How to Delete Snapchat Messages

How to Delete Snapchat Messages

In this post we will go over how to delete snapchat messages. Snapchat is best known for it’s privacy when it comes to communicating with others. Since you know  messages and snaps are going to be deleted automatically, this in turn encourages more activity with friends whereas on other apps you may not speak as freely because it’s going to be saved. That being said it is also possible to save messages if you chose to. We will go through the different methods of deleting messages on snapchat.

How to delete conversations with certain contacts;

  • First go to settings
  • Next, scroll to the bottom
  • You will see a section under “Account Actions” that says “Clear Conversations”
  • Tap on that and press the “X” on the Conversations you want deleted.

How to Delete Saved Snapchat Messages;

To save a message on Snapchat long-press on the message and/or picture and it will turn bold and the background will turn grey. Both you and your friend will have the saved message. To unsave it do that same thing, press it until it turns back to normal. If you are unable to delete a message it could be that the other user saved the message. You will have to contact them and ask them to delete it.

How to Delete Snapchat messages before they are opened.

After sending a message through Snapchat. You can delete the message by holding the message until a pop-up appears. Thankfully you can delete in this manner.

However, Snapchat doesn’t offer such a feature for snaps (pictures/videos) so you will have to be resourceful. How to delete snapchat snaps you sent by accident:

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  • Either you can turn on airplane mode as fast as possible before the snap gets sent.
  • Or there is a last resort option if you are absolutely certain you don’t want the receiver to see the snap. If it comes to that point you’ll have to delete your account. Again, time is of the essence.

How to delete your account;

  • Go to Snapchat settings in the top right corner
  • Scroll down to “Help Center”
  • Go to “My Account & Security”
  • Then, “Account Information”
  • Finally, you’ll see “Delete My Account”

Do this before the person opens the snap and you’ll be good.

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