How to Delete Twitter?

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If you don’t want to use Twitter, you can easily delete it from your mobile device. We’ll give you a few tips on how to delete Twitter. You can delete both Android and Ios from your mobile devices.  With this way, you only delete the application, not your membership account. If you want to reinstall the application you deleted, you can download it again and log in and continue where you left off. Twitter is an application that does not take up very much space. It’s okay to stay on your mobile device.

Delete on Android

Remember that when you delete Twitter, your membership information and all your Twitter content will remain on the system. Let’s start for Android first:

  • Click on to Setting on your mobile device
  • Tab on Apps section
  • Find Twitter and click to Remove
  • And say bye to Twitter
  • There is also another way to delete it. Go to Play Store, search for Twitter and click on to “Remove Twitter “.

With these 2 simple methods, you can delete the app from your mobile device.

delete Twitter

Delete on IOS

In the IOS operating system, the deletion is a bit easier. There is no need to take action in Settings. Find the Twitter app on the home screen and press and hold on the app icon. And drag it to the trash. The process is the same. When you delete the application, your membership account is protected. Likewise, if you want, you can select and remove the application from the list of applications. On Android and Ios operating systems, whichever version you use, you can delete it with this way. It doesn’t matter which version you use. Just choose and delete!

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delete Twitter

What happens when you delete Twitter?

Nothing! You will only have a few MBs of storage space on your mobile device. Your account information, your published tweets, your shared pictures, videos, and your followers list are stored in your account. We recommend that you sign out before deleting your account. When you want to reinstall, there are no restrictions. You can install. After deleting the application, be sure to also clean the cookies. When you delete the application, your other applications that are associated with the application may be affected. The permissions granted to the application after the deletion are also deleted.

Which one should I do? Delete or deactivate?

This is entirely up to you. Depending on why you want to delete Twitter, we may have a few suggestions. For example, if you don’t plan on using Twitter again, close your account temporarily instead of deleting it. Or you can delete it permanently. But remember that if you do, all of your content and information will be deleted. If you want to take a short break, there is no need to close your account. You don’t even need to delete the app, but you can delete it if you want. If you are going to close your account, remember to make a backup.

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How to Delete Twitter?
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