How to DM on Twitter

How to DM on Twitter

On Twitter, DM is the system that enables private messaging between two users. It is not visible and unknown to other users. Like on a Facebook profile or Facebook page, you can send DMs. We will explain to you how to DM on Twitter with a few simple steps:

  • Choose a user from your followers’ list
  • Or search for a username on Twitter
  • When you start typing the first letters, the appropriate users will be listed.
  • Click on the envelope icon and start writing the message.
  • These people must allow you to receive messages from you.

How Do You Direct Message on Twitter App?

In Android and iOS operating systems, you can send DM, as mentioned above. The bulk message limit is 50. You can send multiple DM to 50 people at the same time. You can add pictures, gifs, and videos to your message. (At permissible limits). You can delete messages in your message box or block the sender. If you turn on direct message notifications, you will be notified by Twitter when you get new messages.

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DM Someone on Twitter Without Followers

Yes, you can do that, of course. But the privacy settings of the person you want to send a message must include this option. For example, if an option was selected in the privacy settings such as: “I only want to receive messages from the followers’ list,” you cannot send messages to that user. You can just follow that user and send DM. You can also set this option for your account from the privacy settings. So you can block unwanted messages. This is a very necessary setting. Otherwise, you may receive many unwanted messages every day.

Block DM on Twitter

For this, you have two options. Each 2-way can block unwanted messages. Twitter offers you a lot of options in this regard. If you don’t want to receive DM on Twitter from unwanted users, you can directly block them. When you get any dm from anyone, just go to him/her profile and block. That is all. The other option is to change privacy settings from general settings on Twitter. You can change dm options and block all unwanted messages. In this way, only your follower list can send you a message on Twitter. The others cannot send any DM!

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Daily DM Limit for Twitter

There is some daily limit for DM on Twitter. However, these limits are on all social media sites. Applies not only to messaging but also to all other activities. Like follower limit, sharing limit, etc. The daily limit is 1.000 DM on Twitter. You cannot send more than 1,000 DM in 24 hours. When you exceed this limit, you will no longer send DMs. You must wait 24 hours for the limit to reopen. After this time is up, you can send DM to the person you want again. You cannot remove these limits personally. Only on Twitter customer service can do this, and limits apply to everyone. You can find more information on the matter by reading our article on Instagram DM limits.

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