How to Delete YouTube Channel

How to Delete YouTube Channel

If you are wondering how to delete YouTube channel, this article will help you. YouTube has many different features for its users. Although you can watch millions of videos on YouTube under thousands of various topics for free and without the need to become a member, you need to sign up to this site if you want to upload videos to YouTube and have your YouTube channel.

However, sometimes things do not go as planned, and you might want to hide or close your account for some reason. You may be bored, may not be able to take time to produce content, or YouTube may not be interesting to you. If you are wondering how to delete or hide your YouTube account, this article will help you.

How to Deactivate YouTube Account

You can hide the content on your YouTube channel and choose to reactivate it later. When you deactivate your YouTube channel, your channel name, videos, likes, subscriptions, and subscribers will be hidden. All community posts, comments, and replies are permanently deleted. However, your account data on other Google properties will not be deleted.

Steps to Delete Your Channel

  • Go to your YouTube and log in to your account from the top right corner of the page. To the right of your profile picture, click the Advanced link below your email address.
  • On the Advanced Options page, you will see the Delete Channel button at the bottom. Click it.
  • Once you select Delete Channel, you’ll be prompted to confirm the operation by re-entering your email password, type your email password. In this process, you are not deleting your account, so do not worry. You may see Delete content instead of the actual button as well.
  • On the last confirmation screen, select I want to permanently delete my content option, click on the options that appear, and click delete my content or delete my channel.
  • Before you approve, you should take a detailed look at what will be deleted and what will not be deleted.
  • After approval, everything on your YouTube account will be hidden.
  • Now try to go to an old video link of your account and try to watch the video; you will see a warning message that saying ‘This video cannot be displayed because the installer of this video has deactivated the account.’ on your page.
  • Thus, the process will be completed.
How to Delete YouTube Channel From Computer

How to Delete YouTube Channel From Computer

There are quite a few people who want to delete their YouTube accounts. We suggest that if you want to intend to delete your account permanently, it is better for you to deactivate your account for a while before deleting your account.

How to Deactivate YouTube Account
  1. Log in to your YouTube account. If you want to delete your channel on YouTube, the first thing you need to do is log in to your account. After logging in, what you need to do at this point is quite simple.
  2. Go to the Overview section. Then, you should click the Delete Channel button at the bottom of the Advanced tab. Clicking this button will bring up a page titled Remove YouTube Content.
  3. Click to Delete my Content button. If you are determined to delete your account, you can press the Delete my Content button.
  4. Type your email address. In this section, you will see what will happen if you delete your account once more. To remove your content, you must type and confirm your email address in the corresponding box. After typing your email address, you can press the Delete My Content button once more.

How to Delete YouTube Account

Our advice to you is to back up the data in your account before doing so. If you fail to do so, you will lose all data that belongs to your account. All the operations we will explain here are related to the channel deletion processes described above.

  1. If you want to completely get rid of your account and don’t want to encounter YouTube account deletions again, you will need to click Delete my Google Account and Data section.
  2. If you select this option, you will see a page showing your Google account and all of its content. At this stage, you have to confirm the two options on the page. Unless you approve these options, you cannot continue your transactions.
  3. The first option is a box that says you can not get the fees you are earning on YouTube for various activities. The other box confirms that you will permanently delete all data for your Google account. After checking both boxes, you can click Delete Account.
  4. Clicking that will delete your account completely.
  5. Don’t worry if you regret it anyway. You have the option to reopen your account for a short time. To do so, you must first go to the Forgot My Password page and then select the ‘I have other problems with logging in.’ option.
  6. You must follow the steps necessary to verify your identity and click the link to complete the form. You can then reactivate your account.
How to Delete YouTube Account

How to Reactivate YouTube Channel

You may regret that you have deactivated your YouTube account, but reactivating an account is much easier than you might think. Let’s follow the steps below to reactivate your account:

  1. Go to the YouTube website or open the YouTube app from your mobile device.
  2. Go to the channel creation page and fill out the form; this will restore your YouTube channel.
  3. Do not click to use a business name or other name when completing the form. Clicking here creates a new channel instead of restoring your deactivated channel.
  4. Once you have recreated your YouTube channel, you can have your videos and playlists displayed in Video Manager.
  5. Now you can enjoy YouTube from where you left off.

Frequently Asked Questions

YouTube says on its website that we are not able to delete channels on mobile devices at this time. However, if you have a YouTube app on your mobile device, you can delete your YouTube account in the same way by following the steps we described above. Other than that, you might just want to delete a YouTube video too.

When you delete your YouTube channel, your comments on YouTube, your responses and likes, comments on your shared videos, all your messages, your search history, your playlists, and finally, your subscribers will be permanently and irrevocably deleted. Therefore, we advise you to think again before making this decision.

If you have a Brand Account, you cannot hide or delete your channel. However, you have the option of hiding your video and playlist contents. The channel remains accessible to viewers.

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