How to Design a Logo (Steps and Tips)

How to Design a Logo (Steps and Tips)

A logo is the first thing that customers see in a brand. It makes a logo really important for brand strategy. Designing a logo is the first step to promote business and has an important effect on the success of the brand. In order to design a logo, you need to focus on some criteria and design an attractive logo. Here is a full guide on how to design a logo

Steps to Design a Logo

Design A Logo in Just a Few Steps

If you want to come up with a logo in a quick period, you can follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, start to define your business. What is the name of your brand? How can it affect people? What is a memorable thing about your brand? Think about these questions and list all ideas. 
  • Then, do a brainstorm to design a logo. Do some free sketches. Choose your favorite ones and try to improve them. 
  • After you determine possible logo choices, start to search competitors. Look for all brands in your field and compare your logo with them. Your logo must be unique to be memorized by everyone. So, have a design for a logo that is remarkable and well designed. Create a new sketch and compare it with others until you find a unique logo. 
  • Then, choose colors and typography. Some colors are more effective and suitable for users in marketing. Search them and try different colors and typography options. 
  • Choose the best tools to design your logo. There are many free and paid logo maker software options on the internet. If you decide on your design, you can help from them. Otherwise, you can take professional help from a graphic designer to help you with all the design process. 
  • After you create your logo completely, ask some advice from others to value the logo. Try to understand the first effect of the logo on people and how you can improve it. 
Logo Tips

Dos and Don’ts for Logo 

Here are some tips for your logo:

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  • Don’t find a cliché for your logo. If you are a hairdresser, you don’t need to create a logo with hair. Focus on the identity of your brand and create a unique logo. 
  • Don’t think too complicated. A logo should look good, but a complicated logo can decrease the engagement of your customers. Choose basic but effective logos. 
  • Design a logo with suitable colors and typography. Think like your customer and determine how your first look is to the logo.  
  • Don’t only focus on only one option. Work on different logo options and ask the advice of people to improve them. 


How to make a logo for free?

After you do some free sketches to design your logo, you can use many free logo software. There are many free logo software options available on the internet. 

What software can I use to design a logo?

You can use any software to design a logo like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Looka.

Can I create a logo in Photoshop?

Yes, you can even create a logo in Photoshop in just a few easy steps.


Logo design is the first step in marketing. To have a successful and remarkable brand, you need to have a well-designed logo. In order to design a logo, you can follow the instructions which are listed above. A good logo must be simple, unusual, and well designed with suitable colors and typography. 

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