in-depth analysis of that data will save you money. Once you make up your mind, start producing by learning how to create a social media button.

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