How to Delete Your Discord Account

How to Delete Your Discord Account

If you plan to delete your Discord account, there are steps to do so. Make sure you want to delete it first. There’s also information for this if you’re trying to delete a Discord account for a loved one who was died. Getting rid of your Discord account is actually very easy.

Had enough of Discord? Or want to remove it altogether because you spend too much time on it? Say no more, as we will get you there in only a few steps.

Delete Discord Account

Delete Discord Account

For those who start a particular group or server in discord, there’s an extra step before deleting your account. Your Discord friends will probably be upset if you deleted the active servers. Therefore, before deleting your account, decide whether to transfer the servers you own to another owner instead of deleting them. However, as the owner of a server, you owe it to active server groups not to delete them without warning.

Once you are sure that your servers have transferred ownership or can be deleted, click “User Settings”. You can do this in a browser or your desktop application. You will see the “My Account” option in your settings; click on it. In this menu, select “Edit” to go to the deletion. When you saw” Delete account, “you found the right point. Click the button and follow all incoming prompts by filling in your account information as requested. This does not mean that all data is lost instantly, but Discord will soon perform the deletion. Once you enter your password, your account will be completely deleted, but always remember that you can create a new one.

Note that Discord also offers the option to disable your account instead of deleting it. A disabled account can be recovered at any time later. You will also stop receiving notifications about the disabled account. Note that if you go beyond the grace period after you choose to delete your account, there will be no return.

Delete Discord Account for Someone Who Has Died

Delete Discord Account for Someone Who Has Died

If you need to delete the Discord account of a deceased person, you can first try using the username and password, if available. You will probably need to contact Discord directly to delete someone else’s account. Discord recommends sending a call if you have a question that the Help Center does not cover. The Discord support team should contact you immediately to resolve the issue and inform you of your actions regarding all servers and memberships owned by your loved ones.

FAQ on Deleting Your Discord Account

What happens when you delete your Discord account?

When you delete your account, Discord renames messages from you as “deleted user” and your account appears anonymous. The messages you send remain, maintaining the flow of both group conversations and direct private messages.

How long before discord deletes your account?

Discord does not disclose how long it takes to delete your account, and that may change.

How do you delete a Discord server?

A server owner selects “server settings” and “delete server” to delete it. Users who do not own the server cannot delete it.

Can I delete my account by email?

[email protected], you can write “personal data request” with the subject and explain in the body section that you want to delete your account.

Can you temporarily disable a discord account?

Yes, you can reactivate your account.

Conclusion on Deleting a Discord Account 

As you can see, deleting the Discord account is extremely simple. The best part of deleting your account is that you can always recreate the account if you need to use it again.  By any chance, if you change your mind you can always improve your Discord experience by learning how to make Discord emotes.

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